13 mistakes promoters make when running competitions

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  1. Lisa Black says:

    Hiya Di hope yu and family are well
    Well what can I say apart from I wish I found you a little early!!!! this is an amazing platform so informative and extremely helpful i can feel your warmth too.
    I’m 6 days away from starting my limited offer so excited, BUT I’ve been sending out teasers for the past 6 days without any T&C as I thought this would be done with the actually promo!!! so today I am going to write that up ASAP.
    I will also get in contact with you with regards your linky list that’s very kind to offer.
    what I am finding tricky Di this is my first time for one so how to word and make it clear is proving hard.
    so I’m offering my planning and coordination services complementary, however all The Bundle of suppliers I have pulled together will need to be paid for by the whoever gets randomly drawn. with a good 40% off. and the bespoke ring will get 10% offer but isn’t included in the bundle. this is for a Autumn Marriage Proposal its to promote my new service.
    still hav’nt to get it on my website or blog as yet. The teasers are on insta fb linkdin and wait for it Di tiktok
    I want to get the wording right and the t&c too which is one of the reasons I hav’nt added to my website also not being tech savey don’t help.
    I would love to be able to get some feedback or advice.

    Kind Regards Lisa Black

  2. Caroline says:

    Applicable promoters who do not follow the (current as at writing this) Facebook Promotion Guideline re: friend connections. I think that it acceptable to ask entrants if they would like to share or tag, but I question if it can be compulsory as at writing this.

  3. ELISHA says:

    I have fallen for the instagram ‘tag all these companies to win’ and there’s about 10 plus companies! Also the tag as many friends and did get a comment ban a few times.

    I do get a lot of those inconsiderate emails! It’s disappointing and misleading.

    All listed Di, is annoying and true but it won’t change, if it does it will take along time to do so.

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