2017 Comping Calendar

Star Wars Day, Bring Your Dog To Work Day, World Gin Day… most days there seems to be an excuse to do something or other, with a hashtag to accompany your exploits!

In this post I’ve listed the days likely to be of most interest to us compers – where you can expect to find Twitter, Facebook and Instagram competitions if you do a search on that day’s hashtag!

I’ve also mentioned dates of this year’s major entertainment and sporting events as well as annual favourites like Pancake Day & Easter!

If you use Google Calendar, you’ll find most of the best comping related events listed on my Comping Calendar too – check it out at http://bit.ly/CompingCalendar (click +GoogleCalendar to add it to your own Calendar – it shows Twitter parties too!)


2017 National Days and Events

16 January #BlueMonday
19 January #NationalPopcornDay
28 January #NationalStorytellingWeek
28 January #ChineseNewYear (2017 is the year of the rooster)

14 February #ValentinesDay
12 February #BAFTA Awards
22 February #BRITS Awards
26 February #EFLCup Final at Wembley
28 February #PancakeDay

2 March #WorldBookDay
24 March #RedNoseDay
25 March #EnglishTourismWeek
26 March #MothersDay

11 April #NationalGardeningWeek
14 April #Easter
24 April #NationalStationeryWeek

4 May #StarWarsDay
15 May #NationalVegetarianWeek
23 May #ChelseaFlowerShow
25 May #EnglishWineWeek
27 May #FACup Final at Wembley

2 June #NationalFishAndChipDay
3 June #UCL (Champions League) Final in Cardiff
10 June #WorldGinDay
18 June #FathersDay

3 July #Wimbledon
7 July #WorldChocolateDay
24 July #NationalTequilaDay

1 August #YorkshireDay

10 September #GrandparentsDay
13 September #RoaldDahlDay
19 September #InternationalTalkLikeAPirateDay
22 September #NationalDoodleDay
27 September #BritishFoodFortnight

1 October #InternationalCoffeeDay
9 October #NationalCurryWeek
13 October #WorldEggDay
21 October #AppleDay
21 October #WearItPinkDay
31 October #Halloween

1 November #Movember
1 November #WorldVeganDay
3 November #NationalSandwichDay
5 November #FireworksNight
6 November #NurseryRhymeWeek
24 November #BlackFriday

16 December #ChristmasJumperDay
31 December #NationalChampagneDay


I have two brilliant poster calendars featuring some of 2017’s unmissable events (and other strange celebrations) to give away courtesy of MyLegoman.

Competition closed.

2017 national days poster

190 Responses

  1. Rachel Gold says:

    comping day!!

  2. Mrs Broomfield says:

    Random Acts of Kindness Day – there is one but it’s mostly an American thing and I’d love it to take off in the UK.

  3. Lisa Mauchline says:

    National Donate Day it could be anything. Donate food, clothes anything that could help someone

  4. Lisa Debz says:

    National stay in bed please lol

  5. Eileen McC says:

    National Driving Test Day 🙂

  6. Scott Fallon says:

    “National Do A Good Deed Day”

  7. After the day I’ve had there should be a National No Complaining Day!

  8. Nikki Hunter-Pike says:

    National Eye Test Day

  9. Karl Borowy says:


  10. Karen Howden says:

    National Dog Lovers Day

  11. Andrea Goodheart says:

    I would have a #NationalPlantupaWindowboxDay which would remind me I need to plant mine up again and it might brighten up our surroundings if more people planted one up too 😉

  12. Leanne Perrett says:

    i think mothers day should be changed to mothering weekend so we can go have a spa and relax for a whole weekend

  13. Lianne Wightman says:

    National phone in sick and stay in bed day! magical!!

  14. Tina Houlihan says:

    It would have to be ‘National Sit At Home In You Pants Eating Ice Cream From The Tub Day.’ Bit of a mouthful, but I’m sure you get the sentiment.

  15. Sharon Worsley says:

    National ‘Hang Loose Day’ (AKA No Bra Day!)

  16. Joanna Kasznicki says:

    national parents day off when the grandparents have your kids

  17. marina parry owen says:

    National Comping Day where compers everywhere get a day off work to try competitions all day. I’d suggest December the 1st as there’s loads of comps on that day.

  18. jade rice says:

    national stay in bed day 😀

  19. Maria Knight says:

    National Confectionary Day

  20. Natalie Crossan says:

    National takeaway day!

  21. Laura Corrall says:

    National Cup of tea day – Rather British, but I do love a good cup of tea.

  22. Elzbieta Znyk says:

    Doughnut day 🙂

  23. leanne williams says:

    National duvet day

  24. Karen Richards says:

    National duvet day where you could just chill out at home in your pjs. Would have to be in the Winter.

