10 easy ways to find competitions

For enthusiastic new compers, the first challenge is where to find the competitions to enter! Most will start with a Google search, resulting in a lot of adverts and competition listing websites – but visiting these sites isn’t always the best option. They’re really popular, and in most cases compers will have more success using their initiative to find comps that don’t get listed there. Personally, I find it much more fun to go hunting for comps in more unlikely places, and in this blog post I’ll share my own favourite places to find competitions.

1. Keep your eyes peeled in supermarkets

SuperLucky readers win a LOT of big prizes in competitions advertised on product packaging and in supermarkets. I have a handy compers shopping list so you can see at a glance which products feature a prize promotion – check the list before you do your weekly shop! Some promotions feature on the packaging, but for others you will need to look out for the promotion advertised elsewhere (it could even be a QR code on a phone box outside the shop!)

Look out for text entry competitions advertised in shops too – sometimes you need to buy a product, but often you don’t! Tesco, Co-op or Poundland regularly have displays advertising text comps. These text messages only cost standard rate (about 15p). Check out my list of current Tesco text competitions.

But don’t just look for products on the shelves – look for end-of-aisle display stands, check supermarket magazines, and look for adverts on the shelves or at tills (the Co-op always flash their comps up on screens at the checkouts). Snap a photo of any displays you spot – and get close to take a photo of the T&Cs too.

Read my guide to purchase necessary promotions to give you an idea of which ones offer the best chance of a prize.

2. Follow compers on social media

Most compers are a friendly bunch and won’t mind other compers following them! Check comments and replies on Twitter and Instagram competitions, and you’ll find lots of compers there to follow. You can also follow and tag me (@superluckydi) of course!

Visit their Twitter feeds to find comps (but make sure you untag the comper if you reply to the promoter’s competition tweet). Check their Instagram stories regularly as that’s where you’ll find shares of the latest comps. Set notifications for compers too, so you’ll be the first to see their story additions or new posts.

Ask other compers if you can tag them in competition entries, and ask if they will return the favour – once you get a few friends tagging you, your notifications will start to become a great source of new comps too!

3. Find comps on Instagram

Search for and follow Instagram hashtags (eg. #UKcompetition, #UKgiveaway, #UKcomp) for general comps, or add words to be more specific (eg. #candlecompetition, #vegangiveaway, #londoncompetition). Always tap to view the most recent results first. You can search for phrases on Instagram too but the results can’t be organised by date.

Look for comps in sponsored adverts and stories too – these are often simple prize draws where you join a mailing list, or it might redirect you to enter on a website. Always make sure you trust the brand though – there’s a few dodgy ‘timeshare’ holiday companies that use paid advertising on Instagram and Facebook!

Once you’ve entered a few giveaways and tapped a few sponsored posts, Instagram will start to learn what you want to see and show you more competitions on your feed.

See also How to find Instagram competitions

4. X (Twitter) search & lists

Use X search to look for specific prizes or types of competition using keywords – eg. win London hotel, win family ticket, creative competition. Filter your results to show the Latest posts.

Lists are a great way to curate a themed X newsfeed – start by following my ‘Lucky Learners’ list which features posts from hundreds of compers, and should give you plenty of great giveaways. Find out more about how to use X lists.

5. Radio stations

Check radio station websites for details of new competitions – sometimes the T&Cs only appear online on the day of the on-air comp. Read the small print carefully – what looks like an online only competition might have details of its on-air equivalent hidden in the T&Cs. There are plenty of comps where you have to register online and then just hope they call you back to go on air! My favourites are Heart, Absolute, Magic, Capital, Virgin and Kiss.

Most importantly, listen to the radio regularly too, as some competitions are only advertised on air. Listen on a Monday morning to find out which competitions are coming up that week, or a Friday to hear about any weekend promotions. Breakfast and drive-time shows are the most popular for phone or text-in comps – use your smart speaker to quickly flick from one station to the next. If you hear details of an upcoming competition, set a reminder in your phone calendar or on your smart speaker.

Read more in How to win radio competitions.

6. Facebook groups

It’s not easy to search for competitions on Facebook, but there are a few friendly Facebook groups you can join where you’ll find competitions!

My main Lucky Learners group has lots of promotions where you need to purchase a product (search for the #purchasenecessary hashtag), plus a featured post for promotions where no purchase is necessary and details of UK radio competitions.

There are also lots of local Facebook groups for compers, some more active than others! See if you can find one here. There are also other more specialist resources like Travelscoop’s Travel Competitions group or Lucky Little Ones for baby & kids comps.

Google can be a great way to find competitions – use it to look for local comps, your most wanted prizes or a certain type of competition. But make sure you use the filters to see the most recent results! Go to www.google.co.uk (log in if you have a Google account) and type your search terms – eg. Win Thorpe Park tickets, win Tiktok competition, win Cardiff competitions. When you get the results, click Tools – underneath, change Any Country to your country of choice and change Any Time to a date range of your choice – try Past week. Expert compers will use Google to search for shortcode numbers and common T&Cs phrases – find more tips in my guide to Google search.

8. Magazines & newspapers

There are still lots of comps to enter in magazines and newspapers, and lots of them don’t make it to comping forums and websites so they don’t get many entries.

If you have a library card you can use the brilliant Pressreader or Libby apps to access loads of publications for free. Pick up free mags and papers at train stations and shopping centres too.

9. Email newsletters

Do you delete brand newsletters without reading them? They can be a good source of low entry competitions, particularly if they’re from smaller companies or local businesses. If you don’t have time to open all your emails and check them, do a quick inbox search for ‘competition’ or ‘giveaway’ in your message content before you delete. If your inbox is overloaded, read my post Tips for a Tidy Inbox to get it cleared!

10. Competition listings sites & forums

If you want the easy way to find comps then of course you can work your way through the hundreds of comps collated by websites like Competition Database, Loquax, and Latest Deals. The advantage of registering and using these sites is that they track which competitions you’ve entered. The disadvantage is that lots of other people are visiting the sites and entering the same comps as you! See my post List of UK competition websites for more recommendations – and which sites you should avoid.

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10 Responses

  1. I think you have lots of wonderful tips, I am concerned about the amount of fraud on Facebook, do you know if twitter and instagram are also having problems ?

    • Di says:

      Unfortunately, there’s a lot of fraud and scam problems with Instagram too (the same owners as Facebook) – I think less so with Twitter/X! Just be sure not to give personal details to anyone unless you’re certain it’s a brand that you know and trust.

  2. Barbara Britz says:

    I have found these tips enormously helpful and – I have already won a prize!

  3. Mike Healy says:

    I’ve been meaning to write for some time, to thank you. Almost gave up, more than once, but read what you wrote, to keep going. I also put more effort in. I have won several items, well, more than that really. Nothing massive, electric blanket this week, radios, several tickets to Chatsworth House, NEC,two or three in London, lots of household goodies, So Thankyou Di, Mike Healy.

  4. Julie Foster says:

    I love your Site Di it’s so helpful And you Have So many Good things ToShare With us too . Thank you for all you Do it’s Greatly appreciated . xx

  5. kazzy minton says:

    ah so helpful … I am definitely going to try the Google Search advice … I have very little luck on social media so going down this route may work better … as always THANK YOU

  6. flora.coleman@hotmail.com says:

    Newsletters are quite annoying I must say.

    • Di says:

      I only subscribe to the ones where I’m interested in the brand and they email once every couple of weeks! I’ve won quite a few comps from those. I really hate the companies that send you a daily newsletter!

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