2018 Comping Calendar and giveaway

Star Wars Day, Bring Your Dog To Work Day, World Gin Day… most days there seems to be an excuse to do something or other, with a social media hashtag to join in the fun!

I’ve listed the days likely to be of most interest to us compers – where you can expect to find Twitter, Facebook and Instagram competitions if you do a search on that day’s hashtag. I’ve also mentioned dates of 2018’s major entertainment and sporting events as well as annual favourites like Pancake Day & Easter!

If you use Google Calendar, you’ll find most of the best comping related events listed on my Comping Calendar too – check it out at http://bit.ly/CompingCalendar (click +GoogleCalendar to add it to your own Calendar – it shows Twitter parties too!)

Comping Calendar 2018

2018 National Days and Events

15 January #BlueMonday
19 January #NationalPopcornDay

9 February #WinterOlympics in South Korea
13 February #PancakeDay
14 February #ValentinesDay
16 February #ChineseNewYear (2018 is the year of the dog)
18 February #BAFTA Awards
21 February #BRITS Awards
25 February #CarabaoCup Final at Wembley
26 February #FairTradeFortnight

1 March #StDavidsDay
1 March #WorldBookDay
5 March #BritishPieWeek
11 March #MothersDay
17 March #StPatricksDay
17 March #EnglishTourismWeek
30 March #Easter

16 April #UKCoffeeWeek
23 April #StGeorgesDay
24 April #NationalStationeryWeek
30 April #NationalGardeningWeek

4 May #StarWarsDay
14 May #NationalVegetarianWeek
19 May #FACup Final at Wembley
22 May #ChelseaFlowerShow
26 May #UCL (Champions League) Final in Kiev
27 May #EnglishWineWeek

9 June #WorldGinDay
14 June #FIFAWorldCup
15 June #NationalBeerDay
15 June #NationalPicnicWeek
17 June #FathersDay
29 June #NationalCreamTeaDay

2 July #Wimbledon
4 July #HenleyRegatta
7 July #WorldChocolateDay

1 August #YorkshireDay
30 August #BritishBurgerDay

13 September #RoaldDahlDay
17 September #NationalCupcakeWeek
22 September #BritishFoodFortnight

1 October #InternationalCoffeeDay
7 October #GrandparentsDay
12 October #WorldEggDay
31 October #Halloween

1 November #Movember
1 November #WorldVeganDay
3 November #NationalSandwichDay
5 November #FireworksNight
23 November #BlackFriday
30 November #StAndrewsDay

14 December #ChristmasJumperDay
31 December #NationalChampagneDay


I have a brilliant poster calendar featuring some of 2018’s unmissable food-related events (and other strange celebrations) to give away courtesy of MyLegoman. These fabulous posters are available in the My Legoman shop for just £15!

To enter, log in to the Gleam widget below – ends 6th January 2018.

National Days Calendar 2018

150 Responses

  1. Natalie Crossan says:

    National Duvet Day!

  2. Gaynor Spanswick says:

    National No Bad Language Day .

  3. Lou Tring says:

    National employee/boss swap day. So they can see the job from the other side!

  4. Liam Devine says:

    National give me money day

  5. Diane Carey says:

    National Go Without Make-up Day

  6. Dawn McBride says:

    National Doughnut Day, Or Week… Week sounds good 😀

  7. Rachel Colclough says:

    National receive £1000 per family member day. This would help so many people out during the year.

  8. Joanne Trainor says:

    National Sunny Holiday Away Fornight

  9. Juanita Powers says:

    National walking day, where all cars/motorcycle are banned for the day, only emergency vehicles allowed!!

  10. Ladymalt1 says:

    National Compulsory Spa Day

  11. ADEINNE TONNER says:

    I think it would have to be stay in bed all day and get breakfast made for you day

  12. Clare W says:

    National Nap Day – is that on there already? I would check but I’m feeling a bit tired.

  13. Lindsey Martin says:

    National eat Salad for lunch day would really help with my lunch envy!

  14. Karen Whittaker says:

    National Puppy Day so that I could take a day off and spend it with my furry friends!

  15. Hannah Prasai says:

    National Diet Day has got to be 1St Jan surely? When half the world decides it’s time to shed some pounds…

  16. Hannah Prasai says:

    Wow this would be ever so helpful! Thanks Di, I’ve duly noted them in my diary but a daily visual reminder from this poster on my office door would be fab too!!

