A VIP Experience at Olympic Park

One of the best things about comping is the chance to win unique prizes and experiences. Since the coronavirus pandemic began, experiential prizes have been few and far between, so I felt extremely lucky that last week my husband and I were able to enjoy the most fantastic day out in London thanks to Wall’s and SportsAid.

In summer this year Wall’s launched a great promotion, awarding a prize of a VIP day out at the Olympic Park every week for 8 weeks. To enter, you just had to buy a promotional pack and enter the code on the Wall’s website. Plus, 50p from every purchase of a promotional pack was donated to SportsAid, a charity that supports more than 1,000 young sports stars every year with funding. 

I received a winning email for week 1 of the promotion, back in June, so it was an exciting wait for the big day. Rob and I headed to the Stratford Holiday Inn for 11am on Friday morning, where we met the other winners, the SportsAid team and Jess from Ten Feet Tall (Wall’s PR agency).

Every winner was given a fantastic Reebok sports bag filled with all sorts of goodies – Speedo goggles, Reebok hats and mittens, Nike t-shirts, water bottles, plus SportsAid & Team England masks. I’m giving away some of these goodies in a giveaway – read on for more about that!

We walked over from the hotel to the London Aquatics Centre, where we met Leon Taylor (Olympic Diving silver medallist, and commentator) and Milo French (Walls & SportsAid sponsored 16-year-old diver). Leon took us on a tour of the Centre, explaining how it was cleverly reduced in size after the Olympics so it can be used as a regular pool for local residents.

Leon walked us to the diving pool, and we were invited to climb up to the platforms to check out the view – the 10 metre one was super high and a few of us bravely went right to the end to peer over the edge!

The Diving Lesson

We then had a diving lesson, starting in the dry area, where we could bounce and jump on to trampolines, foam pits and padded cushions before getting wet.

Seven of the winners got our (supportive!) swimwear on, and started with a swim across the pool and back just to make sure we were good enough swimmers. Leon explained that before we could even attempt to dive from a high platform, we had to learn how to jump in properly.

So we started jumping – off the 1 metre platform at first, then up to 3 metres. Leon watched us and gave us some tips, while Milo stood on the platform to encourage us. Here’s a video of my jump off the 3 metre high platform (thanks for filming it @clarateddy)…

Four of us managed to jump off the 5 metre platform, but only Andy continued all the way to 10 metres – he even managed to dive off too, and was applauded by everyone in the pool! A very brave man. Honestly, even though I only jumped from 5 metres it felt like I was falling for ages until I hit the water… and it hurt, too!

London Stadium

After the diving session, we walked over to the London Stadium (now home to my brother’s beloved West Ham United) where we enjoyed a lovely lunch of curry and donuts in a room overlooking the pitch.

Rob and I sat with Leon and Milo, who shared their Tom Daley tales with us! It was also lovely to sit with fellow compers Juliette and Deb. After lunch, Tim from SportsAid did a short interview with Leon and Milo, and it was fascinating to hear them both talk about how helpful yoga had been during lockdown. Please do give @MiloFrench7 a follow on Twitter – he only has 9 followers so far, and who knows – he could be our next Olympic medal winning diver!

In the afternoon we were taken on a tour of the stadium, with a chance to take photos in the dressing rooms and pitch – our tour guide bombarded us with Hammers facts the whole time!

They also have a section of the running track that Usain Bolt won his 100 metre gold medal on, so we had a little practice run. Tim had brought along one of the Olympic torches used in the 2021 relay so we posed for a few photos with that too. 

The Orbit

Then it was on to the Orbit! We were incredibly lucky with the weather as the sky was perfect for photos of the London skyline. The view from the top was excellent and you can see how much work is still being done in the Stratford area – there are so many exciting developments. In the photo below you can see the Aquatics Centre without the ‘wings’ which were on for the Olympics.

Then seemingly out of nowhere, Olympic sprinter Christine Ohuruogu suddenly joined us and shared her amazing stories of winning medals at the Beijing, London and Rio Olympic Games. Christine was so inspirational and really fun – it was a real honour to chat to her about my running!

