I’m Di Coke, and I’m a winner.

For 25 years my hobby of entering prize draws and competitions – comping – has resulted in over £300,000 of prizes. I’ve travelled the world for free – from Brazil and New Zealand to Japan and the Caribbean. I’ve won a VW Beetle, walked the red carpet at the BAFTAs (twice!) and funded my wedding with a £7,500 cash win – check out my top ten prizes for inspiration.

I’ve shared my passion for comping with many magazines and newspapers, and I write a monthly column in Compers News magazine.

I’ve been interviewed about comping on This Morning, BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 5 Live, ITV Weekend, BBC Your Money and Your Life and Right on the Money – and have appeared on eight different TV gameshows!

I launched my award-winning blog SuperLucky in 2009 because so many people want advice on comping from someone they can trust. The blog proved such a hit I published ‘the ultimate compers guide’, SuperLucky Secrets, as both an ebook and paperback. I publish the annual BootComp Planner for compers who are serious about their hobby and am currently writing a new beginner’s guide, How to Win Competitions.

I’m successful at comping because I put the effort in, and have a positive attitude – believe it or not, it’s got nothing to do with being lucky! The competitions I feature here at SuperLucky.Me and on the SuperLucky Facebook page are rarely simple prize draws – I feature blog giveaways, photo comps, video comps, tiebreakers, treasure hunts, apps, or purchase necessary promotions that require a little effort to take part.

I share competitions that I genuinely believe my readers can win – because they’re tricky to find, with low entry numbers or with lots of prizes. And though some may be hard to enter, that of course means they’re EASY to win. I focus on free UK competitions, but my advice can help people win worldwide contests too!

So you’ve read this far? Well, you must be ready to be a winner. Check out my Beginner’s Guide to Comping, enter my top 5 recommended competitions, subscribe to my newsletter and join me in the Lucky Learners Facebook group and let’s get (super) lucky!

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