  17. Tasha says:

    National eat all you can day

  18. Cora Harrison says:

    National competition winning day. Everyone’s a winner haha!

  19. Chris Dent says:

    National Crafting Day

  20. National Kpop appreciation day – where it’s your duty to spread kpop love to those who haven’t had the joy of finding it!

  21. Leanne west says:

    National Family Feet Up Day sounds good to me.
    A day of lounge wear, old movies and huge amounts of popcorn x

  22. Mikaela C says:

    National Fairy Bread Day because who doesn’t love fairy bread?!

  23. Kelly Chrascina says:

    Happy new comping year, here’s to raising the bar on my 2017 £2,400 winnings!

  24. Debbie Preston says:

    National Marmite Day

  25. Damian Thomas says:

    National Piccalilli Day…. just saying its amazing and should be recognised

  26. Kate Green says:

    National try something new day where everyone is encouraged to try out a new hobby or activity

  27. Debbie Southwell says:

    National guaranteed to win at least one prize day would be great!

  28. Debbie B says:

    National “Have A Day All For Yourself” Day. That would be blissful

  29. Lorna Roberts says:

    National Pina Colada day

  30. Kate jones says:

    National Day of Gingers! We should be celebrated more often!!

  31. Angela Walton says:

    National Teddy Bear Day, a day devoted to our furry friends

  32. Irene Wright says:

    Love the concept of a calendar to remind me of the latest ‘day’ coming up so i can prepare myself for it.
    Like the idea of a ‘visit Grandparents/great grandparents day’ I know everyone has a busy life these days but sometimes the Grandees get forgotten – except when it comes to their birthdays/Christmas/handouts

  33. lynn Mackeonis says:

    Roses are red, violets are blue, I love comping and so do you! I absolutely NEED one of these calendars !! brilliant concept!!

  34. debbi ruskin says:

    National Care For The Carers Day when carers get pampered themselves for a change

  35. Emma says:

    National peanut butter&jelly day!

  36. Kirsten says:

    National The Sound of Music film day… It’s my fave film and I would love to win a trip to Saltzburg!

  37. teresa says:

    National Grumpy Git day

  38. Evette Gabriella Williams says:

    National Carers Day – definitely needs recognising

  39. Mrs Christina Turner says:

    National sleep day…I can’t stay awake at the moment

  40. Hazel Lemar says:

    What a wonderful way to be a little different to the norm!

  41. Priscilla Stubbs says:

    National stay in bed day

  42. Lisa Anderson says:

    I would have an aunties day

  43. katherine s says:

    If I could invent a new national day I think it would be either a National Pasta or National Pizza Day.

  44. Priscilla Stubbs says:

    Stay in bed day

  45. Priscilla Stubbs says:

    I would go for a stay in bed day.

  46. Julie T says:

    A ‘win everything that you enter today’ day. This is one I often wish for so I have everything crossed that it will eventually happen.

  47. Heather Brannan says:

    National Poster Day! Having Duran Duran and Adam Ant on my walls again! Yay!

  48. Leanne Newsome says:

    I’d go for a national family day

  49. I love a foodie filled national day. Any excuse!

  50. Lyndsey Bruce says:

    I think it would be National Minions Day – I love those cute little yellow guys!

  51. BeckyBear says:

    This is so useful! Thanks Di ☺️

  52. Eileen Sumner says:

    National Eat Crisps Day

  53. Kate Davies says:

    National get organised day, everyone needs to be organised from students, parents and compers.

  54. Anne Johnston says:

    National Oreo eating day where you’re u can eat as many as you like without putting on weight

  55. Daniel H says:

    Why not have a day in which all gadgets are banned?

  56. zoe matthewman says:

    It would be national comping day for me where you can comp non stop with no distractions or national organisation day where you spend a day organising everything in your life which is currently my comping resolution for this year

  57. Emily Belfield says:

    National Johnny Depp day 😉

  58. Hayley Atkins says:

    A national “Good Manners” day would be an idea…some people seem to have forgotten that a simple “please” or “thankyou” can make all the difference to a person”s day.

  59. How about A National “Say Hello to your Neighbour Day”

  60. Sharon Mead says:

    National Campfire Day or could be Toast a Marshmallow Day

  61. Laura Haines-Gill says:

    I’d have National Be Kind To Yourself day!!

  62. Vanessa Cox says:

    A National “Do-Nothing” Day!