All the winners were presented with a £50 gift card to spend at Westfield, which was a lovely surprise! Then it was slide time… I’d actually been on the Orbit slide before, as I won a ticket to ride it on my birthday back in 2016 when it first opened. You have to wear a padded hat and sleeves, then tuck your feet into a helter-skelter type mat before you whizz off for 40 seconds of fun and screaming.

Dinner at The Cow

Then it was back to check in to the Holiday Inn, and a quick change of clothes. The original plan for the evening was VIP tickets for the Six Day Cycling event at the Velodrome, which unfortunately had to be cancelled. Instead we met at The Cow restaurant for dinner, where we had a special reserved area upstairs. The Sports Aid team joined us, and we were treated to plenty of delicious cocktails, and could order anything we wanted from the menu (plant burger for me!). The VIP Day ended at around 9pm, where we said our goodbyes and then Rob and I headed off for more cocktails and an 80s synth pop night in Hackney Wick!

This was an incredibly generous and well organised day and it was an absolute honour to chat to Olympians about their amazing experiences, and to hear more about the great work that SportsAid does to support young athletes and the UK’s brightest sporting prospects. 

I must say a HUGE thankyou to Wall’s, SportsAid and Ten Feet Tall for making the experience so special for the winners. It was certainly a day I won’t forget!

Giveaway! Win a sports goodie bag

As Wall’s were so generous with the gifts in the goody bags I’m doing a special giveaway for SuperLucky readers. If you’d like to win a Nike t-shirt, Reebok hat & socks and some SportsAid & Team England merch in a Reebok gym bag – simply leave a comment below and tell me if you’ve ever been to the Olympic Park! Closing date is 22 November 2021.

One comment per person please. I’ll pick a winner at random, and contact them by email before 26 November 2021 . The giveaway is open to SuperLucky readers worldwide!

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  1. Gemma matthews says:

    Ive never been to the olympic park, i live way down in cornwall away from all the fun stuff lol looks like you had a fab time 🙂

  2. Gemma matthews says:

    Ive never been to the olympic park, i live way down in cornwall away from all the fun stuff lol looks like you had a fab time x

  3. Kellie McIntyre says:

    Looks like a fantastic experience. Really what comping is about -achieving those moments that money can’t buy

  4. Jay Louise Gee says:

    I’d never been to the Olympic Park but I’d love to one day!

  5. Emma Mitchell says:

    What a fabulous looking day! It’s great to have the experience prizes back. I too love experiences, especially those that you wouldn’t have necessarily chosen yourself but were pleasantly surprised. I’m all up for trying new things but not sure I could have jumped the 5m, well done Di 🙂

  6. Deborah Preston says:

    I was lucky enough to win tickets for the swimming at the Olympics 2012. We had a great day at the Olympic Park. It’s getting more built up now which is a shame.

  7. Jeanette says:

    I would love to go there one day!

  8. Nicole says:

    What an amzing day you had! Congratulations! I haven’t been to Olympic Park, but The Orbit is on my list! (I actually haven’t been to the UK since 2000! I was at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010!

  9. Paul Bingham says:

    What a fab day out you had ,not sure about the diving though

  10. Tricia Evans says:

    What a fab day out! I’ve not been there but keep on entering lots of comps hoping to win an amazing experience or day out!

  11. Lynda Graham says:

    Looks fantastic Di. What a great day to remember forever. I so enjoyed the fun day I had at Sunderland Stadium of Light with my work and The Princes Trust. Stadium tour, videos etc highlight was running out of tunnel out onto pitch and a then a lush lunch overlooking it.
    I love those experiences – super memories. Thanks for the chance of winning goodies.

  12. Lois Levy says:

    Was lucky enough to get a ticket for the Olympics but would love to explore the whole park and of course visit the home of my beloved hammers.
    An amazing and unique money can’t buy experience to make lovely memories.

  13. Mandy Orr says:

    I’ve never been myself but wanted to go, was meant to go back in 2012 with the Olympic but got ill so didn’t make it but I love to keep fit so this goodies bag will work wonders for me.

