McDonald’s Monopoly Win Win 2017

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It’s back! McDonald’s Monopoly is a massive promotion with millions of prizes up for grabs – but with instant win, collect to win and online instant win prizes it can get rather confusing!

Here’s the essential information you need to know about McDonald’s Monopoly Win Win (which continues until 2 May 2017).

Monopoly Win Win Stickers are available as:

  • double (half is an online code, half is either an instant win or property)
  • triple (one is an online code, one is a property and the third is either an instant win or property)

Which products to buy

Stickers don’t come with every product at McDonald’s. Here are the products you need to buy:

  • Double sticker – Medium fries, medium carbonated drink, regular iced frappé/smoothie, mozzarella dippers, Creme Egg/Caramel McFlurry
  • Triple sticker – Large fries, large carbonated drink, large iced frappé/smoothie, Big Tasty, Big Tasty with Bacon, Premium Salad, Chicken Legend, Chicken Selects, Big Flavour Wrap, BBQ/Classic/Spicy from The Signature Collection

In addition, if you order a Shaker Side Salad, medium/large hot drink, or a bottled/carton drink as part of a meal, you can request a double sticker (medium meal) or a triple sticker (large meal) on these products.

There are three ways to win prizes in Monopoly Win Win: instant win, online game and collecting a property set.

Instant win stickers

The instant win prizes are either food or drink prizes which you can redeem instantly by handing in your sticker (you can only redeem one winning sticker per transaction), millions of discount vouchers for Best Western, Prezzybox, BooHoo, Red Letter Days and more.

Or you might be lucky enough to win a prize instantly from this fantastic selection:

  • 4 x £25,000 cash
  • 5 x Mini
  • 10 x £1500 Airtours voucher
  • 400 x Action Cameras
  • 600 x Hotel Breaks
  • 1000 x £200 cash
  • 4,500 x Build Your Own Skateboard Kit
  • 100 PlayStation 4s
  • 3,000 x NOW TV box & year’s pass
  • 400 x £250 Red Letter Days voucher
  • 2200 x £150 Red Letter Days voucher
  • 350 x £100 to spend at
  • 250 x £50 to spend at
  • 1250 x £25 to spend at
  • 1,000 x Wireless speakers
  • 3,000 x Hasbro Monopoly board game
  • 15,000 x pair of cinema tickets
  • 30,000 x phone case
  • 2,000 x £30 voucher
  • 1,500,000 x NOW TV pass

Property stickers

Save your property stickers on a Monopoly game board, available in the restaurants. If you collect a full set of property stickers (ranging from 2 to 4 depending on the set) you can claim a prize. Here’s how many rare stickers are in circulation, and what you win if you collect a set. These ‘rare’ stickers are the same ones as last year:

  • 1,500,000 x Old Kent Rd – McDonald’s medium extra value meal
  • 8,000 x Euston Rd – £30 voucher
  • 2,000 x Northumberland Ave – Wireless speakers
  • 800 x Marlborough St – £250 Red Letter Days voucher
  • 10,000 x Liverpool St Station – NOW TV box & year’s pass
  • 400 x StrandSony PlayStation 4
  • 140 x Coventry St – £1500 Airtours voucher
  • 15 x Bond St – Mini
  • 4 x Mayfair – £100,000 cash

This year you can also exchange ten spare stickers for a NOW TV pass – collect them on your gamecard.

Online game stickers

Every double or triple sticker comes with a 9-character unique code to enter online at for the chance to win one of 119,520 cash prizes. You’ll see a ‘spin the wheel’ graphic and find out if you’ve won a prize (or a free spin).

  • Every minute, 24 hours a day, there are two ‘winning moments’ – McDonald’s don’t state how long these are, they may be just a second long, or possibly even less! If you enter at that exact moment you win a cash prize ranging from £5 to £100. If nobody enters at that exact moment – the prize is not won. Not all of these cash prizes will be won.
  • In addition to the cash prizes, there are additional winning moments during the promotion, and if you enter your code during one of those you could win one of 2,500 CeX £20 vouchers or one of 2,000 three month Deezer Premium subscriptions.
  • You can enter up to 24 codes in a 24 hour period
  • After entering your code, you can opt in to receive further marketing from McDonalds and in return you will be entered into a prize draw to win £2500 cash.


  • If you’re a fan of wombling, keep an eye out for unwanted game stickers on tables in the restaurants – lots of people peel to see if they’ve got an instant win sticker, then discard them when they haven’t!
  • Look out for McDonald’s vouchers in newspapers and on the back of bus tickets to get cheaper products
  • It was suggested last year that you could ask for a free tap water and receive it in a cup with stickers on – but most staff are wise to this now, and will give you a plain cup!

Good luck! Find out more at – you must be 16 to take part, and the promotion runs from 22 March until 2nd May 2017. 

If you enjoy instant wins, check out my list of FREE online instant wins at and also my supermarket prize buys YouTube playlist!

9 Responses

  1. Isaac Blackburn says:

    I’ve found a way to get Now TV Passes for free.

    1. Look at Ebay listings and simply note down their codes
    2. Go scavenging

  2. Rebecca Ayesha Miller says:

    I won £50 on the online instant win 2yrs ago. Cheque looked like something you would get in a kids play set lol

  3. Cara Reay says:

    I went to my local one today and got a couple of reg drinks. Couldn’t womble any as customers too efficient at clearing away afterwards. So tempted to ask some customers if they didn’t want their stickers but of course I couldn’t do that!

    • Here’s a tip…. I took Ry in for a treat yesterday, he was wearing his B&H Albion football kit – three different customers asked him ‘Do you think we’ll get promoted this season then’ – and then gave him their Monopoly stickers! One of them was a free sundae, Ry was delighted!

  4. Sylvia Stephens says:

    I’ve never took this seriously. I’m one of those that threw coupons away. Not this year. Xx

  5. Madeline Estelle says:

    i feel like i may go up a size (or 2!) these next few months, ha!

  6. Amanda Tanner says:

    I won £10 last year by dog walking by McDonalds car pArk and wombled loads

  7. Stralisemiai says:

    I won £5 on the online codes last year, so definitely enter them.

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