2018: my comping year

So, another year of prize-winning comes to an end, and it’s time for the annual review of my comping year. In 2018 I won a total of 107 prizes worth just under £11,000, which I’m delighted with! 

This year’s prizes

As usual, I tracked my wins using a Google spreadsheet which gives me some statistics to share at the end of the year. Of my 107 prizes, 43 required a purchase, 4 were judged video comps and 6 were photo comps. 7 prizes were won on Facebook, 13 on Instagram and 11 on Twitter. Like 2017, the majority of my prizes were from website entry comps and prize draws.

Type of competition

Competition format

My favourite prizes of 2018 were twenty days for my son at The Outdoors Project Holiday club in Brighton (worth £600) and a £1,500 sponsorship package for his football team from Las Iguanas.

A pair of prize flights courtesy of Pringles Take a Bite gave us a lovely summer break in Sweden. And Ryland was excited to win his height in Hasbro board games from an entry form competition at The Entertainer store.

In September, flossing with the family won me a huge £2000+ bundle of gadgets from Heart FM & EE’s #HeartFamilyChallenge – a prize package including an iPhone X, Galaxy Tab and GoPro camera. I was just coming to the end of a 24 month contract with my iPhone 7 so it was great timing!

In October my son Ryland walked out as a Barcelona mascot at Wembley – a Priceless Experience won with Mastercard!

The prize I was proudest to win was the Jet2 #HuntTheHousewives treasure hunt in December, where I drove from Brighton to Intu Lakeside and waited for 4 hours for Dawn Ward (one of the Real Housewives of Cheshire) to turn up – I was the first to find her in the shopping centre and won a £2000 Jet2 Holiday of my choice pus a £500 Intu Lakeside voucher. It goes to show it can be worth putting that extra effort in, and reminded me what comping is all about – looking for those harder to enter comps, and having fun trying to win them!

Don’t forget you can always catch up with all my prizes in my monthly round ups and unboxing videos on YouTube.

Blogging successes

I love blogging about competitions, and helping people to win them, and this year I worked hard to create three new PDF and video guides to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

My Beginners Guides to Facebook and Twitter have unexpectedly become a bit of a YouTube hit, with over 11,000 views on each so far – I’m getting regular messages from viewers worldwide saying how helpful they have been, although sadly only a few of them have also got stuck in to my Facebook & Twitter Comping Guides!

As a successful comper who’s always prepared to talk about the hobby, I’m regularly contacted by journalists for press interviews – I turn a lot of them down, because of some bad experiences in the past – plus I hate the Sun and Daily Mail! But this year I was pleased to be approached by The Guardian for an interview – and thrilled that they used a photo that my mum had taken in my hallway, featuring all my signed prizes! Read the comping article here.

In 2017 I complained about misleading instant win promotions here on the blog, and on BBC radio – and this year I was delighted when the Advertising Standards Authority took these complaints on board and published advice for companies on running an ‘algorithm’ style instant win promotion. Read more on the ASA website.

In November I was excited to win an award for best specialist money blog at the SHOMO Awards. SuperLucky is too niche to fit into categories at most blogging awards so it’s always an honour to be nominated, and the icing on the cake to win!

2019: celebrating ten years of SuperLucky!

Looking ahead to 2019, it will be TEN YEARS since I started blogging at SuperLucky – and I’ll be celebrating with lots of competitions, a brand new book… PLUS most exciting of all, a SuperLucky LIVE event, which I’ll be telling you all about in the New Year!

If you’d like to be the first to hear about my book and SuperLucky LIVE, make sure you’re signed up to my SuperLucky mailing list.

How was your 2018 – and how do you plan to make 2019 your best comping year yet? Don’t forget to tweet me about your favourite 2018 prize – you could win a £30 Amazon voucher in my competition.

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  1. Emma says:

    Wow! Some great prizes there, hopefully 2019 will be equally as lucky for you. I have had a few good wins myself this year, £1500 Hobbs clothing bundle, money, vouchers and Apple Watch, but hoping next year can be as great and rewarding.

  2. Amy Jo says:

    Congratulations Di! So very impressive. My goal for this year was £2500 and I fell a little short at just under £2200. I had 98 wins with most being purchase necessary (skewed by Dorito’s and Carabao) or Facebook. Looking forward to a good comping year for 2019 – good luck!

  3. Nikki Hayes says:

    Congratulations! I won 114 prizes this year with an approximate value of £2700 – not my best year but by no means my worst. I won everything from cheese to cash and I’m starting 2019 feeling optimistic. I’ve managed to get my husband started on entering a few comps (after checking T&Cs to make sure its one entry per person not per household) and 5 of those wins were his :o)

  4. Ross says:

    Congratulations on another good year. Mine was not so great – only 81 prizes and the equivalent of about £4,600 – best prize was a 10 pack of concerts to a local symphony orchestra.

    This was my worst year in 10 years – for a five year stretch I was regularly winning over £12,000 but it has been only about £7,000 for the last three years before this year. Facebook is now so overcrowded and Instagram is full of people tagging multitudes of their ‘friends’ so I think the easy wins are not really around much anymore.

    I’m an Aussie comper and was interested to come across your site and find you had documented most of my Twitter and Web tips for finding competitions and general comping tips which I had never seen anywhere else. I still have one or two more if you want to contact me directly – including a technique I think would be right up your alley for photo comps. I’m just glad more people in Australia don’t know about your site 🙂

  5. Jemma Webster says:

    Congratulations on yet another fantastic, inspiring and well deserved year! All the best for 2019!