  14. Gwyn says:

    Wow,Di – it looks like you all had an amazing day, what a great prize. I’ve never been but hopefully one day we’ll get to the park(perhaps not the diving):)

  15. Rebecca Beesley says:

    Love reading about your experiences Di – always brings a big smile to my face and you are way braver than me with the diving – I’m not sure I’d have even managed the 1 metre one! Really glad that things are getting a bit more normal in terms of being able to take prizes again – I have some tickets to the orbit slide which I’m looking forward to. Went once before back in 2018 and really loved it.

  16. Theresa Cooke says:

    I have not been but it looks like a fun place to go. I have to the one in Sydney and learnt to throw a boomerang. Lol

  17. Clare Connolly-joyce says:

    We visited the Olympic Park when the London 2012 were on at the Paralympic team where absolute motivation and inspiration of the pure determination and sheer amazement of the players especially the blind footballers where they had a bell in the ball!! We were in awe and admiration and was sheer excitement and pleasure watching the whole experience

  18. Sue Taylor says:

    What a blinding day out! I love visiting the Olympic Park and won tickets back in 2012 with the Cadbury’s giveaway. You were very brave on the diving board, I can only manage a dive from the edge of the pool! Everyone can see from the photos your joy in this prize, it really was a day to remember wasn’t it! I won a meet and greet as few years back at Stratford shopping centre. I met Candice Brown from Bake Off and received a signed book. Thanks for all the tips Di!

  19. Laura Kenny says:

    I’ve never been sadly, but looks amazing. Well done on the win.

  20. Theresa Shaw says:

    What an amazing prize, looks like you had a brilliant time. We’ve never been to the Olympic Park though it’s been on our list to visit for a few years. We have friends who live in Plumstead so hope to combine the visit with seeing them. But we might have to wait until our son’s finished his GCSEs next year!

  21. Donna Oakley says:

    No I’ve never been to the Olympic Park . Hopefully one day. Wow what a fantastic experience Di! These money can’t buy experience prizes are just the best. Reading this today has inspired me to keep comping. Thank you.

  22. karen Houghton says:

    No I haven’t been to the Olympic Park yet, but it is defintely on my list now.
    Money can’t buy prizes like this are not always on my list – but now will be.
    Seems like the promotors went the extra mile to make sure you all enjoyed the day.

  23. Helen Yendall says:

    Fabulous prize, Di and you were so brave to jump off that 3 metre board! I agree with you, that unique (money can’t buy!) experiences are the best kind of prize. I have been to the Olympic Park because back in 2012 I was lucky enough to win tickets to the athletics at the Olympics and saw Usain Bolt win the 100 metres. Isn’t comping an amazing hobby?!

    • Fiona Delaney Shanahan says:

      What a fabulous prize for u to win and to meet such wonderful people and great athletes ❤

  24. Sue Barton says:

    Fabulous prize Di. I have never been but I am looking forward to next Sunday when I am going to Wembley for a penalty shoot with Coca Cola

  25. Steven Morse says:

    Money can’t buy prizes like this are the best. I bet the 3 of you had an amazing time.

  26. Felicity Mc says:

    That looked like a great day you had! I’m just on my way out to Stratford today for Westfield and swim which is a favourite weekend combo.

  27. Lisa West says:

    Never been but would love to 🙂

  28. Adele Done says:

    This looks like such an amazing day! You can’t beat experience days. I’ve never been personally, but it looks like somewhere I’d love to visit with my children.

  29. Michaela Smith says:

    Never been to the Olympic Park Di, but really enjoyed reading about your amazing day and seeing the photos.

  30. Anna says:

    Wonderful experience, well done, and you look amazing like always.
    I’ve been in Olympic Park , a few times, even run5 k for woman, also took my kids there.

  31. Emily Linane says:

    I’ve never been to the Olympic sports village

  32. Amy Doyle says:

    I have never been but it sounds like you had such a good day and good experience,I would love to have dived off the boards even if I I scared of heights,it would be a great experience.

  33. Chris Gordon says:

    What an amazing experience, Di!

  34. Emma Jane Burton says:

    Such a lovely prize. I remember booking tickets to go to the Olympic park when I booked my beach volleyball tickets in 2012 just to feel the vibrant atmosphere.

  35. Karen young says:

    I’ve never been but it sounds amazing. What a wonderful day you had it was lovely to hear about it.

