Roboform for compers

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  1. Ian Bretherick says:

    I use dashlane I
    found on amazon

  2. Frances Heaton says:

    Thanks for the competition. I entered even though I already used Roboform as my renewal is coming up quite soon.

    Have used Roboform for quite a few years, and find that it worked better when I used to use a Windows PC, using Internet Explorer.

    I’ve used a Macbook Pro, Safari OS for the past few years, and although Roboform works well, I have to ‘ask’ it to fill in forms, where before (using IE), the forms and passwords filled in automatically as soon as I hit the page.

    Also, Robo refuses to fill in certain forms, especially those on Facebook apps. I have to use Autofill for those.

    Not sure whether I need to alter any settings, but have checked and there doesn’t seem anything else I can change.

  3. rosierowe says:

    Brilliant! Will have to do this!

  4. Cher Waite says:

    Thanks Di, you just saved me a bit of cash on my renewal 🙂

  5. Sarah Scott says:

    Amazing, thanks Di x

  6. Christine Hall says:

    Thanks Di

  7. Lynne Collins says:

    This looks like a lot of help!! only recently started ‘comping’ and my fingers ache from filling in all those forms!! Thank you Di for all your good advice too!

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