  6. Gill E. says:

    Well done on another successful year, Di. What a super prize to end your year on too. It just shows how making that extra effort can pull in some lovely wins.
    You share so much info with everyone and I enjoy watching your monthly unboxings with Ryland.

  7. Tracy says:

    I love your hallway – I have a couple of signed posters that are still in tubes – I’m gonna use this idea and frame them and put them on the wall by my stairs!

  8. Karen hutchinson says:

    Congratulations – always an inspiration . I have had a quiet year – not sure how many prizes – My favourite was an iPad , coach handbag ,perfume and gin in one prize . Must keep a list next year and up my product comps !

  9. Chas Gilbert says:

    Well done Di – I have had 174 wins this year (so far!) totalling £7124 so not a bad year for me, the highlight being my holiday to Aruba!

  10. Hayley cooper says:

    An amazing Year Di!! Well done I have had a good year with a total of 5,865 worth of prizes some of my highlights being, A new TV, Forest Holiday voucher, 2,000 cash and lots of tickets for local days out!! Bring on 2019 Can’t wait!!

  11. Karen young says:

    Congratulations on your wins this year, I’m so happy to be part of your Lucky Learners group. Love seeing what others have won and love the friendly support if I post a win. Have had a good year with59 wins, some small like the kit kat mugs but was lucky to win a bike with Dairylea and filled in a magazine entry with my grandson and he won a merlin premium family pass. I just love winning gifts that my family wouldn’t normally be able to afford. It’s the best hobby and I feel very grateful for all the tips and help to achieve the wins.

  12. Hello, I’ve just discovered your blog. This year hasn’t been my best regarding my winnings, but it finished with my favourite win, which was a Sarah Chapman luxury mask won on Twitter, and a very sought after competition as well! It was an amazing surprise and arrived just before Christmas. I’ve been doing competitions since I’m 12, so for 30 years. I started in France, where I grew up, doing all my teenage magazines’ competitions sending postcards that my mum bought in bulk for me. I earned a lot of things (CDs, T-shirts, perfumes, posters, make-up, VHS) so my mum quickly saw it was a good investment. When I moved to London as a young adult, I took up my hobby in this new country and started winning too.

  13. Rebecca MacBain says:

    Oh i just love you Di!!! Such an inspiration! Hope i get to meet you one day !!!

  14. Lynn Mackeonis says:

    You are my go to when I need re-energising with comping. I love your blog, your monthly prize unboxing and your openness to share “tricks of the trade” as it were. Keep up all your hard work and prize winning skills. Looking forward to 2019, I’ve snapped up 118 prizes this year will approx value of just under £4,000. I have loved every moment of a surprise email, text or parcel. Happy new year!!!

  15. Wiebke Howey says:

    It was the article in the Guardian that got me into comping. I said to myself I’ll give this a try and see if I can win a prize till Christmas. It was a bit of an experiment and right from the start I only entered competitions that I actually wanted to win. I got to grips with Twitter and Instagram thanks to your great guides and a bit of help from my husband and daughter and that’s where most of my wins have come from. I managed to win not just 1 prize but 48 and am now completely hooked. I’m especially pleased to have won a considerable amount of books for our school library and my colleagues marvel at my winning skills. I would love to win a Nintendo Switch and some kind of holiday for next year. Good luck to everyone!

  16. Alison Walker-Hyde says:

    Love your blogs, Di, always so encouraging and motivational. Well done on your wins. I didn’t have the best comping year, particularly compared to a brilliant 2017 but looking back I still won over twenty prizes totalling £1200 ! Bring on 2019 !

  17. Sally Collingwood says:

    Congratulations Di, you really are an inspiration. I didn’t enter as many as usual this year because I moved, but now I have retired, really going to plough into it. Won £624 in 30 comps this year so still good.

  18. Sheila Docherty says:

    Wow! You’ve had an amazing year Di and what a way to finish it off! Congrats and thanks for all your help this year. You’re simply ‘amazing’ xx

  19. Nadine says:

    Congratulations and thank you for writing such a great blog. I’ve had a comping break for approximately 10 years but started again in October. Your blog and website is a real help and source of inspiration and the Facebook group is such a lovely community. So thank you and good luck for 2019!

  20. sonya ritchie says:

    you are so inspirational Di as someone who has been comping for 20 years it is so refreshing to learn more about our wonderful hobby, you have taught me so so much, comping has evolved so much over the last 20 years and changed beyond recognition, I have been so lucky to win some absolutely fabulous competitions over the years, which have resulted in me making memories that I will treasure forever.. this year I won 2 nights bed and breakfast in Padstow, Cornwall including a cookery lesson with Jack Stein it was such a wonderful experience and my favourite competition to date I just loved it… keep on encouraging and teaching us Di I cannot wait to see where the next 20 years leads us in the ever so brilliant world of comping….

  21. Natalie says:

    Wow I just love reading your blog and feel fully inspired for a fabulous comping 2019! This year I’ve taken my comping hobby seriously and won some amazing prizes afternoon tea in London, £500 Lakeside shopping voucher and an overnight spa break to name a few. A holiday win is top on the agenda for 2019. Can’t wait to hear about the SuperLucky Live event x

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