  36. Lorna wilson says:

    Sounds like such a cool experience. I’m up in Manchester so if we ever make it through covid will add it to my list. Have followed milo French as suggested too. Look forward to seeing him teach for the sky in future. Thanks for all the insights, a really interesting read

  37. Christine Shelley says:

    Never but it sounds amazing and joining our 2022 bucket list

  38. Anne O says:

    Yes….I love the Olympic Park for its amazing green spaces, playgrounds, sports facilities & super slide! I screamed all the way down….much to my son’s amusement!

  39. Lyndsey says:

    I’ve been so lucky to live just a 5 min cycle away from the Olympic Park for the last 5 or so years. It’s one of my favourite places on the planet! Highly recommend people visit if you haven’t already. I also love the easy access to Lee Valley for wonderful cycling and walking opportunities. So pleased you had a great day, I’ve never been lucky enough to see the stars! Apart from at the actual Olympics of course back in 2012.

  40. Elisa says:

    I have so many fond memories of the Olympic park me and my twin sister were performers in the opening and closing ceremony of the 2012 olympics – the first dress rehearsal I was blown away with the amazing opening ceremony show and we were so lucky to invite one family member to a second dress rehearsal I treasure my costume and memories so fondly of that summer ! I’ve only visited ( westfields ) about 1 or 2 times since then I’d love to go back into the park though to take a trip down memory lane : )

  41. Megan Coombs says:

    Well I’ve never actually been to the Olympic Park, but I’d love to. Love your blog post about this, thanks for the chance.

  42. Amanda says:

    I went to the Olympic Park six years ago for a day festival!

  43. Thelma Winyard says:

    Never been! And I live in London!! What does that say about me?

  44. Beccy Rowley says:

    I’ve never been and would love to visit one day, it sounds amazing.

  45. Tanya says:

    Yes I’ve been to the Olympic Park, we went a couple of years to watch WestHam play ⚽️⚽️⚽️

  46. Leanne says:

    What an amazing day . I have been to the London stadium to watch West Ham vs Bournemouth .

    • Alan Pulley says:

      Di as a family we went 2012 Olympics and went to swimming in aquatic centre and had a fab time ,.then we went to Paralympics a few weeks later . I was obsessed with the Olympics from a young age . I love the park ,.your prize looked amazing well jel.

  47. Vicky Symons says:

    Wow! It looks amazing, coming from Yorkshire we rarely visit London but it does look brilliant. We might have to schedule a visit next year.

  48. Sandra Clarke says:

    No I’ve never been to Olympic Park but I loved reading about your fabulous win.

  49. Melanie C says:

    Sounds like a really fun day. I’ve never been, although I’d love to go now after hearing all about your trip!

  50. Tess Brooker says:

    My husband and I were lucky enough to get tickets for the paralympics ‘Super Saturday’ in 2012 and also the Sunday morning session so we spend an incredible weekend there soaking in the atmosphere and watching the most amazing sporting performances.

  51. Donna Savin says:

    Hi Di, I’ve never been but would love to take my sons when they are older.

  52. Looks like you had the best time! I would love to have gone. The prize would be perfect for my new Reebok obsession haha

  53. Jennifer b says:

    Never been looks fun though!

  54. AndiG says:

    I’ve never been to the London Olympic park, but I did go to the Barcelona one years ago. It sounds as if you had an amazing day

  55. Mcj says:

    I was lucky enough to win tickets to the opening ceremony of the 2012 games- a magical experience.

  56. Charlotte Wildman says:

    My husband and kids went for a tour with his mum and Dad whilst I went to Westfield lol

    • Natalie Palmer says:

      What an amazing day! I went to the Olympic Park in Barcelona in 1992 on a school trip! Would definitely like to visit London sometime soon.

    • KelleyP says:

      Congratulations on your fabulous day out Di & your dive in particular, very brave. I went to the World Athletic championships in 2017 at the Olympic park/London Stadium, it was an amazing atmosphere.

  57. Margaret Jeffrey says:

    Not been to the Olympic Park, but have won trips to two Olympic Games – Moscow and Barcelona Olympics. Both wonderful experiences. Your day sounded fantastic.

  58. Helen Tovey says:

    Wow what an amazing prize, such an experience. We visited from Newcastle a while back, spectacular stadium!

