Great advent calendars for compers

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  1. Michaela says:

    I won a tablet on the advent competition! Yay!

  2. Derek Wilson says:

    I made a special trip to Ikea today, only to find they’d sold out 🙁 On the plus side, I managed to get one of the Jurassic Park ones in Poundstretcher for 69p 🙂

  3. Sammie Jade Richardson says:

    Poundstretchers currently have the Bon Bon buddie advent calendars for 69p and there was a couple of different ones in my local!

  4. Yvonne Keyes says:

    Smiggle has an advent calendar which is £25 and has 25 prizes of I think smiggle products.

  5. Francesca Jones says:

    I have my Kellogg’s & Bonbon Buddies calendars all ready to go. I’m feeling very smug that I got my BBB’s one for 95p from Wilkos; love a bargain I do!
    I have a trip to IKEA planned (it’s a bit of a destination store for us, a good drive but doable) but will pass on the Gregg’s one or I’ll be a stuffed turkey myself! Lol!

  6. jade rice says:

    think im gunna end up with alot of calanders aha

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