List of UK competition websites

As a new comper, how can you tell which websites to trust with your details? This post – which is updated regularly – lists all the major UK competition sites – good and bad. 

If you’re a promoter looking for advice on where to share your competition or prize draw, click to read Where to promote a competition instead.

When people take up comping, their first instinct is to search Google for competitions. Search results will take them to websites and adverts tempting them with fabulous cash and holiday prizes. They sign up, get bombarded with spam emails  – and lose all enthusiasm for the hobby!

When you register with a data collection website like My Offers, your details are passed on to various companies (loans, gas & electric suppliers, insurance companies etc.). The prizes are genuine, but the competitions themselves will be featured across many websites and get hundreds of thousands of entries. In this post you’ll find a list of these spam-generating websites – my recommendation is to avoid them!

If you’re new to comping, your best bet is to stick to entering comps from promoters you trust – magazines, products, shops and companies. Enter directly on their websites or social media pages, and check any tick boxes carefully to see if you are agreeing to further correspondence – in particular don’t tick a box that says your details will be passed on to third parties. It shouldn’t make any difference to your chance of winning a prize draw if you decide not to join a mailing list! You should also set up a new email address to use only for competitions (I recommend Gmail) – and have a good read of my Get Started guide for more advice.

You can rest assured the competitions I share on the SuperLucky website (and my Facebook page) won’t generate spam – as a comper myself I only feature promotions and links to brands I trust. If you’re a promoter and would like to feature your competition on SuperLucky, please contact me for costs.

Competition forums you can trust

If you want to be certain you’re not clicking on spam-generating links – which appear on all sorts of websites  – stick to finding competitions on forums, where users post up the links. It’s rare for a dodgy promotion to feature, as they are usually quickly flagged up and removed by the admin team.

  • MoneySavingExpert Competition Time forum (MSE) is vast and can be confusing for new compers. There’s no way to sort the prizes by category, but you can view by closing date order – if you have a lot of time to dedicate to comping, it’s great. If you don’t, use the forum search to look for specific prizes and competition types. You don’t need to register to access the competition posts, but if you do use it regularly you might want to get stuck in and post competitions yourself.
  • Hot UK Deals Competition section has comps submitted by members, and you can view by category – you don’t need to join to access the listings.
  • Loquax Competition forum requires registration before you can access the competition listings on the forum, but it’s a smart and well-organised system. The benefit of a forum which requires log-in is that the listings won’t appear on a Google search – this means less entries than comps listed on MSE or The PrizeFinder.
  • Latest Deals Competition section is similar to HUKD, with comps submitted by members.

Competition listings sites you can trust

At the moment these sites don’t feature links to any spam-generating websites, but you might encounter adverts.

Competition listings sites with affiliate links

The sites listed below are funded by paid links and advertising, but can be a good resource for comps. Once you become aware of the spam-generating sites (see list further down), you should be able to quickly spot and skip the adverts and links while comping. Stick to the links that take you directly to a promoter’s website or social media.

Sites with their own exclusive giveaways

These websites host their own giveaways, and although you register with them to enter, they won’t pass your data on or send you spam!

  • (register for free by entering your details once and then you can enter all their exclusive prize draws – you’ll ONLY receive emails directly from PrizeDeck and they list all their winners on site)

Paid subscription sites you can trust

No matter what websites might tell you, comping need not cost you a penny – if you do decide to spend money on the hobby, my recommendation would be to join Compers News as you get a printed/digital magazine and chat forum access. Here are some subscription-based competition sites:

Spam-generating survey and competition sites

The sites listed below do have genuine prizes, but with a tiny chance of winning. They will generate spam email, junk mail and phone calls, and in my opinion are a waste of your time.