  59. Gill chilton says:

    I’ve never been to Olympic Park… but stayed in the premier inn overlooking en route to a prize trip on Eurostar to Paris. Thanks for offering this prize Di. Loved reading about your tremendous day!!

  60. Mandy Wootton says:

    We went to the Olympic park for the anniversary games July 2016, this was also a competition prize, we saw Usain Bolt which was really exciting. A great place to visit.

  61. Eliza Hemphill says:

    I went to the Olympic park a couple of times during the London 2012 games, I saw the Paralympic athletics and Paralympic volleyball!

  62. Kazzy says:

    Fabulous prize – I am so envious of your swim in the Olympic pool. I actually ran on the Olympic running track before any of the big stars did. I worked for a charity who were given the Olympic track for a fundraising event and the charity held an internal competition to win a slot in a 4 x 100m relay race running against celebrities. I have run a few marathons so thought 100m would be fun and it was for charity so it wouldnt be competitive right? WRONG – the three other winners from our charity were all young hugely competitive men who decided to put me third so they could get a good start and then have someone fast to go for gold. I ran alongside my hero Welsh Rugby hero Gareth Thomas and he even offered to hold my hand and pull me around. Hey I did it – it wasnt fast and it wasnt pretty but it was the most brilliant day. Me and my sister Nicola got to chat with Gareth and I have been a little bit in love with him ever since. Oh and I have stuck to longer distances ever since – that 100 metres was a KILLER 🙂

  63. Lynn Parry says:

    I’ve been a couple of times. Not for the olympics though! Once to see some athletics through tickets won with muller and secondly just for a day out with friends… we went on the swan paddle boats!

  64. Sarah Dunne says:

    Wow looks like an amazing day for you all! Great memories! And the goodies look amazing too

  65. Sarah Morris says:

    Never been but I do love the Olympics x looks like you had an amazing time

  66. Caroline says:

    Sounds a fab day! I’ve been a few times but the highlight for me has to be doing the Orbit slide!

  67. Jean Cass says:

    No I’ve never been ! Sounds like a brilliant day out

  68. Emma Wolski says:

    I watched your unboxing of this and it’s looked fantastic and I’m super jealous now having read the above! I’m desperate to go down that slide! Super generous to offer out these prizes! Thank you and good luck everyone!

  69. Helen Nineham says:

    Well I’ve never actually been to the Olympic Park, but I do reference it everyday!
    I work the Police/HEMS/pleasure trip helicopters over London and the Olympic Park is a reporting point!

  70. Samantha says:

    I’ve been a couple of times

  71. Ali says:

    I’ve never been to Olympic park but I have watched my boyfriend race in the Commonwealth games which was amazing!

    • Lindsay Allen says:

      Loved reading about your VIP experience Di, the Orbit slide sounds fab. We had a flying visit to Olympic Park in 2016 when we met our friend who was running in the London Marathon. Wished we’d had chance to try Orbit now!

  72. Kate Morris says:

    I’ve never been to the Olympic Park, but would love to go one day.

  73. Susan Ocock says:

    Have never been, but sounds like you had a great day. As a West Ham supporter I am very jealous!

  74. Rachel Towers says:

    I’ve haven’t been (yet!)

    • Asima says:

      I have never visited the Olympic park but missed out on a great opportunity to visit the place when London hosted the 2012 Olympics. I had just started a new job so was worried about taking time off too early on in the role.

  75. Emma says:

    Wow Di, what a fantastic experience you all had. You’re so brave jumping off the 5 metres board. Well done. I’ve not been to the Olympic park yet, but it’s my daughters 16th birthday next week so we’re heading to London and will definitely check it out. Just not sure if I’m ready to ride that slide yet though lol however it does look awesome!!

  76. Magda says:

    Hello Di,
    Like you, I miss the special events and so I was very happy to read about your experience. I have not been to the Olympic Park yet. I already liked the grey Nike t-shirt in your unboxing video and I am very happy that you want to share it with one of us. So I love to participate in your giveaway.

