Get a chance to win if you buy these Christmas gifts!

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  1. Emma Taylor says:

    This site is great

  2. Jane Brown says:

    Thanks for the reminder re Glade. I had bought my 3 and after entering 1 losing code had forgotten about it. Just entered the second one and got a “Congratulations” text back. Woo hoo.

  3. It’s hard to say – but with the Waitrose comps where you need to enter a receipt number, a LOT of my local comp club win prizes in these! I’d love to have some insider information on entry numbers for those!

    With Silentnight and Three Barrels there’s not such a good chance of winning as with Monopoly Empire (winning moments) – and for the Naked Palettes, goodness knows how many of those are in Debenhams across the country!

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