Setting up a prize spreadsheet

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  1. Janine Learner says:

    Thanks Di. I use an Excel spreadsheet to list all the comps I enter but having a separate page to list wins is good so I’ve downloaded your template, thanks.

  2. tracey t says:

    thank you so much DI – have downloaded in readiness for starting Bootcamp tomorrow – added my two wins so far this year

  3. Leanne perrett says:

    i have been using A5 diarys for a few years now and have built a small collection of them but i havent had a chance to buy one yet this year so have downloaded the spreadsheet and hoopefully save some time and trees 🙂 now i just need to wait for a win

  4. Jo Godfray says:

    Thanks Di
    I have set mine up this afternoon after receiving first WEM 2018!! Thanks so much and good luck!!

  5. Val Pownall says:

    I’ve set mine up – now waiting for the wins! I was totally disorganised last year for various reasons but hoping this year will be better.

  6. lorraine kirk says:

    Thank you, this is really helpful!

  7. Anneka says:

    Thank you so much Di this is so much better than my table in word lol I’ve done all the steps just waiting for the wins now!

  8. Carolyn Collins says:

    Thank you this Di. What a good idea.

  9. Bex Allum says:

    Thanks managed to save and upload my first two wins 🙂

  10. Maggie Bermann says:

    Thanks Di Very simple to copy for a technopobe like me lol! Ive hit major dry spell so hoping this will give me encouragement to keep going
    Thanks for doing and Happy New Year to you and family x

  11. Marsha Richardson says:

    Thanks Di, I downloaded your template last year and forgot to thank you for it! So, thanks. I love it. So simple to access and look at. I’d recommend anybody to do a spreadsheet. Just looking at what I won last year has given me the nudge to do better this year and try new stuff (for example more creative comps!) So, thanks again and good luck! x

  12. Natalie Ellis says:

    Hi Di, I’ve just downloaded your prize list spreadsheet and have 5 entries on it already!!! Thank you for sharing your Comping knowhow 🙂

  13. Lisa Crowther says:

    Thank you – I’ve added on my one win of 2017 so far…here’s to many more for all of us x

  14. Helen Humphries says:

    Really helpful little vid too, always so much easier when someone talks you through. 🙂

  15. Sarah prescott says:

    Thank you for this template. I have just downloaded a copy and i cant wait to start filling it!!! I wrote my prizes in a note book last year and this year I am going to be more organised.

  16. Cristín Williams says:

    Thank you for your template, I stared keeping track of all my wins last January in an effort to be more organised but I did it all in a notebook. This quickly fell by the wayside when I didn’t always have my notebook to hand. I always have my phone so hopefully less of an excuse to give up on it this year.

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