  77. Chas Gilbert says:

    I have never been

  78. Kim Neville says:

    No we have not been to Olympic Park but would like to. My son wants to go down the Orbit slide

  79. Pauline Gibson says:

    Yes I have been to the Olympic Park, I was lucky enough to win tickets to the 2012 Olympics and saw the Athletics it was awesome I also won VIP tickets to ride the orbital which I did with a friend can totally recommend it. Well done Di you spur me on even through the dry spells, I sit and watch you on You tube doing your unboxing and that also inspires me x

  80. Harriet says:

    Never been before but now I want to after reading that! Sounds like you had a great time

  81. Margot Adams says:

    Wow ! Sounds like you had a fab day. And those diving boards !! I have never been but would really love to go now !! ‍♀️⛹‍♀️‍♂️

  82. Ashleigh says:

    I’ve been to the Oympic Park to watch the World Para Athletics Championships in the stadium and I’ve done a cheerleading competition at the Copper Box Arena!

  83. Laura Barratt says:

    No we haven’t but after seeing all your pictures and reading the blog post it looks like something we would enjoy doing.

  84. Never been to olympic park, loved reading about your win,
    for this prize pack raffle, please please count me in

  85. HELENA says:

    Never been I too brought loads of sausage rolls won a 15.00 voucher really wanted to go my daughter said she would pay me to see me on a diving board or even going down the slide . I would have done it if I won ………now we never know haha

  86. Kathryn Hipkin says:

    Never been to the Olympic Park but thoroughly enjoyed reading about it here and you talking about in in the October Prize Unboxing video.

  87. Linda C says:

    We have been originally to watch the Paralympics and to Cheer West Ham (long time fans) on to a win, both times with Cadbury’s fantastic atmosphere. Well done on the jump I still can’t go underwater, a wonderful experience to treasure.

  88. Kelly Cookes says:

    This sounds amazing. Money can’t buy experiences are the best kind of prizes. I was lucky enough to get tickets to see the swimming at Olympic Park. It was absolutely fantastic!

  89. Lisa says:

    Sounds fab! I’ve never been 🙁

  90. Nusrat says:

    Looks like you had an amazing day! Never been myself but fingers crossed we can in the future, my boys would love it!

  91. Katie says:

    Loved reading all about your experience, and well done on the 3m board I think I would have cried! What fantastic experiences comping can win us! So glad things are starting to be a bit normal again.

  92. Lisa Mauchline says:

    I’ve never been but hopefully one day once my girls are older we’ll get the train down from Scotland for a weekend trip.

  93. Carol burgess says:

    What a fab prize Di ! I haven’t been but my son is at university at Wembley studying football marketing so we had a tour of the stadium..I really enjoyed it despite not being into football ! Kyle got to play at an England game before a big match years ago which was amazing love our hobby !

  94. Melanie Burton says:

    Never been to the Olympic Park but looks like an amazing experience!

  95. sarah Prescott says:

    No I’ve never been to the Olympic Park but would love to go. Congrats on your win it looks like you had a brilliant day

  96. Maria Parker says:

    I loved reading all about it Di, and I have to admit I was a little bit jealous as I love Christine Ohuruogu and I have never been to the Olympic Park. Well done on the win. Glad it was such an awesome experience.

  97. Vicky says:

    Wow such a delightful read on your experience! Seems like a perfect fun filled day. I have visited the Olmpic Park once before when i took my children to the Beach East event which was great but sadly has not returned this side of Covid. Glad you and Rob had an amazing time. Look forward to reading and watching more of your content soon.

  98. Lyn Greene says:

    I’ve never been Di, but would love to go someday I was lucky to be in London when the olympics was on with my mammy a trip we will never forget. Your day looks amazing

  99. Rachel Griffiths says:

    I went to the Olympic Park for the 2012 Paralympics. Amazing atmosphere, brilliant events. I even got to see George Osborne get booed in front of 80,000 people, what joy!

  100. Kelly turner-chapman says:

    This looks amazing! I was fortunate enough to watch the paralympics in 2012 – watched the swimming and wheelchair basketball

  101. Caroline says:

    I’ve never been to the Olympic Park but it sounds amazing, I’d love to go!

  102. Lauren says:

    Wow! Looks like a fabulous day, the gift that kept on giving. I’ve never been to the Olympic Park but it looked amazing.