  63. Mark gardner says:

    National speak like a pirate is the best

  64. Lisa Conn says:

    National speak to people in the lift day- I always do this but some people need encouraging

  65. Lisa Sherratt says:

    National Tunnocks teacake Day

  66. Kim Rudd says:

    National Postie Day! ☺
    To honour and celebrate our hardworking partners in comping!
    An icy cold beer or two at Christmas should just be the start.

  67. Solange says:

    National Lazy Day

  68. Lucy Zelazowski says:

    National Lucy Day… my boyfriend says Lucy’s are taking over the world, well, if this is the case, we definately need a Lucy appreciatation day

  69. Ann Sandover says:

    How about National Hygge Day?

  70. lynn neal says:

    national no responsabilities day!

  71. Laura Corrall says:

    National PJ day! -Everyone loves a comfy lazy day, right!?

  72. Anita B says:

    National Random Act of Kindness / Pay it forward Day

  73. Kate Holmes says:

    National Day of Imperfection – we all have them often they are what make people remember us and it is time we celebrated them

  74. Margaret says:

    National Slob day
    Sit pig out and comp for a marathon 24 hours

  75. Karen hutchinson says:

    Brussels sprouts day – so underrated !

  76. Theresa Thomas says:

    National Comping Day You get a day off work to do comps all day

  77. Victoria Polson says:

    National No Technology Day!

  78. Kim Carberry says:

    National kids do what they’re told day. lol

  79. hayley cooper says:

    I would have a Write a letter Day, it doesn’t happen often enough anymore and there is something really special about receiving a handwritten letter. Happy Comping for 2018 everyone.

  80. Claudia Carroll says:

    I would invent national no fighting between siblings day! Can you tell we are in the post Christmas lull where my boys watch PowerRangers back to back!

  81. Liz Mitchell says:

    That should be a great boost for my not-so-lucky streak at the moment!

  82. Andrea Goodheart says:

    National Play a Board Game Day! Why do we always wait until Christmas?

  83. Chris says:

    National Motivation Day. Motivate Yourself, To Do Something You Just Have To Do.

  84. Monica Gilbert says:

    I think National Read a Book Day would be great. It would need to be a bank holiday where you have to stay home and read books.

  85. Gaby Kroh says:

    It’s brilliant! Thanks for sharing it! This post is to print and go to my board!

  86. Megan Kinsey says:

    National Job Swap Day! Like bring your kid to work day but you swap jobs with your partner or a loved one. I guess it wouldn’t always quite work out depending on the job but it’d be great to learn more about what your friends or family get up to on a daily basis

  87. Susan Ocock says:

    National motor vehicles day

  88. Helen Humphries says:

    I love the food stuff, so National Coconut day – hopefully with loads of coconut water & other coconut product giveaways!

  89. Sarah Robinson says:

    National pyjamas day! Perfect for comping!

  90. Derek Wilson says:

    National Pizza Day would be cool. Then again, in my household, that would be almost every day!

  91. Francesca Jones says:

    Is there a National Snooze Day? Where we can just laze in bed snoozing? That would be fabulous!

  92. Claudia says:

    A national stay at home and do comping contests day would be gr.eat

  93. Judith says:

    I think we should have a national pyjama day where you have to lounge about watching TV in your PJ’s all day!!

  94. Melanie stanbridge says:

    National the kids wash your car day, can we have it tomorrow as my car is dirty and the family are coming round tomorrow.

  95. Melanie stanbridge says:

    National the kids wash your car day, can we have it tomorrow as my car is dirty and the family are coming round tomorrow.

  96. Sandra Clarke says:

    National Swap Day – where you could swap your unwanted presents with other people.

  97. DEBRA ETCHELLS says:

    National winning Day…..

  98. April Alder says:

    National Prosecco Day!

  99. Teresa Connolley says:

    National Freedom Day

  100. Jane wilson says:

    National cheese day

  101. CLARE GORST says:

    I think there should be a national “Tea and TV Day”. You can do what you want but you have to drink tea and watch TV as some point. You can do it all day or for part of the day. On this day TV stations HAVE to show decent programmes ALL DAY – no repeats! 🙂

  102. becci cleary says:

    National Sleep Day – sure everyone would get on board with that one 🙂

  103. Loving all these ideas- we could teach these promoters a thing or two There should definitely be a #chocolateorangeday (my favourite!!)

  104. Jim Radford says:

    Hmm,how about National Day Of In Invisible Horse Riding..everyone pretends they are riding an invisible horse..it would be comedy gold!

