2016: You Win Some…

It’s time for the annual review of my comping year, where I look at my comping successes (and a few of my comping failures!) – in 2016 I won a total of 143 prizes worth around £21,000, making it my most successful year since 2012!

I’m a geek, so here’s some statistics of my wins this year. I work these out using a Google spreadsheet, which I’ll show you how to set up next week! Of the 143 prizes, 27 required a purchase, 4 were video comps and 34 were photo entry. Only 14 prizes were won on Facebook, 11 on Instagram and 25 on Twitter – the majority of my prizes were from website entry comps and prize draws. I also had 3 Blippar wins, and a few wins from other mobile apps including Lufthansa.

I didn’t find Instagram comping as interesting this year: a lot of brands are asking for regrams (reposts) which I don’t really enjoy. I’ve also spent a lot less time browsing Facebook, because some comps get thousands of comments – many of which can be painful to read! Of course, there are lots more people comping now (I take some of the blame for that!) – which means we have to be resourceful and look for competitions in new places, rather than relying on listings sites which are overloaded with new visitors! I still get a lot of success from Googling and searching for low entry comps using the Tweetdeck app on my Mac.

I have enjoyed comping using apps like Blippar and Pepsi Max, and introducing SuperLucky readers to the daily giveaways on the Wamo app. I reckon 2017 will see lots more brands, magazines and shopping centres hosting giveaways on apps!

In spring this year I started a new feature on my YouTube channel, Di’s Prize Buys, where I share new on-pack promotions. Lots of compers are puzzled by instant wins and winning moments, so I thought it would be helpful to demonstrate how they work with current competitions. This proved popular, with many viewers going on to win Müller Transformers, Plenty Trolls, Pepsi PS4s and YouTuber ‘The Mini Millionaire’ even bagged a holiday to Orlando in the Monopoly Empire instant win!

In September I was delighted when SuperLucky won an award at the SHO-MOs for ‘Best Couponing, Deals or Freebies blog’, and in December I entered the HIBS100 chart of lifestyle blogs at number 4!

And what about the prizes?

The comping year started off well, with my festive #SurprisedSelfie winning me a fancy GHD hairdryer,  straighteners and products worth over £200!

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 12.50.56

And a bit of extreme comping on Brighton Beach won me a family holiday to Orlando in Heart FM’s Faces for Florida photo competition (read about our adventures here).


In February I won a set of car tyres in the Tyresafe 20p selfie challenge – there were hardly any entries for this and it took four emails and an ASA complaint to get them to award the prizes – eventually in July I finally received my prize (actually given as £300 cash!).


Also in February I won a Galaxy tab from Tesco – plus a rather unusual prize of a flotation session for two in a local comp (which was ace!) For World Book Day in March, Ryland’s Wimpy Kid costume won him a Kobo H2O and a Harry Potter colouring book.


Heart gave away several weekly prizes to their favourite recreations of a childhood photo – I submitted my Brownie photo I’d taken for a competition a few years ago (which I didn’t win) and won £1000 cash, which we used to buy DisneyWorld tickets!



In April I won the top prize on my 2016 wishlist – a trip to Euro 2016 for the England v Wales match, in a Greene King/Carlsberg prize draw. Not only that – we got VIP treatment and I also got to present the Man of the Match trophy to Kyle Walker!


In May my jackpot winning face won me a GoPro Hero 4 camera with National Lottery Good Causes, which I put to good use in Florida!


I also won a BeatsPill speaker (one of my favourite wins this year!) in the third week of the Chicago Town Freeze a Move challenge with my dance moves.

I wanted to do something fun for my birthday – and spotted a great tiebreaker competition on the Kiss FM website to win an overnight stay on Osea Island with entry to an exclusive Charli XCX gig. I also found myself at a roller disco for the first time in 30 years!

In July I won a £3,500 Betta Living bedroom in a Rafflecopter draw, which I gave to my mother-in-law. It was finished a few days before the company went into administration – unfortunately other winners weren’t as lucky. In the same month I received £500 in my PayPal account from their #MyPayBack promotion. I also picked up Camp Bestival tickets from @Arsenal in a Twitter prize draw – another one off the wishlist!

The second half of 2016 was much less successful for me, but the little prizes like Plenty Trolls, Müller Transformers and Whitworths aprons kept me going! We also had four small wins with this year’s UFO pumpkin creation:

Things picked up in December with a £500 gift card win in the Debenhams wishlist competition, a cleaner for a year (what a dream prize!) from Surf and Wilkinson, and Ryland won some tasty chocolate prizes for his festive artwork too!


All in all though, another fun year of comping – how was it for you? Leave a comment to let me know!

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  1. Esma Blackwell says:

    Love too see others do well.I had quite a good year in 2016.I won Sky tv for a year(for the 2nd year in a row)£350 John norris voucher.£315 necklace,slyvanian playhouse, Lingerie,and £50 underwear voucher .I will be upping my google searches for items on my wishlist.Also searching more for local competitons.Thanks for all your fab tips Di

  2. Frances Heaton says:

    Some great photos and well-deserved wins.
    This year has been average for me, quite a few voucher and gift card wins, from Amazon, Waterstones, New Look, John Lewis, and others. I particularly love winning Amazon vouchers as I record them on my account, and have had enough credit to ‘buy’ two iphones in the past couple of years, – one for me and one for my husband.
    Have also won several cheques, the highest amount was £500 from Heart Radio, very pleased with that one.
    During Spring I had a fabulous selection of meat delivered, and we all enjoyed tender steaks and other foods. Also won a selection of bits and pieces for my dog Barney, and outside bird feeders and accessories for the garden.
    We won an entry in Thompson & Morgan’s unusual fruit and veg photo competition, and have been given £50 credit to spend on their website.
    I won a fantastic Ipad Mini from Sudocrem, and several items of jewellery throughout the year.
    Some of my favourite wins have been meals out locally at a couple of locations, and was thrilled to win one year membership to The National Trust, one of the Sunday Times hourly competitions. We’ve enjoyed a couple of visits to local properties, and hope to explore more during Spring and Summer.
    Have been comping for a considerable number of years now, and find that things can go quiet for a while, then you get the loveliest surprise.
    Happy comping everyone!

