Cadbury FC Stadium Instant Win

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  1. Paul says:

    The competition organisers are now asking for the product barcode as part of the entry process.

  2. Val Pownall says:

    I’m having a lot of problems printing the vouchers. Somehow I ended up with Microsoft Edge on my computer – not sure if that’s what the voucher printer uses to run the software but I had to download the printer so maybe. My computer-engineer son came up and sorted my computer out and put me back on Chrome but I’ve tried again this morning and Edge popped up again (which apparently has a lot of issues) so I’m thinking maybe it is something to do with it. I’m frightened of claiming the vouchers now.

  3. Charlieboy says:

    Where’s this 1 in 2 win ratio? Nonsense!

    • That was at the start of the promotion, where there were fewer people entering and unclaimed prizes were rolling over – with more people playing now there are less prizes available but still a good chance of a win!

  4. Charlieboy says:

    What happens if all the bars you buy have the same batch number?

  5. Kath Taylor says:

    Very odd….the product of the week has been 3 things so far today!!! Initially it was showing Star Bar so I ran all over town trying to find one but with no joy. Came home and went to enter the Cadbury’s Button one from last week and it accepted THAT as product of the week and so gave me x2 entries…!! I’ve now looked again and it seems to be Wispa…..make your minds up Cadbury’s!!

  6. Sandra Clarke says:

    Thanks very much Di. I won a choc bar yesterday and Match tickets today!

  7. david says:

    Hi thanks. I won 3 bars with first entry.

    I notice 11 items on for 11 weeks, you could keep your code until its on double (assuming each item gets product of week). Anyone know what was first week?

  8. Guy Nash says:

    Just a tip if you win a chocolate bar and are a Mac user. By default I use Google Chrome but for whatever the reason although the voucher printer s/w installed it never opened when you clicked on the winning email link. I even wrote to company that supplied the s/w but they had no clue but did post me a voucher. HOWEVER, I found a solution as long as you open the winning email link via Safari (which in fairness is the default browser for Macs) the voucher prints off successfully. Regards the comps I’m finding the Match and Win totally ridiculous with the score lines that are given and much prefer this comp won 3 bars already.

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