  105. Diane Radford says:

    National (after Christmas) Unboxing Day. A day to take everything out of the boxes and recycle all the card and plastic.

  106. Catherine Powell says:

    This is a great idea and a massive help for all the comps and special days I had no clue about. Thank you

  107. Linda Ford says:

    National sweets day! We do like sweets in our house and it would be an excuse to eat some….

  108. Jules Eley says:

    national new pj day

  109. Tiff Jordan says:

    National photograph you feet day!

  110. Elizabeth Cooke says:

    I’d go with #NationalSofaDay – A day where you are forced to chill on the sofa all day with your loved ones!

  111. Bridget Daley says:

    Visit Grandma Day

  112. Laura Harrison says:

    National Sleep Day – thank you for the lovely giveaway xx

  113. jade rice says:

    national fun day where we can all just stay home and play with the kids and do all things fun x

  114. Lydia Frew says:

    I just thought of #NationalCompingDay too, after National Autism Awareness Day, which already exists! It shows where are priorities lie.

  115. Debbie Burfoot says:

    National super mario day

  116. jen harris says:

    national jam making day – would love comps that sent you jars of jam as a prize

  117. Jolene says:

    National hug your sports hero day

  118. Lucy rigley says:

    National take me anywhere day – so you can catch up with loved ones 🙂

  119. Anna Lord says:

    Ignore my first comment I pressed post too soon! National Frozen Pastry Day!

  120. Nadia says:

    National Pickled Onion Day ….. a very underrated delicacy!

  121. karen young says:

    What a great idea, would hang it up for inspiration and to get prepared, thanks.

  122. Michelle C says:

    National Spa Day

  123. Val Pownall says:

    I would suggest a National Duvet Day where you can just send the day doing absolutely nothing! Or just spend the day doing something you really enjoy.

  124. Laura Walker says:

    A National Cheese Board Day I’m very suspicious of anyone who doesn’t like cheese

  125. Michelle Newman says:

    National Colouring day! A day for adults and children to relax and do some colouring

  126. Holly brazier says:

    I love the calaneder!
    Thanks Di! You always keep us compers super organised!

  127. SusannahClayton says:

    Love this. Thanks Di

  128. Lynn Brown says:

    National day of rest

  129. Amy Rose says:

    National kitten day! Where everywhere is plastered with cute kitten photos!

  130. Marian Fievez says:

    National Bobble Hat Day

  131. Wendy Butcher says:

    National smile day where everyone has to be happy all day

  132. Sarah prescott says:

    National penguin day

  133. Anna Stimson says:

    I’d have national good news day, only positive stories could be published all day!!

  134. Susan Milne says:

    Great art work! Would love this

  135. Mary H says:

    Fab idea. I’m usually so disorganised

  136. Lindsay Davies says:

    This would be absolutely fantastic! I’m always missing twitter parties and live giveaways on Facebook! Keeping in the know!! Yeah! Good luck everyone and be lucky

  137. Michelle McCullum says:

    How about a “National Comping Day”??? To add to the list or even make it a bank holiday.

  138. Linda King says:

    This would be brilliant to know what comps are coming up and getting ready to enter them

  139. sue leake says:

    A National #getoutandwalk day. As good as it is to have the hobby and excitement of comping you can get carried away and stay too long at the computer.

  140. Emma-louise says:

    This is such a great idea especially for unorganized people like me!

  141. Vanessa Alvis says:

    I will answer the question in this one..is there a national Lego day? If not that would be a fun one

  142. Ruth Wollerton says:

    A National Comping Day or even better a Winners Day where everyone has to win.

  143. Elysia Benn says:

    This calendar is amazing! it would be so helpful, let’s see if I could choose a National Day it would be….National Good Luck Day! I may have a chance of winning something then. 😉

  144. Vanessa Alvis says:

    I really want to get back into doing competitions in 2018. I work a lot of hours but will try in my spare time

  145. Kerry Brearley says:

    Can’t wait to start comping again in 2018. Just wish I had a supermarket near me that sold all these pesky on pack promotions. I can never ever find them?!

  146. Patricia Bell says:

    Looking forward to a New Year of National comping days

  147. Lesley Bambridge says:

    Thank you so much for the Comping Calendar. I am going to find it very useful, especially as I am always missing Twitter parties. The poster looks so colourful and would be so cool to win!

  148. I think a National Comping Day would be in order don’t you?

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