2017: my comping year

Here we go again… another year draws to a close, and it’s time for the annual review of my comping year! In 2017 I won a total of 119 prizes worth around £7,400. For the first time in twenty years I didn’t win a single holiday (…erm, do Camp Bestival tickets count?) – I’m sure this means I’m due to win a trip somewhere amazing in 2018 though!

This year’s prizes

Google spreadsheet is essential to keep track of my prizes and to check what’s arrived, and it means I have some statistics to share at the end of each year!

Of my prizes, 32 required a purchase, 3 were video comps and 16 were photo entry. My social media prize stats were down on 2016 – just 11 prizes were won on Facebook, 7 on Instagram and 18 on Twitter. The majority of my prizes were from website entry comps and prize draws. This year I struggled to find time to enter as many creative comps as I usually would, and I’m looking forward to getting back into my photo and video entries in 2018 as that’s how I win my biggest prizes!

My favourite prizes of 2017 were a year’s supply of Hampstead Tea (52 boxes!), six months free petrol (£600 in cash), and a PS4. I also picked up Camp Bestival tickets for the second year in a row, this time courtesy of Capital FM. The prize I worked hardest for was the Brockman’s ‘Press for Gin’ treasure hunt, where I spent an hour driving and running round Brighton – and was rewarded with 12 bottles of gin!

The second half of 2017 was much less successful for me, although I did win a great BBQ Party with a chef in the Wonderful Nuts purchase-necessary promotion.

After a couple of slow months, just before Christmas I won a fabulous £1000 Intu shopping voucher thanks to the Spot-the.com mobile app – a brilliant end to the year!

You can catch up with all the prizes I won in my monthly round ups and unboxing videos!

This year’s best prize was officially Ryland’s though – I filmed his half-time team talk for the Emirates competition, and he won the chance to be a mascot at the FA Cup Final! A real dream come true which you can read about here.

Blogging successes

I’ve worked hard on SuperLucky this year, ensuring it’s an appealing, popular and reliable source of information for compers, bloggers and promoters – and a big THANKYOU to everyone who reads my blog and shares it! The Lucky Learners Facebook group has gone from strength to strength with some frankly unbelieveable prizes being won this year, and I’ve received lots of positive emails and messages from new compers excited at discovering this fabulous hobby via my blog, book and TV appearances!

Back in March I ranted about misleading instant win promotions, and the BBC invited me on the radio to talk about the McCain Great Village Raffle promotion. It even featured on the BBC News site (I hope they will do a follow up after the promotion ends next month too!). I was also invited back to record a spot for BBC One’s ‘Right on the Money’!

In June I was invited to ComperCon in Sunderland, where I condensed 20 years of comping into a 20 minute presentation and had a brilliant day signing books and taking selfies with compers (anyone would think I was a celebrity!)

With my bloggers hat on, in September I presented a session at Blog On in Manchester about running fun and fair Christmas themed competitions. That month, SuperLucky was featured in Blogosphere magazine, as one of Emma Mumford’s top five lifestyle blogs – and I was runner up for best specialist money blog at the SHOMO Awards too.

And of course I have lots of goals and plans to make 2018 a brilliant year full of both comping and blogging successes – so watch this space!

How was your 2017 – and how do you plan to make 2018 your best comping year yet?

Don’t forget to tweet me about your favourite prize this year – you could win a £30 Amazon voucher in my competition!

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  1. Ann hill says:

    Love reading your blog and it’s given me the inspiration to start up comping again. 2017 wins were…… well missing But things will be different this year.Good luck to you and everyone else ,fingers and toes crossed

  2. Interesting that you won a lot more web-entry comps than social media; I was the opposite winning hardly any web entry prize draws – I think on reflection I may have abandoned them a bit this year out of boredom and spent more time on social media comps as they are more interactive.

  3. Karen hutchinson says:

    You are still an inspiration – I managed a kitchenaid fridge , Lego , lots of books and a few smaller bits – need to change my strategy as only really do the prize draws . Thanks for all your generous tips !

