How to enter Gleam giveaways

If you enter a lot of online comps, you’ll probably have encountered Gleam widgets. They’re used on blogs, websites and Facebook pages and, like Rafflecopter, are an easy way for a promoter to run a fair and random prize draw. 

Gleam giveaways have one or more entry tasks, which can be mandatory or optional. When the giveaway has ended, Gleam chooses a random winner from all entries, and the promoter contacts the winner via email and can choose to display the winner’s name and photo on the widget.

Gleam giveaways are much quicker to enter than Rafflecopter, as tasks like tweeting or following on Instagram can be done with a single click, rather than copying and pasting links or waiting for pop-ups to load. Although this makes life easier for the entrant, it does make it harder for the promoter to check entries have been completed, and that’s why bloggers who like to run multiple task giveaways usually opt for Rafflecopter rather than Gleam. Personally, as both a comper and a promoter, I prefer the look and feel of Gleam.

In this post I’ll be showing how to enter a Gleam giveaway correctly. For most giveaways, you don’t have to complete every task to enter the prize draw, and you don’t require a social media account – using an email address is usually OK. Before you start entering Gleam giveaways, consider creating a Google/gmail account – then it’s easy to comment on blogs, YouTube and Google+ if those are required tasks.

Some bloggers will list a LOT of optional tasks in their Gleam widget, but just complete the ones you want to. Each one will get you the corresponding number of entries in the draw.

Gleam giveaway walkthrough

I’m going to use one of Lucy’s giveaways as an example to show the Gleam entry process – the video below will show exactly what I’m doing at each stage.

Below is the ‘widget’ on the blog – this is what you’ll see if you’re NOT logged in.


At the bottom, click ‘Terms and Conditions’ to see more information (this may be blank!) – you should also check any instructions within the blog post to confirm what you need to do. On the widget you can also see the prize, how long is left and the number of entries you have in the draw – the promoter can choose to show or hide the total number of entries.

The promoter can choose from various log in methods, which are usually email, Facebook and Twitter (Instagram and Soundcloud are optional). Sometimes you might be asked to complete name, email address, postal address and date of birth – but usually a Facebook login is sufficient! If you click to connect with a social media account you’ll have to give Gleam permission to access your account – once you’ve done this, you’ll automatically be logged in to Gleam next time you use it. When you log in, you can see the tasks you need to complete.


For this particular giveaway there are 2 tasks that when completed, will unlock 8 more tasks. Although these top 2 tasks are referred to as ‘mandatory’, in fact even if you complete just one of them, you will still be in the prize draw – but you won’t have access to any of the bonus optional tasks. Completing the mandatory tasks reveals the bonus tasks.

The total number of available entries is shown at the top of the widget – in this case, I can get 14 entries in total if I do all mandatory AND optional tasks (it’s 14 entries because one of the tasks is worth 5 entries, and the other nine are worth 1 entry each).

Here are the tasks I need to complete to enter this prize draw:

Follow on Twitter

Click the +1 to automatically follow the specified Twitter account. If you’re new to Gleam you’ll have to allow the app access to your Twitter account first.

Visit a page on Facebook

Click +1, then follow the link to visit the Facebook page (you’re not obliged to Like it), close the window and click Continue.


Completing both the mandatory tasks will show your 2 entries at the top of the widget and display a list of all the optional tasks you can complete, in the case of this giveaway we have 8 more tasks. You can see that one of them ‘Click for a daily bonus entry’ has a ‘lock’ next to it – the promoter has set the options so this task is only unlocked if the entrant completes a certain number of other tasks.


Click here to confirm your entry

This task is simply a bonus entry for completing the two mandatory tasks – clicking +1 gets you another entry in the draw.

Comment on this blog post

If the widget is on a blog, leaving a comment is likely to be a task. Click on the +1 button in the widget to see what your comment should be about – a lot of entrants mess up here and leave a comment to say ‘I love this prize!’ instead of answering the question. Scroll down to leave a comment, THEN click Continue in the widget! Blogs have different commenting methods – you can read more about these on my Rafflecopter guide.

