2023: my comping year

So there’s just a few days left of 2023! I’ve spent the last few days eating Christmas treats, and compiling my annual round up of the year’s comping and blogging highlights. I’ll be sharing statistics and how many prizes I ticked off my wishlist – please do share your own facts and figures in the comments too, or on the special post in the Lucky Learners Facebook group!

2023 has been a brilliant year for travel, as I visited 4 completely new countries thanks to this incredible hobby. One of my favourite things about comping is never knowing where in the world I’ll be going next!

At the end of 2022 I created my Prize Wishlist Bingo Card – 24 prizes I wanted to win in 2023. I find this the most effective way to focus on and search for prizes that I really want to win! If you want to create your own Bingo card for 2024, you can save a copy of my template to your own Google files by clicking here – then just type your prizes into the boxes. Or just print off a copy and write on it, or draw your own bingo card in your diary – or even better, fill out the template in your 2024 BootComp planner

This year I managed to win 14 of the 24 prizes on my card and completed one full line – I was extra delighted to finally win a KitchenAid after years of trying! And although I didn’t cross off a sunny Mediterranean holiday, I did win a sunny Mexican holiday – and instead of a PS5 I won an XBox! So I also crossed these off.

As I always remind people, you can still get the goodies on your wishlist even if you don’t win them – the law of attraction will eventually find a way! Three of the remaining items on my wishlist were gifted to me: a Ticketmaster voucher (thanks Charlotte!), a tent (thanks Susannah!) and a fridge-freezer (thanks to the Lucky Learners!), so I crossed these off too!

The only 5 prizes remaining were a car, Vionic slippers, Hotels.com credit, K-Pop CDs and Brighton football tickets… I actually thought those last two would be the easiest to win, but didn’t see them pop us as prizes very often. I’m putting CAR back on my 2024 wishlist!

Now, let’s take a look at all my 2023 statistics and enjoy a review of my comping year!

My 2023 prizes

In 2023 I won 152 prizes with a total value of £16,450. As I’ve done for many years, I tracked my wins using a Google spreadsheet which means I can see how well I did in various types of competition. From the details on the spreadsheet, Google can also create some graphs to help visualise where I’m most successful.

This year on average I’ve entered about 25 comps each day – about 8 daily entry/instant win comps (these might be text, app or online entry), a couple of purchase necessary comps, maybe one or two radio comps (online or standard rate call/text). I’ll enter a few comps from emails in my inbox, and a handful of comps from my X (Twitter) feed. Most evenings I’ll check Instagram and enter between 10 and 15 comps from my feed or notifications. I don’t use listings websites unless I’m looking for a specific prize from my wishlist, but I do my own regular Google searches to find competitions (sadly Tweetdeck is no longer free, so I don’t use that for searches any more!)

Comparing prize amounts and values from 2019 – 2023

The graph below shows the difference in the last five years of my comping so you can see how 2023 compares to previous years – prize value was a little less than last year, but I won more prizes! The highest value prize was an all inclusive week in Mexico.

What type of comps did I win?

Of my 152 prizes won in 2023, 47 required a product purchase, 17 were creative photo or video comps (9 of these were judged, 8 were randomly picked), 13 were standard rate text entry prize draws, and I had 2 on-air radio wins.

Where did I win these competitions?

Most of my wins were from Instagram – with 56 prizes, I had three times as many Insta wins as 2022! I hardly entered any comps on Facebook, and only won 1 prize in a Vodafone Facebook photo comp. I won 16 prizes on X (Twitter), one prize on YouTube, and 5 prizes on TikTok (4 random comment-to-wins, 1 judged comp). I won 13 text-to-win competitions, and the remainder were web entry comps, some of which I found details of in newsletters.

My 2023 prize highlights

So, let’s check out the highlights of my comping year. While writing this post I realised that quite a few prizes I won were in comps celebrating event days – I used the BootComp Planner to track my comping this year and seeing what events were coming up meant I could devote more time to comping on those specific days.

