Setting up a prize spreadsheet

It’s a new year and we’re all raring to get winning! Get ready to welcome all those shiny new prizes into your home by creating a spreadsheet to record all the details. Unlike a notebook, a spreadsheet enables you to tally up totals and count prizes with a click – you can also search it and change the order of your prize list quickly and easily!


I use Google Drive for my spreadsheet – log in at using a Google or gmail account – and the Drive app is also worth downloading to your mobile device. Using Google means you can access and add to your prize spreadsheet from your computer, phone or anywhere in the world – much better than using an Excel spreadsheet on your PC!

Here’s my new video guide to using a prize spreadsheet. After watching, find my template at – then go to File > Make a Copy and save it to your own Drive, where you can change it to suit.

Why bother keeping a spreadsheet?

It’s useful to:

  • calculate the value of the prizes you win over a certain period of time – so you can brag to your friends (estimate the individual values if you’re not sure!)
  • check on the prizes you’ve not yet received and the date you won them, so you can chase them up after 28 days!
  • give you a boost during a dry spell – you’ll be surprised how many small prizes you win, and making sure you list ALL of them makes you feel much more positive and enthusiastic!
  • see which type of competitions you’re most successful with, and should be focussing on
  • remind yourself to say THANKS to the promoter!

Finally, just a note – people ask me if it’s worth keeping a spreadsheet of the competitions they enter. Unless it’s a creative or low-entry competition (in which case I save a link and will check to see they actually announced a winner!), I consider this to be a complete waste of time – it will only make you miserable looking at the amount of comps you didn’t win. It’s far better to focus on the competitions you did win!

Wishing you lots of luck for 2017 – and let me know when you’ve added your first prize to the spreadsheet!

8 Responses

  1. Natalie Ellis says:

    Hi Di, I’ve just downloaded your prize list spreadsheet and have 5 entries on it already!!! Thank you for sharing your Comping knowhow 🙂

  2. Lisa Crowther says:

    Thank you – I’ve added on my one win of 2017 so far…here’s to many more for all of us x

  3. Helen Humphries says:

    Really helpful little vid too, always so much easier when someone talks you through. 🙂

  4. Sarah prescott says:

    Thank you for this template. I have just downloaded a copy and i cant wait to start filling it!!! I wrote my prizes in a note book last year and this year I am going to be more organised.

  5. Cristín Williams says:

    Thank you for your template, I stared keeping track of all my wins last January in an effort to be more organised but I did it all in a notebook. This quickly fell by the wayside when I didn’t always have my notebook to hand. I always have my phone so hopefully less of an excuse to give up on it this year.

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