A guide to ‘Purchase Necessary’ promotions

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  1. Jean Vaughan says:

    My best win was years ago. Making hot chocolate on Boxing Day I noticed a ‘win’ flash on the front of the pack of Supercook marshmallows I was adding. Reading the back you had to state in 8 words why you loved the marshmallows. Up for the challenge I wrote my 8 words as a rhyming slogan and posted straight off as had to be received by 31st December. Mid January the phone call came and my husband and I won a 10 day all inclusive holiday in California – 48p and a stamp is all it cost me.

  2. Kay Evans says:

    I’m new to comping and a bit confused as to which of the current Tesco text to enter comps require a proof of purchase. I’ve read the T & Cs for most of them and none I’ve read so far mention a receipt being required but some of the expired ones (eg. The Dorito one) does. Is it safe to assume that a receipt will not be required unless it is expressly stated?

  3. Nonoorbam says:

    See during lockdown I always order food online. Can I still enter ? If they ask can I send a picture of the receipt via email?

    • Di says:

      A screenshot of your emailed order confirmation, or photo of the delivery receipt is fine for purchase necessary competitions!

  4. sue johnson says:

    I won an i pod a couple of years ago from a boots receipt, has to print a form and fax it to italy!!!!, but once i’d done that it arrived quickly

  5. Rosalind Blight says:

    Fantastic post as always Di. Just wandering, on supermarket receipts occasionally there will be a prize draw if you complete a survey for how your visit went, do you need to keep the receipt for these do you know??

    • I’ve never heard of a winner from these draws, although I do them when I have time! I would imagine as the receipt doesn’t mention it, you don’t need to keep hold of it – you usually need to enter a few details from it as part of the survey though.

  6. Tamalyn Roberts says:

    i agree with sharon, am getting sick of seeing people win who didnt buy the item! also the codes on apples – i recently entered my code and it had already been entered by someone else, i did wonder why the sticker wasnt stuck so well, shame the company didn’t ask for receipts from their winners as am sure loads cheated. i recently won £5000 on the asda pepsi competition, the last few comps they didnt ask for a receipt but i bought the pepsi anyway, one per week to make sure and lo and behold i won and they asked me for a receipt! am just so glad i bought one just incase.

    • Congrats on the Pepsi win! I hate the comps where you only need the receipt if you win – I hate that some chancer can enter without a receipt and win! I would much prefer to be uploading receipt details or photos when I enter.

  7. Sharon Arnott says:

    I enjoyed this reading this Di. My biggest moan about POP competitions these days is the fact that the receipts are rarely ever asked for. People seem to have sussed out which promoters won’t ask for POPs and more often than not enter without purchasing the product. It annoys the hell out of me when I see somebody bragging about a win that they didn’t get a POP for because that particular promoter rarely if ever asks for them. What is the point of making them purchase necessary competitions if they have no intention of asking for proof of purchase from the winners. I despair. 🙂

    • You’ll have to let me know which promoters they are Sharon – and let me know if you see somebody bragging about a win from a product that they didn’t buy too! If it states in T&Cs that receipts will be asked for, then that would be an investigation for the ASA and hopefully the promoter would have a rethink. If I spent £10 on a qualifying product and the winner is not asked for their receipt, I would be pretty annoyed!

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