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I’ll never forget my first experience of a compers’ meeting – it was about 15 years ago at a fabulous event known as ‘Big Brum’, organised by Birmingham comp club, Kompers Korner. Over 100 compers would gather annually to exchange entry forms, chat and enter fun competitions – with a massive charity raffle to end the day. I went alone to the first Big Brum and chatted to several other compers  – we had a great time, it was a relief for me to find people who finally understood the strange hobby I’d taken up!

Not long afterwards I joined the Compers News chat forum and went to a meeting round the corner from my house in Nottingham – there were about 20 of us there, including comping legend Brita Bevis. I met a group of girls that day who remain some of my closest mates. Meeting compers in real life is inspiring and fun, and it certainly helps you to win prizes when you work as a team! Soon I was invited to join the Toton comp club (hosted at ‘Britain’s Luckiest Granny‘s house!), started a North Notts comp club (with Compers News Editor Steve), and attended Notts about Comping in the city centre. Now I’m a member of Brighton Breezy down on the South Coast, meeting with likeminded wine-loving compers every three weeks.

These days the bigger comping days are few and far between – London Competitors Club has quarterly meetings for members and guests, and you can still find events occasionally in Manchester, Yorkshire and the South-West (read my write up on ComperCon 2017, the most recent!). Local comp clubs are still popular, but it can be difficult to find up-to-date information on meeting venues and times. I’ve contacted several comp clubs in order to get a current list together – if you’d like me to include details of your club or comping event, get in touch via my Contact page.

If you’d like to attend a comp club but don’t see a local one listed here, there may be a local Facebook comping group you could join on this post – you might find a few members are interested in starting a club in the same location!

I also have my own Facebook comping club Lucky Learners – a group where new and experienced compers from round the UK (and indeed the world!) can chat and share tips and comps. If you send a join request for Lucky Learners, make sure you message me too, so I can reply with links to helpful posts!

Meeting formats

All comp clubs work differently. A few smaller clubs are held in member’s houses on rotation, but most will be in a pub or café. They can be as often as fortnightly, or organised on a whim every 6 months! It’s rare for members to make it to every meeting, and new members or guests are usually welcome.  Comp club meetings are relaxed and informal, but there may be rotas set at the beginning of the year to decide who’s responsible for bringing raffle prizes. Here’s what generally happens:

  • Wins – members take turns to say what they’ve won since the last meeting
  • Prize draws – members may bring magazines (with entry forms in), ‘quallies’ (promotional products where a receipt is required for entry) or stamped postcards to be given away in prize draws
  • Entry forms – members bring along any entry forms, free magazines and newspapers or photocopies of current competitions, often bundled into sets ready to be distributed between club members
  • Quizzes – members might take turns in setting a quiz
  • Comping chat – members might need advice on Facebook, Twitter or a certain competition – or simply need a bit of motivation to get going after a comping break!

List of UK comp clubs


Kempsey Compers – meet on the third Thursday of every month near Worcester, usually at 7.30pm. Contact Valerie at

Notts about Comping – meets monthly on a Saturday morning in Nottingham city centre.  Contact Maureen at


Manchester Marvels – meet every 8 weeks in Prestwich. Contact Elaine at


Leeds Competition Club – meet on the second Monday of every month in Leeds city centre, 7.30pm – 9.00pm. Contact Jane: or Heidi:

Ridings Round Compers – meet every six weeks at 1pm in Harrogate. Contact Emily –


East Kilbride Compers Club – meet on the first Monday of every month in Nerston area, 8pm. Contact Ann on 01355 248287


Great Yarmouth Coastal Compers Club – meets every few months, usually Tuesday at 7pm in Belton. Contact Sue at


London Competitors Club – meets quarterly in London on a Saturday. Membership currently costs £17.50/year but you get free entry to the club meetings, access to the email groups and a quarterly magazine. Contact, or find more information at


Chelmsford Comping Club – meet every second Friday. Contact Sheila at

South Coast

Brighton Breezy comp club – meet every third Tuesday at 7.30pm in Hove. Contact Nuala at 