In January I started the year with two £100 supermarket voucher wins from purchase necessary text comps – Pepsi at Asda, and Coke at Tesco. I had two nice Instagram wins: a bundle of Barry M cosmetics and a parcel of cocktail ingredients from Bella Italia (prize number 1 ticked off the wishlist!). I entered several Blue Monday comps on Twitter and won PictureHouse annual membership for myself and my nominated friend Natalie. At the end of the month I was surprised to spot a message request in my TikTok notifications – I won a £200 Dune London voucher, after leaving a comment on their sponsored post.

In February I won the first of many local Instagram comps, and enjoyed tapas and drinks for two at Twisted Lanes in Brighton. Other favourite February prizes were a bottle of beautiful Medeau perfume, a spa day voucher with the Fibre One on-pack promotion, and a meal at Nostos in Hove.

At the end of February I jetted off to Oman for a week: not my win this time, but my friend Susannah’s! She was one of the 128 winners in the Half Time For Oman promotion (one of my recommended 2022 comps) and kindly invited me to join her Arabic adventure. We had such a fabulous time, Oman exceeded my expectations and I really loved meeting so many compers while we were there. Read all about the holiday in my post My adventures in amazing Oman.

In March I won a £15 Sainsbury’s gift card in their Ferrero Mothers Day promotion – I was visiting my mum so used it to buy her a bouquet! I won a £50 Tesco gift card in Tesco’s Mothers Day Twitter giveaway, a Crockpot with @Nillydahlia & Rubicon’s Eid Instagram competition, and an £80 cocktail bundle in Campari’s Negroni week competition.

In April I took Rob and Ry on the most amazing family adventure to South Korea. Korea has been on my bucket list for years but it rarely pops up as a prize, so I used some of the £20,000 prize money I’ve won over the last couple of years to book the trip!

We had an exciting, busy holiday (see my Instagram highlights) and on the flight home I asked the boys what they would like to do next. ‘A lazier sunshine holiday, but with some culture and fun activities!’ was the request. Three days later I texted in to Capital Radio for their McCoys Breakfast Show competition: they called me back to play ‘Spin the wheel’ and I won a week’s holiday in Mexico! It was the perfect destination. NDL dealt with my prize and I was able to upgrade from a term time all inclusive week for 2 to a family trip in the Christmas holidays: if you can afford to pay a little more to turn your great prize for 2 into a perfect prize with the kids, it’s always worth asking. 

In May I won yet more alcohol related prizes on Instagram – a fantastic cocktail and picnic hamper from Brockman’s Gin and then £100 of Coronation-themed cocktails at the beautiful Hedgerow Bar in London; I took my tag buddy Helena! Every May I manage to win tickets to my favourite local festival, The Great Escape in Brighton – this time I won them with Red Leg Rum.

I also went to my first rugby match – the Gallagher Premiership Final at Twickenham – with tickets from the London Pride instant win and met Lucky Learners Charlotte & Lucy there!  

In June I won tons of amazing skincare. First of all I won 5 Erborian products of my choice when I snapped a photo of their London underground ad, then I won £100 of Korean Beauty products from GlamTouch on Instagram.

In July I spotted a Vodafone Twitter comp to win tickets to BST Hyde Park. I love K-pop and unfortunately the concert tickets cost an arm and a leg! You had to tweet which concert you most wanted to see; I won two BLACKPINK tickets and a goody bag. I had a great time with my friend Funké: while there I entered a fun comp at the Most Wanted wine stand and won a delivery of wine cans too! 

In July I traveled to Bydgoszcz in Poland thanks to a prize from a Krayna Vegan skincare prize draw. My friend Susannah and I spent the weekend at the beautiful Krayna beach house where we had access to a lovely lake at the bottom of the garden, and our own boat and pedalo! It was gorgeous, and we each came home with a goodie bag of Krayna skincare products

Adding to my tally of skincare wins in July was a fab bundle from Bioeffect worth £300. I can’t take the credit for winning this one as Natalie tagged me in it, winning a prize for each of us: thanks so much Nat! 

