Blog Giveaways

How to run successful competitions, contests & prize draws on your blog

Third edition published April 2017
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Hosting giveaways is an incredibly effective way to increase traffic, social media followers and engagement on your blog. A well organised prize draw or competition with clear terms and conditions should be rewarding for the blogger, sponsor and entrant.

This e-book will give you the confidence to create an appealing, legal and successful giveaway. From choosing prizes and formats to writing T&Cs and promotion, there are plenty of tips and suggestions on how to make the process pain-free.

This book gives advice on:

  • Setting goals
  • Sourcing relevant prizes
  • Choosing the right format
  • Writing terms & conditions
  • Promoting a giveaway
  • Choosing a winner fairly
  • Communicating with sponsors and PRs
  • Solving problems

This book is a MUST for any blogger looking to improve their traffic, engagement and social media followers, and has over 25 five-star reviews on Amazon:

“Di really is the expert in the competition sector. You would be hard pressed to find any better book in Amazon about launching giveaways”

“This book is brilliant! It provides amazing detail about what you need to know if you are running a competition on your blog and is written in a really clear and accessible way.”