2016: You Lose Some…

You can’t win ’em all! Yesterday I shared my 2016 comping successes – but each year I like to share my favourite entries that didn’t win prizes too. I have so much fun entering comps, and don’t mind too much if I don’t win – after all, losing entries can often be used again for a different competition!

Don’t forget you can enter my prize draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher by sharing your own 2016 comping stories – email them through to di@superlucky.me with the subject ‘Winners Stories’.

TeaTime treats

McCain gave away £10,000 across Bauer radio stations in their ‘TeaTime Anthem’ promotion. McCain featured this photo of Ryland and I in their banner ads on the radio websites – but we didn’t win anything!

Delicious fresh fish, McCain Smiles and peas… rude ketchup noises and mum craving cheese! #TeaTimeAnthem

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Hanging with Deadpool

Tornado Energy drink gave away lots of prizes in their confusing #DeadpoolDoDamage competition, which involved using the app to take a photo of yourself with Deadpool. I missed out on the top prizes of a US holiday and games consoles, but won some merchandise with this shot:


Catwalk queen

Nectar card asked entrants to submit a catwalk strut to win points – I happened to be at Madame Tussauds during their special Fashion Week feature so had a go!

A #10secstrut for @nectarcard. Next stop, #BNTM?

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Dance and Clean

Before long I was on the move again – this time for the Poundland Dance and Clean video comp!

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Suzuki Saturdays

Suzuki Saturdays was one of my favourite creative challenges of the year – entrants needed to say ‘Suzuki Saturdays’ in a short video that showed what they got up to on a Saturday. The winner (Annie Taylor with this ace video) got a Suzuki Swift. Although I didn’t win the car, I was pleased with a runners up prize of a £50 Ticketmaster voucher – and learnt how to use a GoPro in the process!

Rocket Science

I didn’t do any comping on our Florida trip apart from this – you had to take a photo of the free Brighton ‘Together the People’ festival newspaper, so I took it to Kennedy Space Center. I didn’t win festival tickets – but as far as I could see, nobody else did either. Grrrrr!


Brain food

I entered my Rice Krispie brains in a few Halloween comps, but no luck. They tasted great though!


No Elf respect?

Peacocks asked customers to take a photo in their ‘Elfie’ cutout, dressed as an elf or with an elf toy… I decided to do my own mannequin challenge, to the delight of the shop staff!

But my ultimate failure of 2016 has yet to be seen – an embarrassing appearance on Tipping Point, where I stumbled over the answer and had to re-record it, giving one of the dumbest wrong answers of all time! I’m dreading Twitter the day that it’s broadcast – and keep hoping that maybe they might decide not to show it at all. Mind you – I don’t think I’d win such amazing prizes if I wasn’t prepared to embarrass myself in public occasionally!

What about your failures? Did you spend hours – or even days – on a competition entry that flopped? Don’t let it go unrewarded – share it in the comments!

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  1. Anne Johnston says:

    All your entries are fab Di and it’s really making me want to up my game for this year. I didn’t have any massive effort fails but I did eat 30+ Aero bars in a bid to win an iPad. All that did was put me off them for a while haha!

  2. Lynn Lemon Fancy says:

    I love all your ‘fails’ which they most certainly are not! My bug-bear is Currys PC world last Christmas I re-wrote the Walking in a Winter Wonderland song, dressed up as Father Christmas and sang the song in my local store – Currys FB comp made a real fuss by DM sent it to HQ etc etc and completely ignored me online!! I didn’t even get a £10 voucher LOL NEVER again will I enter their comps it annoyed me so much but there are better and bigger ones out there 😉

  3. Chris says:

    Your entries are great. I could be reading another list of winning entries if I did not know better. I think the fact you have a bit of a wobble on Tipping Point will endear you to even more people. We, your fans will only applaud your bottle for going on in the first place.
    I would love to win a GoPro so i can do my own videos. My other half gets too embarrassed to help me.
    Love your model strutting. It is fab. This has to be one for a future comp.
    BTW your link to ‘Ace Video’ did not work for me (but might be my ‘puter)

  4. emmasfabulous says:

    Some epic entries as usual! Can’t believe your elf mannequin didn’t win 🙁 I have managed to fail with most of my creatives this year with some real stingers! I remember you reading Max’s entry for the Emirates story comp, he was pretty gutted not to win that but he’s still comping! I love writing too, and entered a children’s story comp with Amazon but was beaten by a Christmas slug 😉 I have been strict with my wishlist this year even if it’s not paid off just yet, and found a low entry creative comp with my “Win South of France” google alert. You had to buy the ebook and show it in your photo entry. My “Nice biscuit halo” pic was chosen for the top ten but I missed out on the holiday.


    I’m always trying to win a trip to Florida having been twice with wins before but no joy again this year. Maybe 2017 will be the one! Tried a couple for Heart, got through a lot of bin bags 😉



    My most gutting one was at the end of the year, I feel your pain over Tipping Point! I won a similar radio comp to go to Universal, Florida with Magic in 2010 where I answered 5 questions correctly but this time had 3 questions to answer and got the third wrong. I remember saying when I won before how awful it would be if it was passed on to the next person on the line, well now I know 😉

  5. Heather Brannan says:

    Your video and picture entries are inspirational, even if you didn’t win. Keep up the good work! I love to see your entries!

  6. Neill Johnstone says:

    I’m always impressed by your wins, but it’s the non-wins that stun me most! I remember seeing some of these at the time and thinking “well, that’s me beaten!”

    This year, I probably put most time into the Joules comp to write a children’s book, but I didn’t make the runners-up list, despite all the projecting and expecting I did!

    I plan to improve my video entries next year, but I’ve a long way to go before I can catch you & Annie!

    Best wishes for a lucky 2017!

  7. Elysia Benn says:

    You may fail, but you don’t fail to put the effort in and that’s the most important thing, plus you look like you had a lot of fun!

  8. Ron Goodwin says:

    You’re so brave, and game for a laugh, Di, you really deserve all that you win. Keep up the good work.

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