  103. Amy SIMPSON says:

    Ive never been,but would love to x

  104. Sophie Carter says:

    Unfortunately not Di, although I’d love to! I have had my picture with an Olympic torch when it came to our area!

  105. Dawn McBride says:

    WOW! What an incredible experience, sounds amazing. Congratulations!! I have never been before, but would really love too one day!

  106. Chazzy says:

    Never been to the Olympic park! After reading this it sounds as though I should take a trip, such a fantastic win and experience you all had!

  107. Susannah Clayton says:

    I was in the Olympic park on Super Saturday of the 2012 Olympics. Was such an incredible day. I’m the stadium for the afternoon session and up the orbit for the evening session when Mo won big!

  108. Pippa Ainsworth says:

    I haven’t! Attending the Olympics is definitely on my bucket list though, I was very pregnant during the 2012 Olympics (my daughter was born during the Paralympics). I did have an amazing prize day at the Manchester Commonwealth Games in 2002 though.

  109. Michelle Blane says:

    Wow what a fantastic day! I have not been to The Olympic Park (in fact it is 25 years since I was last in London!).My parents went tomany of the Olympic events in 1948 though. When they got the bus to the stadium, many of the athletes were also travelling on the local bus too. How times change!

  110. Lotte says:

    Looks like an amazing day! Woohoo! When my kids were younger the Olympic park was their favourite day out, great in summer for picnics, great climbing walls by the canal free to use. 2 good playgrounds. Water fountains for the kids to play in in the summer etc etc. I have been lucky enough to win tickets to ‘ride the slide’ too, which I absolutely loved! I’ve also won twice to go and watch basketball at the copper box arena in the park which went down very well with my basketball loving middle son! X

  111. Jane Becker says:

    The Orbit view looks amazing. I haven’t been yet but it did look like a fab day out.

  112. Fiona Hogan says:

    This looks fab . We went to the Olympic park a few years ago by default . We were looking for somewhere else but glad we found it and had a great time . Not as good as your day though lol

  113. Lauren Reed says:

    I’ve not been to the Olympic Park yet but it’s definitely on my list of London things to do!

  114. Jacky Leadbeater says:

    I was lucky enough to be in the stadium on Super Saturday at the London Olympics. The noise was electric ,athletics amazing and on returning to our hotel via the tube everyone on the trains were talking to each other like one big happy family. It was an incredible and extraordinary event and vividly remembered.

  115. Shamina says:

    I’ve been to the Olympic Park numerous times but never to Orbit. The slide seems scary! Did everyone dive? Not sure if I would be brave enough

  116. Shirley says:

    What an amazing experience you must have had. I’ve never been to the Olympic Park:( but I am a fan of watching the Olympics, this year was so emotional listening to the athletes journeys due to Covid. What an immense experience for you to have met Olympians. Well done

  117. Mia says:

    I was lucky enough to go to the Anniversary Games at the Olympic Park in 2013 and see Usain Bolt race.

  118. Heather Cain says:

    Sounds like a fab day. No I have never been to the Olympic park.
    But a few years ago, my friend won a day out to Wembley stadium, but was unable to go so gave the tickets to me. We were given a tour of the stadium, we went i to the changing rooms, what an exciting tour it was.
    But the best was that after the tour, we went into a huge room to watch the England game live on a massive screen, with free beer and food supplied by Carlsberg, AND we had the Lightening Seeds sing live on stage, singing “its coming home”.
    I can honestly say this was one of my best days ever!!!!!

  119. Alison Thackray says:

    I attended a couple of events when Ldn hosted the Olympics- what an honour. Bet you had the beat day out, sounds like great fun was had by all

  120. Laura Farnworth says:

    Hi Di, I’ve never been to the Olympic Park! Looks like you had an absolutely fantastic experience!

  121. Lisa Sweeney says:

    Wow it sounds like a fab day! We were lucky enough to get tickets for the diving in the 2012 Olympics – I remember being blown away by the Aquatics centre but just the whole experience of being in the Olympic Park was brilliant.

  122. Nic Stott says:

    I’d love to have seen you doing a bomb jump from the platform
    I’ve never been to Orbit

  123. Nicola Lester says:

    My sister, also a LL, was lucky enough to participate in one of the trial events before the 2012 Olympics, representing the NSPCC (who she worked for at the time). I went with her to support her and also managed to do a bit of celeb spotting while I was there. It was a great day.