  25. Sally Poole says:

    National Duvet Day

  26. Heather Haigh says:

    National share a smile day

  27. Lindsay Frost says:

    National No Moaning Day

  28. Carly Belsey says:

    National eating chocolate in your PJ’s all day!

  29. fifitheflirt says:

    National Eat Smarties Day

  30. Robyn Clarke says:

    National comping day

  31. Claire Thomson Little says:

    national me day

  32. Hannah Ingham says:

    National stay in bed day!

  33. Jacqui Cheadle says:

    National Writers Day

  34. Paula Cheadle says:

    world gluten free day

  35. Emma Louise Elliott says:

    National coach potato day hehe xxx

  36. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    National Cheesecake Day

  37. Lisa Chappell says:

    national stay in and chill day <3

  38. Tracey Baker says:

    National Duvet day would be nice any excuse to comp all day x

  39. Lindsay Davies says:

    #NationalGreenDay for St.Patrick’s Day 17th March ☘☘

  40. Erica Price says:

    National Put Your Feet Up Day

  41. Emma says:

    National countryside day

  42. Laura Nice says:

    National Hug a Dog Day

  43. Jayne Kelsall says:

    #NationalSisterDay .x

  44. Laura Todd says:

    National Comping Day 🙂

  45. fiona says:

    I would have ‘national swap places with your child/adult day!!’ make them appreciate their lives !! x

  46. Deborah Hambleton says:

    I would have National Duvet Day with your cat. It’s always hard to get up when you have a bundle of fur snuggling you!

  47. Rosanna Porter says:

    National Giveaway Day – everyone has to give something away! Perfect for comping!

  48. Ellie Spider says:

    spend the day like a cat day – it would involve sleeping for 16 hours, a long luxurious bath, 15 mins of running around like a loony before sleeping some more and plenty of snacks

  49. Laura A says:

    National Tea Day!

  50. Dale says:

    national ice cream day

  51. Jodie Thompson says:

    National Cheese Day! Not that I need an excuse to eat cheese 🙂

  52. Carly Norman says:

    I would invent national Netflix day so everyone can binge watch their fav program all day

  53. Jo Glasspool says:

    National takeaway day!

  54. Angela Pagan says:

    #NationalPyjamaDay- we can all sit at home in our pjs and comp all day 🙂

  55. Rachel says:

    National Double up day – every item you buy, prize you win, salary you earn is doubled for that day.

  56. Emily Knight says:

    National Everything’s Free Day 🙂

  57. National stuff yourself silly with chocolate day!

  58. National hug a hamster day! 🙂 x

  59. Anna Zuliani-Lord says:

    National woodlouse day (nobody loves them!)

  60. Laura Pyper says:

    national mums day off Day 😉

  61. Debs Henderson says:

    national sofa, popcorn & movie day!

  62. toadfinder says:

    Be Nice to Toads day

  63. Amanda Tanner says:

    National champagne day where all bars serve free Champaigne for the day (paid by the government of course)

  64. amy gonzalez says:

    National breakfast in bed day!

  65. Jackie Dawson says:

    National Horror Movie day 😀

  66. Cupcake R says:

    National cake day!

  67. MrRichTea says:

    National Laze In Bed Day

  68. Charlie Brunton says:

    National cat cuddling day! People who don’t own a cat are allowed to cuddle shelter cats, could help with adoption too! Maybe not great for those with allergies though!

  69. National Tea & Biscuits Day!

  70. Hayley Mulgrove says:

    I would invent “Compers Day” Di ☺

  71. linda griffiths says:

    National Duvet Day

  72. Wanda Wilson says:

    national donut day

  73. Margaret Gallagher says:

    National positive day -i will….i can….

  74. Jodie says:

    National Theatre Day

  75. Rebecca Saunders says:

    National Duvet Day

  76. Julie Cook says:

    Let mummy sleep past 5am day….

  77. Laura Kevlin says:

    National Marzipan Day…mmmmm!

  78. Sammy says:

    National Everyone Wins a Prize day…..not sure how they’d get that to work, but wouldn’t it be nice!

  79. Paula Cheadle says:

    National NO HOUSEWORK day

  80. Monica Gilbert says:

    National carers day. For those who care for children, the elderly, those with special needs, or family members. Everyone could focus on how to care for someone else.

  81. Catherine Lett says:

    National PJ day x

  82. Kaley Redmond says:

    National pajama day. So every can have a pajama day all at the same time 🙂 Preferbly held in the winter when its cold outside lol

  83. Jax Blunt says:

    national read a book in bed day.

