10 tips to win more prizes on Twitter

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  1. Alwan says:

    Help me to win more prizes from twitter

  2. Mila Takahashi says:

    Am mila Takahashi. From Nagoya Japan Gifu ken am winning Giaway in menbirshp free lotto .

  3. Dian says:

    May i ask about how someone who do giveaway in her tweet acc. She is using twrench for picking the winners. And if I’m not wrong that can’t with join at last as i can, not like tweetdraw. So are you know wiyh twrench?

  4. Amanda Tanner says:

    Is there a list where I can use other members for tagging in on twitter like you do for instagram. I don’t have any of my friends on twitter like I do Facebook as I only use it for comping. And I’m starting to find the promoters asking for me to tag friends?

  5. Laura Wheatley says:

    Thanks for the tips, I am loving your site 🙂 do you find entering comps at the last min gives you more chance? it doesn’t seem to make a difference with me i’m unlucky with twitter and FB (rafflecopters are my friend <3) so just wondered what your opinion was. I did get a win on twitter today and used your tip of interacting with the company 🙂 my trolls mad daughter is a happy bunny.

    • It all depends on if they’re choosing a winner fairly or not, to be honest! And usually we don’t know. But I always recommend entering as late as possible, so if you have stalkers then it’s too late for them all to copy you!

  6. PrizeDeck says:

    Hello Di, we did read this a while back but it’s worth reading once again. As a promoter of weekly prize draws we’d have to ignore point 4 – Tart up your profile page! We aim to run our prize draws entirely fair and totally random. We don’t ‘select’ a winner but instead they are picked entirely at random…just as the rules dictate. So whether you have a full blown bio with 25K followers or a simple egg because you’re a Twitter newbie, it makes no difference. First qualifying entrant that’s selected by the random generator is the winner.

  7. VW says:

    Hello! An interesting read with some great tips. The way you write makes me think you’d assume that most RTs giveaways are not random, but chosen by the company based on following/interests! I do wonder if you RT too early, your entry gets lost – which will explain why I haven’t won anything yet! Also, does RTing several times make it more likely to win? I always assumed that you’re only ever allowed to do one RT entry!

    • You can only click the retweet button once on a tweet – if you click again, it will undo the retweet. But so many promoters send out multiple tweets about the same comp, unless there are T&Cs stating you can’t, you’re fine to retweet each one. The question is – are they collating entries together from every post (this is hard unless they’re using paid software) or just picking ONE of their tweets, then choosing from the RTs on that one? It’s best to retweet every post just in case!

  8. Melissa. says:

    Great tips as always, Di. Twitter and blog comps make up most of my winnings. I just freshened up my twitter with a nice cover and profile photo, and will start tweeting more original tweets so I won’t get caught in the spam filter. Hopefully that will help promoters choose me more often!

  9. Aoao says:

    Fab tips as usual Di! Have not been on Twitter long so am learning slowly!! I searched #BlueMonday WIN yesterday as you suggested and bingo!! I won some spa vouchers with a photo reply!! Definitely going to search for my wish list too!

  10. amy gonzalez says:

    Great article Di! Do you know if theres a way to filter your feed on twitter so that only local companies etc appear? Or if you can filter these into a list? I follow thousands of twitter accounts and find it difficult to wade through it all sometimes!

    • Yes you could! I use lists on Twitter – for local companies, kids companies, local compers, creative compers and more. I do prefer doing a regular search for my local Brighton comps though (or use a Tweetdeck column). When you follow a company, look for similar users that Twitter recommends – you can find some good local businesses that way!

  11. Lisa Yeomans says:

    Good points Di, question, is there a way to get it in order, as I get times and dates all mixed up. Thanks

    • Do you mean on your news feed Lisa, or when you search? On a search – click LIVE to see things in date order. The problem is – you’re likely to see lots of retweets, which will look like old posts but they will appear in the order they’ve been retweeted – so a comp from November might suddenly appear at the top of your feed because a comper RT’ed it!

  12. Maggie Lee-Roberts says:

    It’s true for me about entering Twitter competitions late on. I won one on Friday as a last minute entrant and back in November won by entering with a minute to go!

  13. Linda says:

    Just looked on advanced found I wasn’t following the local theatre and ended up spending money booking tickets, couldn’t see a competition for them, one happy hubby.

  14. emma j lowe says:

    interesting about having a short name. on the subject of names I often wonder if your name helps you win, as they know about your hobby 🙂

    • I think the name @superluckydi is more likely to put promoters off than appeal to them – there are even a couple that have blocked me! On the other hand, there will be companies that favour me because I have a lot of followers and they know I’ll tweet about the prize – so it probably evens itself out in the long run!

  15. Debbie Burfoot says:

    Oooh.some good tips there..i will definitely be using some of them x

  16. Tina Deacon says:

    Very interesting Di thank you I’m one of the people who doesn’t win a lot on twitter but do do a lot of what you suggest thank you will keep trying ☺

  17. Heather May Cain says:

    Thank you Di – these are great tips (sorry I know I shouldn’t just say GREAT lol)

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