Click for a daily bonus entry

There may be a ‘free entry’ option, where you simply click for a bonus entry and can usually do so daily.

Subscribe to a newsletter

Click the button to join the mailing list. For some Gleam widgets, a click on +1 may be automatically set up to add you to a list from a provider such as Mailchimp. For this particular giveaway, I simply type my email address into the box.

Follow on Instagram

Click +1 to follow on Instagram – you’ll need to be registered and signed into your Instagram account.

Tweet on Twitter

Tweeting is much easier than Rafflecopter – hover over the word TWEET to check the tweet text before you send it, then simply click +1.


I’ve now completed all 14 entries for Lucy’s giveaway – when I return to do the daily bonus entry, here’s what the widget looks like, with +1 per day:


My number of entries at the top of the widget will increase by one for each day I click the bonus button. That could get me 40 total entries in the draw if I enter daily for the remaining 26 days.

Other Gleam tasks you might encounter:

Retweet on Twitter

Similar to tweeting – hover over Retweet to see the tweet text you’ll be sending.

Answer a question

Answer a question in the Gleam widget, rather than as a comment. This is useful if promoters don’t want entrants copying the answers from the comment thread.

Bonus entry for YouTube subscribers

Click Subscribe Here to open up the promoter’s YouTube page, make sure you’re signed in (with Google) and choose Subscribe. Then click Continue on the Gleam widget.

Add to Google+ circles

Click the +1 button in the widget to add the page to your circles.

Follow on Pinterest

Click the +1 button in the widget to follow all the user’s Pinterest boards.

Watch a video

A video will play in the widget. You’ll have to watch the video to the end before you can click to get the entry!

Refer friends for extra entries

With this common option, you’ll be given a unique link which you can choose to share on social media, or just copy and paste into emails. If a friend clicks the link and goes on to enter the giveaway, you’ll get a bonus entry in the draw. You can share this link as often as you like.

There are plenty of other options – the promoter can customise the widget to add anything they like! If there are tasks you’re not sure about, just give them a miss.

  • The promoter can add a daily option to many tasks, including tweeting or commenting. If you want to increase your chance of winning, add the URL of the giveaway to a daily bookmarks list and pop back daily for bonus entries.
  • Promoters are able to set an age limit for a Gleam giveaway – if this is enabled, you will have to put in your date of birth before entry.
  • With Gleam, the default setting is to send an annoying email to entrants confirming their entries in the draw – although promoters can switch this setting off!

Choosing the winner and moderating entries

When the giveaway has ended, the promoter logs in at and clicks to generate a random winner. The winning entry will be a single task – for example, it could be a YouTube channel subscribe or a Facebook page visit. The promoter should check that specific winning task was done correctly – but should also check any other mandatory tasks completed by that person .For example, the winning entry might be a tweet, but if the entrant didn’t also leave a mandatory blog comment, they wouldn’t be eligible to win. If the winner DIDN’T enter correctly, the promoter should invalidate that winning entry, then click again to choose a new winner and do the same checks. This is tricky if the promoter uses the free version of Gleam, as they only have access to the winning entry. My recommendation for promoters on the free Gleam plan is to set all tasks to optional – or have a single, easy to check mandatory task like a blog comment (and the remainder as optional tasks).

When a winning entry has been validated, the promoter clicks to send an email – if you used Facebook log in, this will go to your Facebook-registered address. They can choose to display the winner’s name on the Gleam widget – this will usually be done AFTER the winner has responded to the winning email (for example, if the winner replies to the winning email and the promoter realises they live in an ineligible country, a new winner should be drawn).

Changing your linked accounts

One of the problems with Gleam is that you can’t change a linked Twitter or Instagram account, but you can do it by emailing For verification, make sure you email from the address you use to sign in to Gleam (hover over the envelope icon on a widget to see what this is) – then let them know the usernames you want to update!

Visit my Blog Comp Linkys for practice with Gleam giveaways.