In August I won £90 Morrisons vouchers with the Budweiser World Cup promotion, £50 cash with both Pringles and Britvic – and a signed football shirt and new Android phone from TCL Mobile. In September I won a £250 Decathlon voucher in the Venus purchase necessary comp at Tesco – and a 50 inch TV for my mother in-law in a Tesco text-to-win comp!

I had two really successful months in October and November. I won lots of lovely foodie prizes – a hamper from Mutti, a Japanese meal delivered by Elsinore foods, £150 to spend at Vapiano restaurant in London, £100 to spend at Blossoms Japanese restaurant in Brighton, a bundle of Greek food from Odysea and a huge box of Korean food from Eat Korea. My husband Rob was excited at winning a training session at Spurs for 2024, another Tesco TTW prize which also came with £500 spending money and two nights in a London hotel. And I bagged £100 of Nivea products, plus £100 to spend at Smiffys in a Halloween comp on Insta.

Just before October half term week I won four tickets to Alton Towers in a Carex creative comp (another one ticked off the wish list) – I hadn’t been for almost 20 years and we had such a good time! Ry is now a rollercoaster addict and Thorpe Park tickets are already on my 2024 wishlist.

I persisted with weekly entries for the Stork and daily entries for the Tesco Doritos purchase necessary prize draws, and in November after 8 entries I won a KitchenAid (which has been on my wishlist for ever!) and after 21 daily texts I won an Xbox. My kitchen was looking super smart as I also won a Ninja Airfryer with Bibigo on TikTok, and a Ninja 5 piece pan set with Bisto.

In November I won £500 Morrisons vouchers in the Magic Radio festive quiz phone in. These are my favourite type of radio comp: most people give up if they don’t get through immediately, but if you hear a ring tone then just leave it ringing out for at least a few minutes. Sometimes they answer several calls which can take a few minutes for them to do. This time Magic answered after five minutes, told me I was shortlisted and then called back within a minute or so. 

Another prize I was delighted to win was a voucher to do an Escape Room with Old Speckled Hen (for this one, you had to photograph your pint in a pub and I knew there would probably be more prizes than entries).

At the start of December I entered quite a lot of advents and although I didn’t have much luck, I did win some other comps! My favourite was a £500 First Choice voucher in their TikTok comp where you had to share your ‘holiday ick’ in the comments: I said I hated it when people leave leftovers at a hotel buffet. TikTok comment-to-win have less entrants than other social media – make sure you open the app often to check the For You and Following feeds for new comps. I also won a fabulous LookFantastic beauty advent calendar on Twitter.

In December I finally got a bit of relaxation time in Mexico! As requested I booked us onto ziplining, quad bikes, cave swimming and cycling trips, and we also explored Mayan ruins with our guide Antonio. I couldn’t get away from comping though, as when I checked my phone on arrival at Cancun airport I had a winning text from 60110 for a £250 Tesco voucher in the Pepsi purchase necessary comp, which I had entered 3 times before going away. A great end to a super successful year!

And that’s it for my top prizes this year – as I wrote this post I realised there are so many that were absolutely perfect for me and my family. The supermarket vouchers are practical, and the food and cocktail related prizes are a real treat. Using the BootComp Planner to focus my comping, get organised and plan in advance for specific event days has given great results and I can’t wait to start using my new compact A5 Planner next year!

Thanks to everyone who has tagged and emailed me about new comps this year, I appreciate it enormously!

SuperLucky blog news

Updated versions of my BootComp planner and comping challenge workbook were published on Amazon in October and the BootCompers Facebook group now has 855 members keen to get more organised and win more prizes! I was also interviewed by the i news in November for an article about comping as a money saving hobby.

Coming up in 2024

I’m still working hard on my beginners comping book, How to Win Competitions, which will be published in early 2024. I’m 50 in June 2024 so I’d like to win event prizes to celebrate my big birthday – tickets to Euro 2024, the Paris Olympics and Glastonbury are my three big wishes!

You can check out my full 2024 prize wishlist below – if you’re creating your own, print off your own blank PDF to fill out, or save a copy to your Google Drive and type into the boxes. 