  3. Anna Dinah Thomas says:

    Probably not my best comping year but I nevertheless managed 38 prizes. Some of these have been tickets that I have passed on to others,, but I did manage to win a Stanley Gibbons stamp catalogue worth £84 as a runner up prize on their mailing list. I also won a Tastecard which I gave to my son and a juicer which my husband took over but which is now sitting unloved in the kitchen. Finally I had a phone all from Oxfam saying I had won a hamper which arrived the following day in time for Christmas.

  4. Wendy butcher says:

    I had a lot of wins my most favourite was a trip to Runnymede as I could take my friends. I had a successful year considering I work full time as well.

  5. Wow what a great year for wins. Well done

  6. Heather Haigh says:

    I love to see your entries, so creative, and you are very photogenic.

  7. emmasfabulous says:

    Some lovely prizes for the whole family well done guys 🙂 Just love Ryland’s costume, that pic will come in again! Your Brownie one is lovely, so glad got a nice recycle win there. Happy New Year 🙂 x

  8. Sandra Clarke says:

    I love reading about your fantastic prizes Di and it has inspired me with more photo comps. Three years ago, before I finished working, I would never have dreamt of walking in a shop dressed as an elf for a selfie – like I have done twice this month! This is the first year I have done a spreadsheet & prizes total just under £9000. I spent hours doing advent comps with very little return, which was disappointing. Good luck for 2017!

  9. Sandra Clarke says:

    I love reading about our fantastic prizes Di and it has inspired me with more photo comps. Three years ago, before I finished working, I would never have dreamt of walking in a shop dressed as an elf for a selfie – like I have done twice this month! This is the first year I have done a spreadsheet & prizes total just under £9000. I spent hours doing advent comps with very little return, which was disappointing. Good luck for 2017!

  10. Anna Lord says:

    A true inspiration! Such unusual prizes and well worth the effort you put in. I am blown away by your vibrant selfies, mine are pathetic but I’m persevering. Every good wish for your success in 2017. Happy New Year to the Cokes and all Compers! X

    • I blogged about some selfie tips at http://superlucky.me/2015/03/selfie-tips/ Anna – but my favourite tip is to take a photo, and open Instagram to add filters to it. It smooths the skin and adds vibrancy. If you turn your phone onto flight mode, you can add Insta filters and then save the improved photo to use on Facebook, Twitter or web comps without actually sharing on your Instagram feed! Good luck for 2017!

  11. Fantastic – I love your bar charts! And well done on that Turtles photo, I love it!

  12. Fab year for you as usual Di ! I’m heading in to my 15th year of comping and really excited to see what it may bring. I’ve had a fabulous year winning £8000 worth of prizes from Dreams and lots of other lovely things it’s no wonder more and more people join in every year. One of my comping highlights from this year was meeting you at Blog On, you are just as lovely and helpful in real life as you are on your blog. Best of luck for 2017 !

    • It was great to meet you too – I loved Blog On, Laura did an amazing job with it! And well done on that fabulous Dreams win! Wishing you lots of luck for 2017…

  13. karen hutchinson says:

    Impressive- I think I need to change my strategy – won about £1k in prizes but nowhere near your level !

  14. emmaand3 says:

    wow – I plan to start comping again this year after a few years off. I am mighty impressed with a cleaner for a year. That would be my dream prize!

    • It’s an ace prize isn’t it – I remember winning £300 of cleaning products from Asda when Ry was a baby which I was really excited enough about, but a cleaner – wow! Good luck when you start comping again Emma – join us in the Lucky Learners Facebook group!

  15. Kirsty Fox says:

    I’ve had some good wins this year, my favourite was £200 of Love2Shop vouchers with OK magazine. In 2017 I’m determined to win even more and work out how to use Tweetdeck!!

  16. Marsha Richardson says:

    I didnt keep a record of my wins this year. After last years Advents (which totally confuddled me) I completely lost my mojo for about 4 months. This year I just entered for things I wanted to win. Ive had a few good wins like a bluetooth speaker, a brilliant sleep corrector thingy lol and some smaller bits. Funnily enough, I had a brilliant advent campaign this year with wins totally over £650!! I’m looking forwards to your tips on how to set up a Google spreadsheet. I’m sure you have done it but I need to find out how to unsubscribe from most of the emails I get coming over to me. Its so stressful to go thru them 1 by 1 and unsubscribe! Thanks for all your hints and tips this year. Ive loved every unboxing vid and love to see what you have won (My favorite being the win to Florida entry … Brrrr!!) Good luck for next year and all the best for 2017 🙂

    • Thanks Marsha! I use unroll.me to organise my subscriptions into one daily email, but not everybody likes how it works (you give it access to your account, so it can file everything before it hits your inbox)!

  17. Laura Mohan says:

    Wish I was as lucky as you this year, I’ve had a quiet year on the competition winning.
    The only things that I’ve won is a bottle of wine, a bottle of champagne and a candle!!!
    I’m hoping my winning will improve in 2017!!! Xx

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