  84. Tammy Lisa Artherton says:

    national duvet day

  85. Fiona Rennie says:

    National lie in day

  86. Jo Carroll says:

    National Sports Day where we all get to take part in our favourite sports but at our favourite arenas eg. if you love tennis you can play at Wimbledon, football at Wembley and so on.

  87. clairdownham says:

    defo a tay in bed day

  88. Clare Walmsley says:

    National Musicals Day – all communication to be in show tunes only, plus costumes and makeup aplenty.

  89. Gemma Brown says:

    national eat pizza day

  90. Rosalind Blight says:

    National no technology day ,absolutely nothing at all no tv or anything

  91. Paula Gwynne says:

    National little persons day

  92. Stacey Carnell says:

    National sleep day – where once a year the grandparents have your children overnight so you can have a full nights sleep! 🙂

  93. rosierowe says:

    #NationalTellYourCustomersWhatYOUThinkDay – we’d probably have none left, but the relief would be immense, lol!!

  94. LeeLee Newsome says:

    I would invent national family day, where once every year everyone gets the whole day off of work etc to have a family day of lots of fun

  95. Rebecca Cleary says:

    National Sleep The Day Away!
    Becci Cleary

  96. Claire Nutman says:

    National love thy neighbour day !

  97. debbie says:

    id love a netflix and chill day 🙂 x fab giveaway thankyou

  98. Samantha Henderson says:

    can’t be bothered day !

  99. mark bradbury says:

    National Pizza Day.

  100. Sue leake says:


  101. Jessica Sawyer says:

    National no social media day

  102. Sarah Robinson says:

    National Bagels day

  103. lynn heath says:

    I’d have a national baked beans appreciation day – imagine the fun compers could have taking photos for that!!!!!

  104. Sandra Clarke says:

    National Send Flowers Day – Cheer someone up and buy a bunch of flowers, it’s always nice to receive flowers. No doubt the florists would push up their prices though!

  105. Solange says:

    National Lie In Day.

  106. Laura Wheatley says:

    National Unicorn and Rainbows day

  107. Christine says:

    National box-set day. Everyone gets to stay at home and watch box-sets in their pajamas!

  108. Emma says:

    National Star Wars Day, to honour our fallen princess

  109. Vanessa F says:

    1st December – National Comping Panic Day, because of the start of loads of advents. 🙂

  110. Jim Milligan says:

    National no television day – how much time we waste when we could be more active

  111. Christine Lockley says:

    National “Wear a Hat” day – everyone wears a hat of some description – me I’d love to wear a sombrero (even better if I was in Mexico, lol), would certainly raise a few smiles if nothing else

  112. Sarah mackay says:

    National wear your pj’s all day day

  113. Inga says:

    National be greatful for everything you have day

  114. Cora Harrison says:

    National onsie day…

  115. denise houghton says:

    National thank you day – a bit of politeness is always nice

  116. Sarah Rees says:

    Compers day – lots of extra prizes and no interruptions to enter them

  117. Loretta McDonald says:

    National Comping Day

  118. Jojo says:

    National dancing day

  119. Denise Griffiths says:

    National stay in bed day

  120. Peskey78 says:

    National Prosecco Day , hick 🙂

  121. Linda Hobbis says:

    God, this is so useful for blogging. I’d invent National Give Your Mother A Double Gin Day because, although it’s only the 7th, I need one.

  122. rebecca beesley says:

    what a brilliant calendar! I’d invent an ‘free day off work friday’ where everyone gets an extra day onto their weekend to get them off to a good start and they can stay home and enter all those #fridayfreebie competitions.

  123. Tracy K Nixon says:

    National picnic day when everyone should enjoy a picnic outdoors, either in their garden, in the park, in the countryside, at the beach (would be during July/Aug when the weather should be at least sunny!)

  124. Lucy Zelazowski says:

    National take a puzzle or game to work day. Make it a day filled with fun and totally stress fun.

  125. Ashleigh says:

    National Be Kind Day – we need more of that!

  126. Zoe Warren says:

    I’d invent ‘National peanut butter and jam on crumpets Day’ it would be one if the best days ever!

  127. Brenda Melaniphy says:

    I would have a National Holiday where you can comp all day long (and win at least one prize of course!). Not worry about going to work, or looking after the family…just getting those competition entries in 🙂

  128. Donna Lewis says:

    National Say “Hello” to everyone you pass or greet –

  129. D. Harrison says:

    National Formula 1 Day – I love Formula 1!

  130. pippasmum says:

    National Lego Minifigure Appreciation Day where we all celebrate the wonderfully crafted little people!