  124. Christine reid says:

    Went a few times during the Olympics saw swimming, basketball and athletics. All thanks to comp wins.

  125. Rona Williams says:

    I’ve never been to the Olympic Park, but seeing and reading all about your amazing experience really makes me want to go!

  126. Lisa says:

    I never been, but it looks and sounds like an incredible day out, one I am sure we would enjoy as a family, with lots to see and do.

  127. Sarah Huddlestone says:

    Never been but it sounds an amazing place!

  128. Kristyn Harris says:

    I have been to the Olympic Park once. I had a fabulous experience there when I won tickets for the ‘best seats in the house’ in the IAAF World Championships in 2017 and saw Mo Farah win his final track race!

  129. Angela Robinson says:

    Sounds like a fabulous day. My 3 daughters and I went to the Aquatic Centre for a Sports Relief event a few years ago. Was a real fun evening watching celebrities take part in water games.

  130. Naina says:

    Hi Di

    Yes, I have been to the Olympic Park a few times.

    Once when it first opened, we went up and had a great time at the tower, the slide wasn’t open then.

    My son loves the bus station which can be seen from the Olympic Park, not taken him to it yet!

    We also attended for the Paralympics which was a competition win and someone gifted us the tickets!

  131. Catrin Owens says:

    Haven’t been yet but after seeing your day out might head over to the Olympic park at the weekend when I meet up with my son,. I’d love to win this prize, after a few sips of Lambrini on my birthday I thought it was a good idea to sign up to the my first half marathon next year in Bath! The extra gym goodies would certainly come in handy.

  132. Kim Lees says:

    I went to the Olympic park quite a few a years ago with my family and some friends who live in Camden, we went swimming and then my kids went on the bike track there, they absolutely loved it

  133. Pat Stubbs says:

    I went quite soon after the Olympics finished and was disappointed as it almost seemed abandoned. best bit was the Orbital slide – great fun. They seem to have expanded the activities and brightened it up now which is great

  134. Sharon WITHAM says:

    I went to the park to watch my son Luke play handball for Brighton handball team in a tournament 4 years ago,they didnt win but we had a great day cheering the team on , and he scored several goals. It is the best venue he has played at . Handball is such a great sport . I would love to visit again and watch Brighton play West ham .

  135. Davina M says:

    Wow what a wonderful day! I’ve so missed these experiences (hopefully we’ll get to go in a few more once the kiddies are older!) we saw a game of football at the olympics and saw athletics at the paralympics back in 2012 but have only seen it from the train since!

  136. Jess McGuire says:

    I’ve never been to the Olympic Park but this blog post has made me want to go even more! It sounds amazing!

  137. Nadia Stanbridge says:

    Comping gives us access to so many exciting opportunities! What a grand day out you had and a fab goodie bag too! Thank you for sharing, Di.

  138. Dell says:

    Yes I was very fortunate because of my job to go to the last full dress rehearsal for the opening of the Olympics. It was so magical and keeping it a secret from family and friends, knowing what they would see on the tele. Great experience

    • Di says:

      My husband was telling me all about this – and that Danny Boyle deliberately asked attendees to ‘save the surprise’ rather than ‘keep the secret’ – apparently people are more likely to share a secret, but they don’t like to spoil a surprise!

  139. Zoe says:

    I’ve been to the stadium before for a Rugby World Cup match but over lockdown I was bored enough to watch football and have become a West Ham fan so I need to visit again! especially now they are doing well, after a 36 year lull apparently!

  140. Pauline Dring says:

    I’ve never been to the Olympic Park. I’m impressed with your jump off the 3 metre high platform Di!

    • Di says:

      You should have seen the 5 metre one Pauline! I think Tim took a video so if it shows up I’ll edit it in!

  141. Hannah B says:

    Not been to the Olympic Park yet Di, but on my ever growing list of places to visit in London! Loved reading about your win.

  142. Lucy robinson says:

    I took my kiddies to the Olympic Park a couple of years ago before Covid. Great place to visit for all the family.

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