  4. John Ettery says:

    Brilliant year there for you Di, you are an inspiration to us all. I really appreciate the fact that you take the time to share your tips, Thank You for that. Had one of my best years this year, £600 in Odeon Cinema vouchers, Clues watch from H Samuel, which Marvellous Marj ( promptly claimed, before I had chance to hide it as Birthday present) £100 cash from National magazines, and last but not least £500 of posh bedding from Julian Charles. Stuck in a bit of a rut with online, FB comps need to try harder for the Purchase needed comps and, must try and get to grips with Instagram and Twitter, as I am now retired and have much more time to try my hand at the “creative stuff” eg photo’s really unsure about how to do a video entry. Her’s wishing you Di and all our comping friends a

  5. Another excellent year – Congratulations! Mine was one of highs (4 bikes, a GoPro & VIP tickets to watch Norwich play) and, erm, some peperoni aftershave and a beanie from a vendor of cattle disinfectant. Just managed to beat last year’s score, so am well chuffed!

    • Di says:

      Ah – the Peperoni aftershave! Surely that should be on my list of the 50 weirdest prizes… Hope you have a great 2018 Neill!

  6. Karen Walder says:

    Congratulations on all your wins! Good luck for 2018 and i hope you get your holiday win soon. I lost my pet pug in November and 4 days later i won my best ever prize…..a personalised 3d pet sculpture on jakijellz.com. I was over the moon and it arrived 2 days before Christmas. I love comping and hopefully will have some more good wins in 2018!

  7. Ann says:

    Lovely to hear of your wins Di. You are definitely my inspiration. You seem to be working so hard at Comping because I keep getting messages and even though they are sometimes not what I want, I don’t turn them off lol. Hope you win that holiday soon. My spreadsheet (yours copied ) added up amounts to around £1300 this year, which is great. We always want more though and strive to be better. I have won some lovely things and wouldn’t have if I had not followed you.

  8. Nikki Hayes says:

    Congratulations on all your wonderful wins, I love your blog! Its such a fantastic hobby – I had my biggest win of all time in the advent comps this year (return ferry tickets to Ireland, £500 accommodation voucher, £800 cheque and a box of goodies from Stena shops), despite it getting harder and harder to win :o)

  9. karen young says:

    When I need inspiration I always re watch some of your prize un-boxing videos and then look back at my books where I note down what I have won. That’s gives me the motivation to keep trying. Thanks for all the tips and advice which have helped me win some lovely prizes this year, My favourites being a Nick Jr prize bundle for my grandson, the Belvoir advent comp of 12 bottles of juice and a skincare package from Dr Haushaka, Happy 2018 x

    • Di says:

      I love looking back at the old wins lists! It’s great motivation and a reminder of some of the lovely wins we might have forgotten about! Have a lucky 2018 Karen!

  10. Gill says:

    Just wanted to say well done on that fabulous £1,000 gift card win, Di. What a great end to your comping year. I really enjoy watching your prize unboxing and chuckled at your Christmas purchases being opened instead of wins. We’ve all done that one! Have a great comping year in 2018.

    • Di says:

      Thanks Gill! I sometimes think I should peep in my jiffybags before I film, but that spoils the surprise ha ha! I usually edit the mistakes out but we did have a laugh at the Xmas ones!

  11. Davina Mellon says:

    I have every faith in you for next year! You’ll be having holidays coming out of your ears I’m sure 🙂 happy 2018!

    • Di says:

      2018 is going to be an exciting year for you and Doug that’s for sure – wishing you loads of luck Davina! x

  12. Emily Belfield says:

    Great blog post.

    I can’t believe you’re 42! I didn’t think you were over mid 30s and thought the 20 year comping must have started in your mid teens!

    I can’t recall where I discovered your brilliant website but I’ve been entering take a break comps since September so I think it might have been there!

    So far I’ve been comping since 13th of the month and I’ve entered 816 so far.

    It’s a wonderfully addictive hobby!

    • Di says:

      I’m 43 ha ha! Thankyou for the compliments Emily! Great to hear you’ve taken up comping – and wishing you loads of luck for 2018!

  13. Kate Green says:

    Di – always love your blog & unboxing vids. Great tips keep me motivated & well done on all your successes! Good luck for a fab 2018

  14. Great year Di ! fingers crossed for a holiday win for you soon.
    I took some of your tips from blog on and the giveaways I run on my blog have gone from strength to strength, thanks for sharing your knowledge. Happy new year and all the best for a winning 2018 xx

    • Di says:

      That’s great to hear Angela – I need to pop over and enter some of your giveaways myself, I’ve not done many blog comps this year! Hope you have a great 2018!

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