  131. Megan Kinsey says:

    National Wear Your Pyjamas to Work Day! That’d be fun 🙂

  132. hayley cooper says:

    I would invent a day where you were only allowed to wear slippers all day 🙂

  133. Chris says:

    National tea-cake day. Actually can that be a national tea-cake week?

  134. Jo Heath says:

    National random act of kindness day where everyone does good deeds.

  135. Tiff Jordan says:

    I would like a White Chocolate Appreciation Day, on 26th March (my birthday!)

  136. Kitty says:

    National Do Nothing Day, when people can have a complete rest from everything. A lazy day to enjoy.

  137. Lindsey Loughtman says:

    National hibernation day. So we can stay in our pjs and eat comfy food without feeling guilty!

  138. Katie Gingell says:

    I’d love to introduce National Afternoon Nap Day. I’m soooo tired having three children with two being very young this would be perfect

  139. Emma Locker says:

    I love crafting so I’d create national crafting day – of course everyone has to do something craft related! Or learn a new craft (: E X

  140. cara b81 says:

    National Chocolate Orange Day (or even better National Chocolate Orange Week!)

  141. Jim Radford says:

    National Balance A Pelican On A Peanut Day

  142. Sarah H says:

    National Look Where You’re Going Day – for those with their heads buried in their mobiles 🙂

  143. Lisa C *~* says:

    National No Kid day, Where all the kids disappear for a day. Bliss

  144. Sharon Jackson says:

    National “No Moaning” day, Especially for those who work in retail 🙂

  145. Susiegee says:

    National Duvet Day so we can stay in bed all day and not feel guilty

  146. fiona cullen says:

    National Purple Day-my very favourite colour and everyone has to wear,eat,drink,take a photo of…etc something purple 🙂

  147. Laura Walker says:

    National read an entire book in a day

  148. Jules Smith Eley says:

    National Feet up day Ii think we all need a day like this even just once a year I know I do!

  149. Louise Crocker says:

    How about be kind day? Be kind to everyone and make people smile

  150. Linda King says:

    National Pillion Day, a day to remember all those wives/partners who sit for miles on the back of their partners motorbike!

  151. Vanessa Cox says:

    National Cosy Day

  152. JPT says:

    National backwards day

  153. George Williams says:

    “National Compers Day” – where we have uninterrupted comping, sustained by food and drink supplied by our family and friends 🙂

  154. Sarah S says:

    Is there a stay-in-bed day? That’s the one I would enjoy the most

  155. Lisa C says:

    24th Dec- Men’s Christmas shopping day

  156. Rebecca says:

    National Embarrass Your Kids Day! (although my children would argue that I celebrate that day a lot already)

  157. Tom J Morrison says:

    My son in law is left handed so maybe #WorldLeftyDay 🙂

  158. Jo yule says:

    I can think of a few National crazy day (anything and everything’s goes ) , national homemaker day and national thank you nurse day

  159. Laura Bryant says:

    National comping day!

  160. Helen jones says:

    Scoff all the chocolates day (between Christmas and New Year before the dieting starts)

  161. Karen Constable says:

    You forgot #International Kiss a Ginger Day!!

    National be kind to wheelchair users

  162. priscillastubbs says:

    What about National Competitions Day, we deserve one.

  163. Jodie P says:

    National compliment a stranger day

  164. Rachael Scott says:

    Be kind to your sister day.

  165. Linda says:

    Wear a hat day

  166. Annabel Greaves says:

    National autism mum day – you are all fabulous and doing an amazing job and it should be celebrated !!!

  167. Zeleena Webb says:

    National hug aday!!

  168. Rachel Griffiths says:

    National cheese eating day (similar to Christmas day in tone :-))

  169. Mad Wuman says:


  170. Natasha Mairs says:

    national stay in bed day. just stay in bed all day, doing nothing

  171. Emma Masterman says:


  172. Francesca Jones says:

    National Rope Swing Day!
    When the sun always shines and you go and play on a rope swing!

  173. Louise mcarthur says:

    Got to be national pj day for sure

  174. Alison Crabb says:

    National pyjama day

  175. Vanessa Alvis says:

    National lie down day

  176. Linda Ford says:

    Hug a dinnerlady day! We would have a great lunchtime that day at school! X

  177. Elysia Benn says:

    National Scream Your Head off on a Rollercoaster Day

  178. Rachel says:

    National pet a dog day – it would be the best day of the year because it would be mandatory to pet every nice dog you see!

  179. Marsha Richardson says:

    National Cheesy Chips day! Also as a non food day I would have a national Celebrate your mate day!! #Nom

  180. Sarah prescott says:

    Wear a penguin T- shirt day

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