Bloggers – if you notice entrants aren’t completing their entries correctly, why not add in some simple instructions telling them which tasks are mandatory, and link them to this post? It will benefit both of you if they take the time to enter your giveaway properly! If you’re interested in using Gleam for a promotion, read my guide How to run Gleam giveaways.

See also: How to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway

Author: Di

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  • Petra Beck

    Di, do you happen to know how I can edit my email address for gleam? I have recently changed/updated my email address in facebook but the gleam widget still sends comp confirmations to my old address (which I was planning to abandon due to some problems with it). I can “log out” of gleam but when I log back in it does not update the email adress via facebook. Argh.

  • Debjyoti Ghosh

    my question is that I don’t have a huge friendlist on social media. I post the giveaways but don’t get any entries. My entries only come from the given tasks. So to win is it entirely dependent on your friend’s entries and as much entries one can pile or someone with say 10 entries can even win. So is there a luck factor or winners are decided based on one’s maximum entries?

  • I’ve run lots of Gleam and Rafflecopter giveaways, and with the referrals, people only usually get 1 or 2 extra entries – not the dozens of clicks you might imagine! And I’ve given away prizes to entrants who only did the mandatory comment task and ignored the rest too!

  • Hi Petra, sorry for the super late reply – I bet you’ve sorted this, but if not could you try logging out of Facebook and Twitter, then signing in to Gleam using your new email address, then reconnecting the FB and Twitter as you go?

  • Debjyoti Ghosh

    most of the winning entries I saw had over 500 some even thousands of entries. If referrals give a mere 1 or 2 entries how do they amass so many entries?

  • Debjyoti Ghosh

    when a giveaway has ended the winning entry is shown with a ‘#’ in green box with numbers. What i that? Is that the no. of entries he got from friends and tasks?

  • That’s the number of the winning entry – so for example my giveaway might have 1600 tasks completed, from 300 entrants. Task #1340 is chosen by as the winning task, but it may be one of 10 entries from entrant number 268 – does that make sense?!

  • Petra Beck

    Hi Di, no logging in/out didn’t work. It just recognised me by my Facebook profile (I don’t use twitter), but kept using the old email address. However I then clicked on the “powered by gleam” link at the bottom of the entry form, which brought me to gleam’s website, and I used their “contact us” form. They responded very quickly and sorted out my email address change. Well done gleam!

  • Debjyoti Ghosh

    how will i know where am i in the total tasks…..say i have 5 entries then my entries can be anywhere right

  • The entries are in date order, but if you do five one after the other then they will be 5 consecutive numbers in the draw. Like buying raffle tickets!

  • That’s because of the entries assigned to tasks – so one person can earn anything from 1 entry up to 200 entries depending on how the promoter/blogger sets up the giveaway. I usually allow 1 entry for comment/tweet/friend referred, then give 3 or 5 entries if they join my mailing list. Never let the huge entry numbers put you off – it will usually be 1000 entries from 150 or so entrants!

  • Debjyoti Ghosh

    Thanks a lot. You cleared a lot of doubts hovering over my mind

  • Debjyoti Ghosh

    can you please tell me how can I win something for sure….I have entered in almost all giveaways…Not getting selected is not a good feeling

  • Are you doing the daily bonus & tweet options? How many are you entering?

  • Debjyoti Ghosh

    I’m doing those on the site ‘reddit’

  • khader

    The one with the largest number of entries wins ? Is this how gleam operates
    the winner is chosen randomly no matter what number of entries he has ?

  • IsabelOBrien

    Do you know how to edit your account details as an entrant? It has my old instagram account saved to it so I can’t do any instagram entries. I don’t see any options on the widget to change these things?

  • A single task is chosen as the winning task, so anyone can win regardless of how many tasks they completed. Some entrants just do one mandatory task, others might tweet daily for a month. The person who tweeted daily will have 31 entries in the draw compared to 1 – so they have a better chance of winning!

  • I’m contacting Gleam about this Isabel as a few people have the same issue!

  • Kev

    Can you place entries on more than one email account? Why doesn’t the giveaway that im in say the total amount of entries?