Other advice

  • Don’t sign up for product testing sites like or without checking their privacy policy – they pass your details onto many other companies.
  • Beware of prize draws promoted by Optical Express or Thomas Sanderson – they will badger you with annoying phone calls and texts!
  • There are lots of ‘tick boxes’ on some online magazine prize draws – Roboform custom settings can help you to tick the ‘No’ boxes, but always double check you’re not opting in to junk mail before submitting!
  • is fine, and features official competitions from Bauer media sites – if you see ‘winit’ added to the start of magazine and radio station URLs, they are Bauer sites too. On a Bauer competition page, click Official Rules to see which other websites the giveaway features on – there’s only ONE prize across all those websites, but you can enter on all of them. Read more in my guide to Click To Win Competitions.
  • Most competitions hosted on Facebook timelines or Twitter are safe, as no personal details are collected at the point of entry. It’s when you give out your email address, postal address or phone number you should be checking the T&Cs and watching which boxes you tick! Watch out for giveaways on Facebook scam pages though – if there’s no website address listed on their About section, don’t trust them!
  • If you’re struggling to manage the amount of junk in your email inbox, try to organise newsletters into a daily digest email, and unsubscribe from the junk.
  • Finally, don’t get tempted by subscribing to Automated Entry Services that will enter competitions on your behalf (eg. Win 24) – most promoters will delete entries from these services so it’s a waste of your money.

These are my own opinions based on my own experiences of these websites, and the experiences of fellow compers – you can always google a website name plus the word ‘review’ for people’s opinions too.

Please do leave me a comment – is there a new website you’d like me to add to the list, or simply to let me know which website you would recommend to new compers!

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  1. Emma Taylor says:

    This site is great

  2. Chris Reed says:

    Very interesting article, Di, thank you. I found a site called which I suspect is also one to avoid as it appears to be based in Australia so must have huge numbers of entries. There are big prizes like cars and may well be genuine but the odds are against you. I did most of my successful comping in the 1990’s before we all had the Internet and it seemed more fun then.

  3. Emily Belfield says:

    Hi Di would you recommend ‘’?

    Thanks 🙂 xx

    • Di says:

      Just had a look and it’s similar to MyOffers, etc in that your details are passed to many companies including Scottish Power, Prize Reactor & Fix My Finances who will bombard you with calls and spam. I’ll add to the ‘avoid!’ list above.

  4. Carolyn Collins says:

    Thanks Di.

    Just joined PrizeDeck and entered all the prize draws. Well worth it and thanks for your advice.

  5. pam butterfield says:

    thankyou for writing this blog very helpful x

  6. 3Bees Club says:

    Hi, i was wondering if you could add us to your list we are 3Bees Club you can find us at we are a new giveaway site, we do not spam your inbox and we do not sell your details on we actually give products all we ask is you share the competitions on social media and watch a short 30 sec video from the giveaway sponsor, we are finding it very hard to get our name out there and need help to tell people we are one of the good guys, we do not charge to enter our site or our competitions, the more people we can get to sign up to our site the better our competitions will be.

    • Thanks for the comment and link, but as a comper I would consider this format to be a huge waste of time – after all, that’s 30 seconds that could be spent entering comps elsewhere! It just doesn’t make much sense to me…

      • 3Bees Club says:

        Hi, Thanks for the reply however the 30 second video is from the competition sponsors, I understand what you are saying, that you could be entering more competitions however I thought the point of your article was to mention which giveaway sites were legit and as you can see if you look at our site or our Facebook page we have real winners that are picked completely at random and fantastic prizes, surely that is what everyone entering competitions is looking for.

  7. TRACY HANSON1 says:

    So glad you have warned people about “GetMeATicket” – they bombarded me with emails. I got 100 a day for about a week. All at different times of the day. I asked them to stop and even threatened them with legal action after the 10th time of asking! They said they weren’t sending any more but then sent 5 in 2 days. Even denied sending them until I offered to forward the emails back to them. Have had 1 in 3 years now.

  8. CARLA CARTHY says:

    hi is this company okay the Coffee Break Winner.?

    • You have to pay £69 a year to use Coffee Break Winner – it’s not worth it. The information can be found elsewhere for free. I also don;t appreciate that they use my name in their marketing, suggesting I approve of the service (which I don’t!)

