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Essential reading for compers 0

Essential reading for compers

Does your bookshelf have a comping section? Mine does – and I’m always looking out for more books to add, whether it’s brand new books or vintage eBay purchases! I read a lot of...


Creative Christmas competitions

I’ve already shared my favourite Christmas wishlist competitions on the blog, but if you’re feeling a bit more creative you’ll probably want to share a festive photo or two this month! Here’s my pick...

List of UK Competition Websites 30

List of UK competition websites

As a new comper, how can you tell which websites to trust with your details? This post – which is updated regularly – lists all the major UK competition sites – good and bad.  If...


How to unlike Facebook pages quickly

Uh oh! Facebook has just informed you that you’ve reached your limit and can no longer like any more pages! But what’s the quickest way to sort this out? Well, if you go to


November prize unboxing

It’s December already – are you prepared for Advent Comp madness? Check out my tips here.  Here’s your chance to catch up with what Ryland & I won in November… small prizes this month,...