  • No, you can only have one email account registered with Gleam. And promoters can choose to hide the total number of entries when they set up the ‘widget’!

  • Michelle Schultz

    I’m having issues with Gleam and clicking on the Instagram button. I’ll click on that button and my entry count goes back to 0 with no success of linking to Instagram. Any advice?

  • You could try revoking access at and then try again?

  • Rose Elise

    I’m new to Gleam but I know I have entered more contests than I have received confirmation emails for in my inbox. Do all contests send a confirmation email? I’m hoping the entries all went through.

  • No, the promoter can choose to deactivate all confirmation emails – I always do!

  • Martina Evans

    I don’t understand the ‘subscribe to Youtube’ entry on the gleam widget. It just says to subscribe. How will they know that I’ve subscribed, if there isn’t a box to write my Youtube account name in?

  • Kawtar

    So I wanna win and i have1000 entries 🙁 but I don’t know how much ppl r making out there like how can I know

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  • miva2

    Thanks for your explanation. I didn’t know there was a manual checking process related to the winning entry. So I suppose that means if I get an entry by (re)tweeting something and then delete that tweet, it doesn’t count even though the gleam widget still shows a checkmark. Thanks!

  • Now, that would depend on how thorough the promoter decides to be – a lot wouldn’t go as far as checking the entry still exists – the important thing is that they did it in the first place!

  • Kylie M

    Will you get disqualified after entering too many giveaways/competitions? I’ve seen two different youtubers say “Spam accounts and accounts looking for giveaways will be invalid by generator”. I’ve already entered a dozen or so this week and am worried I will be flagged by the generator as spamming.

  • Is this specificlly for Gleam giveaways? Gleam is able to detect fraud where there are multiple entries into a single giveaway from the same IP address (this is probably the ‘spam’ they mention). If you’re entering separate giveaways this won’t apply!

  • meriemdz

    Why when I am in a competition that does not accept my date of birth ?

  • TStyles

    How does gleam send u the price and how do they check parental consent?

  • Gleam don’t send the prize – it’s just a tool used by a blogger/promoter/brand to host giveaways. The promoter will contact the winner by email and ask for their postal address to send the prize. Promoters can request a date-of-birth option on the entry beforehand, to check age of entrants.

  • It’s in the wrong order – it needs to be in US format (so 03/18/1984)

  • TStyles

    Thanks for the quick reply, also if you’ve entered a competition, are u able to leave it?

  • Sofia

    If I enter a giveaway and then receive the email with the number of entries, can I get discualified?

  • Lola

    Will fast forwarding through a video disqualify me? Some people put several videos on theirs that you can watch for daily entries, but watching the same videos everyday for a month is a little tedious.

  • Sergey Grebionkin

    Where can I find all the competitions that I entered and check their status and other info?

  • You can’t I’m afraid – if you want to keep track, I suggest bookmarking into a folder, then checking back.

  • Usually you won’t actually be able to skip through the video – you’ll only be able to check that entry after watching it all the way through. Personally, I wouldn’t bother doing that daily unless you really want the prize – as you say, it’s tedious!

  • Sergey Grebionkin

    Wow, how inconvenient.
    Thx for reply

  • Dorr Farm

    I always find with Gleam that the total number of entries doesn’t go up; as though mine aren’t counted, even though it’s ticked. I’ve never won anything through Gleam and I’m wondering if there’s a problem.

  • Hijaabi potato

    Is there any way to know our entries are valid or invalid? I never win in any gleam competition even after getting almost the highest entries. Does it depends on the country you live in? Like gleam doesn’t choose few countries like India and all?

  • SomuGj

    I was thinking the same. I’m from India

  • Helen Sammet Richter

    When the video is too long for me to watch I speed it right where you choose which quality of the video you want. Helps a lot. I can watch more videos a day and sometimes it’s better to watch it with higher speed because some youtubers talk so slow.

  • Helen Sammet Richter

    You have literaly written there how you should put in your date of birth MONTH/DAY/YEAR