  9. Dylan Pemberton says:

    There’s a completely free to enter prize draw to win 2 Ed Sheeran Tickets plus hotel and £100 spending money at There is no purchase necessary, you only need to leave your email and I know for a fact that there have (so far) been less than 1,000 entries as of now…

  10. Sian Pilkington says: and there facebook page are a trustyworthy competition company with lots of giveaways, freebies and competitions 🙂

  11. Connie says:

    Thanks a lot Di this is super useful. As a new comper I was starting to feel whether it’s worth it or not because of the spam and endless repetitive filling in of personal infor and being redirected to lots of comp websites. This now gives me new direction.

  12. Free Emoji Lottery says:

    Have you checked out Free Emoji Lottery?

  13. james says:

    I’ve launched a new site for people interested in competitions. I’m adding competitions now but please sign up and add any you know of, or browse what we have so far. Mostly aimed at the UK for now but hope to expand later. It also includes a badge system, so the more you help share the site and submit competitions, the more badges you can unlock. Would love to know your thoughts on it.

  14. Jonathan says:

    I am trying to get my new website to grow in popularity. Its like a social network but everytime you upload a photo you are entered into the free prize draw which is drawn Sunday at 9pm GMT

    • james says:

      Hi Johnathon, how have you got on with raising your websites profile? I am looking to do the same for From what I’ve seen so far Twitter is the best place to get competition based sites out there provided you keep posting periodically. Perhaps you might look at hosting some mini prizes leading up to every Sunday draw, but only via Twitter so people would know to follow you for the random mini prizes but would then be constantly reminded about the main prize draw on Sundays?

      • Jonathan says:

        All in good time James. Eventually I do intend on having multiple prizes through the week. With regards to Twitter I can’t say I’m an expert at marketing on that site. I tend to focus more on SEO for google and search engines. Its always the same though, so many ideas nowhere near enough time.

        • james says:

          Yep it is quite time consuming. I’m still waiting to get properly listed on search engines. I’ve set up Facebook and Google+ pages too but it’s difficult to focus on everything at once. Good luck with it all anyway, sounds like an interesting site.

  15. Richard Ibbetson says:

    Good advice .thanks.

  16. Brian Whitworth says:

    Fantastic resources, thanks

  17. Cherry Newby says:

    Excellent advice as always Di. I’ve been following this advice since I started comping in September and it has been invaluable!

  18. RevPlaza says:


    My name is Petr, I am the owner of – an online competitions directory. Just wonder if you could add RevPlaza to your list.

    I have spent 6 months of full time coding to develop some features which I believe makes entering the online competitions more organized and more funny. For example, there is a loyalty program where users earn credits which can be converted in additional entries for premium competitions. To enjoy more fun, there are users rankings (national rankings and world ranking). And of course, there are tools which help to the users to enter the competitions just in time. RevPlaza uses an intelligent system which displays the competitions only when the user can enter it. This way the RevPlaza members can avoid to be disqualified for entering the competition more frequently then allowed by the rules.

    Well, there are also many other features which I believe are very useful for the users so I would appreciate if you look at RevPlaza and consider to add it to your list. Thanks!

    • Hi Petr, thanks for the comment! It looks to me like you only have one contest that’s open to UK entries at the moment? If you expand to include more then I’ll certainly consider including Revplaza! Thankyou.

  19. Thanks for this. I’ve always wondered about MyOffers and Get Me a Ticket. This is a very useful blog post.

  20. Marie Evans says:

    Thanks Di,I am in-indated with loads of spam stuff.Trouble is nowhere on the e-mails is there an’unsubscribe’ &i am frightened to click on the x boxes.I have just got my sister interested in comping & now she’s saying she as never had so much rubbish & not winning she is thinking of packing it in.

  21. Debbie Santowski Mac says:

    thanks so much for this; as a fairly new comper I have been overwhelmed by who or what! to spend my time on….. btw CompersNews is awesome!

  1. 09/05/2016

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