Southampton competitions club – meet on the second Thursday of every month at 7.30pm in Chandlers Ford. Contact Chrissy at

South West

Bristol Compers Club – Meet every 6 weeks. Contact Cara at

West Country Winners – meet just outside Newton Abbot every six weeks. Contact Oonagh at

If there’s not a club listed here that suits you, don’t worry – I’ll hopefully be adding more clubs to the list this year, and will put a permanent link to this post in the right-hand menu on SuperLucky. Also check my post about local Facebook comping groups to join, as you might find someone near you who wants to set up a club!

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  • Rosemary Rowe

    Thanks Di… I never thought of starting a Facebook Group to find like-minded people! 🙂


    Does the Big Brum Club still exist?

  • I’m still awaiting a response from Rosemary! If it does I’ll be sure to add it on to the list.

  • Tamalyn Roberts

    i saw that chester is my local club but still quite a drive, wondering if there was anything in north wales?


    Ok thanks Di

  • Melissa Lee

    There don’t seem to be any people near Oxford that I’ve come across who love comping too, but I live in hope!

  • Tanya Cameron

    I’m in Banbury (Oxfordshire) and love comping but have also found the same as you!

  • Melissa Lee

    Hi Tanya! This is good news, I’m in Kidlington so about 30 mins from Banbury. I wish we had a club nearby but it’s fab to find out there is a local comper nearby at least!

  • Fiona McDonald

    I live in Witney, Oxfordshire and love comping. I have been enjoying my hobby for 20 years and have won quite a few prizes!

  • Justine Edwards

    Di, If you hear any one from The Isle of Wight please let me know.

  • Hilary Brady

    Hi. Anyone in the Gloucester area interested in starting or already belonging toa ccomoersclub. If so please let either Di or myself know. Thanks Hilary Brady

  • Hilary Brady

    Please let me rewrite last message. Belonging to a compers club.

  • Sue Swanborough

    Hi I live in Yate and 4/5 of us meet once a month at different pubs to be fair to everyone with the travelling. Don’t know if we could meet up depending on where you are.

  • Sue Swanborough

    Di, would you like to add us to the list? North Bristol Comping Club meeting once a month – different pubs!

  • I certainly can Sue – could you email more details to – I need a contact email address please!

  • Sue Swanborough

    Hi Di, have spent most of the evening, apart for when I played badminton, going through your facebook page, comps etc etc.  Thing is I then find it difficult to get away from comping
    My email address is
    We meet about once a month in different venues to share the driving fairly.  We take details of comps we have found, sjop magazines, anything that includes comps. We also take a bag of goods that have comps on them, up to value of £5 and swap the bags around the table. Also have a facebook page to keep in contact with each other

    Sue x

    Sent from Samsung tablet

    ——– Original message ——–

  • james

    Is it considered bad form to contact these people if you want to tell them about a new competition site? I don’t want to appear to be spamming people but it may be of interest to them.

  • I’d rather you didn’t James – forums and Facebook groups are where you should be focusing your attention on promotion!

  • Chloe Louise

    Hi, I have tried google for a Wirral or Liverpool club but have had no luck. Does anyone know any groups in these areas please? Thanks x

  • Are you in the Facebook group Chloe? I would post in there and ask if anyone knows of a club having regular meetups in the area. If not, you could suggest meeting in a pub/venue close to you and see how it goes!

  • Chloe Louise

    Thanks x

  • jeffdevere

    thanks for the great site, and wonderful enthusiasm and motivation you have! you have motivated me in many areas of my life, big warmth and positive energy your way

  • Angela Bell

    Anyone know of a club in the south Suffolk or North Essex areas? Can’t see one listed.

  • Moandkeef

    Notts about Comping is still thriving, with the same details that you already have Di, thanks.
    Hope to see you in Brighton one of these days.

  • Teresa Adams

    Does anyone know if there is a club near Norwich Norfolk? Looks like my nearest is Gt Yarmouth! Thanks