Thanks again to all my readers and everyone who enjoys, comments on and shares SuperLucky blog posts! My Lucky Learners Facebook group has grown to over 18,000 members this year – please do let me know your suggestions for SuperLucky, Lucky Learners, and BootCompers as I’m always looking for ways to improve and streamline the information I share.

Lucky Learners big wins

Of course, the members of my Lucky Learners Facebook group have had an amazing 2023 too, here’s just a few of the highlights from our annual ‘biggest wins‘ post:

  • Rachel won a Citroën Ami in the AutoTrader electric car giveaway
  • Juliet won a Fiat 500 with Virgin Radio
  • Rose won £125,000 with Make Me A Winner!
  • Charlotte won 1 million IHG Hotel loyalty points (worth over £4400)
  • Claire and Gillian both won a trip to New York
  • Tori won £6,666 from Captain Morgan
  • Angela, Emily, Tricia and Janet won all inclusive holidays with Heart FM
  • Heather won a £2,500 TV from Currys on Twitter 
  • Alan won a cruise to the Norwegian Fjords in Gardeners World magazine
  • Chris, Naomi and Ree all won a £5,000 Fruit Shoot dream prize
  • Tiffany won £2,000 in the Ready Brek glowing creations comp
  • Naomi won 1 million Virgin points and £2500
  • Shalene won £5000 Ocado vouchers
  • Elysia won a Super Bowl trip to Las Vegas with Old El Paso
  • Janie won £2500 to spend in DFS
  • Tracy and Beth both won a £5k room makeover with Robinsons
  • Nikki won a trip to Disney World Florida with spending money on Absolute Radio
  • Amy won a £13k holiday to Australia with Travelbag
  • Jane won £3,000 Tui vouchers with Pepsi on Instagram
  • Karen won a £5,000 Trailfinders voucher with Haliborange

Don’t forget you can always keep up to date with all my prizes in my monthly round ups and unboxing videos on YouTube. Oh, and don’t forget to read my list of the best prize promotions of 2023, and see if your favourites made it onto the list!

Tell me in the comments below (or on the chat post in Lucky Learners) about your own comping successes in 2023 and your plans for 2024!

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    Very interesting read . Just wondered how many men compared to women do comps . I’ve been comping for over 20 years now with some amazing prizes as well . Is there any sort of statistics on this I wonder ?

    • Di says:

      Well, I can tell you the statistics for SuperLucky are 50% male, 50% female readers – but in my Lucky Learners facebook group it’s 85% female and 15% male!

  2. Sarah R says:

    Congrats on a fab year Di! My own personal highlights have been winning £1000 from a Cadbury promotion,£250 with Walkers, an airfryer, a Virgin experiences day voucher which I will use for a weekend break I think and shopping vouchers. Waiting for a holiday win!
    Happy New Year to you & all superlucky readers!

  3. Rebecca Beesley says:

    Absolutely love reading your end of year highlights. Well done on a fabulous year! Wishing you a wonderful 2024

  4. Lucky Me says:

    Lady luck is on your side!!
    Taken me a decade to reach near your year wins LOL
    2023 £628 (£500 was from Tesco Million)
    2022 £115 ; 2021 £495
    2020 £196 ; 2019 £1050
    2018 £1041 ; 2017 £2286
    2016 £1175; 2015 £3600
    2014 £1825 ; 2013 £2055
    Best wins over a decade; Apple Watch, iphone, Posh Blanket box, Merlin Pass, Simply Red tickets, Sonos Speaker, Samsung Phone, Asos Voucher, HOF vouch, Thai meal, Tesco vouchs, Various CD/DVD inc. box sets, Posh Museli, Home made candles, Astonish bundle, Dean Friedman tickets, Bafta goodie bag, Citizen Watch, Rugged phone.

    With most comps being TW / IG my social media success rate is nil !! (can’t be sure if fair picking of winners)

    2024: Would love; elusive POY Goody Bag, Big 4K TV, Cash / vouchers, Merlin Pass, experiences,

  5. Gilly McDonald says:

    Super read Di, well done, your always an inspiration. What a great hobby we share.

  6. Christine Dodd says:

    I’m looking forward to Bootcomp in 2024 and getting back into comping. Thanks for all the advice.

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