Tackling Advent Competitions

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With just a week to go before 1st December, most compers are preparing for the onslaught of ADVENT COMPETITIONS – daily giveaways that run throughout the month, usually right up to Christmas Eve. Each year, we see the number of comps growing and growing, with some wonderful prizes on offer.

You may have noticed a few companies starting their daily giveaways early, but most will be launching next Monday 1st December. And what can we expect? There will be a mix of comps – some will be 24 prizes, one a day until Christmas. For others, there might be a daily prize on weekdays only. And some companies might do a ’12 days of Christmas’ promotion, either starting on the 1st or the 12th December. In some cases, there will be prizes on some days and discounts/offers on the other days. For most, you DON’T need to enter every day, each daily draw is a standalone giveaway. If it’s a social media comp, the winner is usually contacted or announced the following day.

I asked on the SuperLucky page how people were feeling about the Advents with mixed reactions of excitement and dread! Here are some suggestions for how you can tackle them:

Ready-made Advent lists

If you already use a competition listings site you might want to stick with that format – here are where you’ll find the biggest lists of Advent comps:


Personally, I like to use Chrome bookmarks to organise Advent competitions into folders, and I only bookmark the ones I’m interested in – see the screenshot of my folders below.


Bookmarking Advents


If you’d like to try this method, here’s what I do:

  • I create several folders, splitting them into Facebook Advents, Twitter Advents and then as many folders as I need for the other advents – I’ll mark a few of the best comps into Essentials folders, which I will try to enter daily!
  • I’ll also create a TBC folder, where I can bookmark sites NOW which are running Advents – then when they start, I can bookmark the direct link into the relevant folder.
  • From 1st December I’ll regularly visit one or more of the sites listed above, checking out the latest additions to their list and deciding whether to bookmark them into my folders
  • If I have lots of advent comps open and want to save them all, right click a tab and choose to Bookmark all tabs into a new folder (on IE it’s Add current tabs to Favorites).
  • I store a maximum of 20 bookmarks in each folder, then when I’m entering the comps I right-click a folder name and choose Open all bookmarks to open all the Advents in new tabs, then enter one by one.
  • It’s easy to drag a bookmark from one folder to another, so you can move them around.

Advent tips

  • Don’t get stressed – remember, comping is meant to be fun and only a superhero who doesn’t sleep can enter 500 Advent comps every day (as well as all the other comps!)
  • Don’t register for daily email reminders of comps, you’ll be wasting time clearing out your inbox – just use a list or your bookmarks to do them.
  • Decide on a few Advent comps that you MUST enter daily – then if you get those done, you’ll feel like you’ve achieved something.
  • Local comps where winners have to collect the prize will have lower entries – make sure YOU can collect before you enter though!
  • If you’re doing your Advents in one daily session, try after 10am and before 5pm – some companies don’t put up the daily competition post until 10am, and some of the daily draws close to entries at 5pm.
  • Keep an eye on your Facebook and Twitter feed, bookmarking any good Advent comps that pop up – and watch out for friends entering them on your Facebook ticker too!
  • Search on Google and Twitter for ‘Advent competition’, ’12 days of christmas’ along with ‘win’ or ‘prizes’ to find comps.
  • While all the other compers are obsessed with the Advents, look out for creative and ‘effort’ competitions which will get fewer entries than usual!
  • Warn your Facebook friends that you’ll be doing lots of comping – ask them to go to your profile and click Follow to unfollow you if they don’t want to be bombarded with posts.
  • Make sure you’re a member of Competition Winners on Facebook, and use Social Searcher – both will help you find wins you may have missed.

Best of luck – let me know if you have any wins!

Note: this post was first published November 2014

16 Responses

  1. Sallyanne Metcalfe says:

    Wonder if someone can help me,I’m a newbie to advent comps,been bookmarking Facebook advents which have yet to start….can someone explain the typical format for fab advent comps?is it a case of like,share and comment on the day? Thanks in advance x

  2. sonseyface says:

    Gosh that was really useful. I have no system in place at all, I just open and close random sites. I am going to try and get my-self organised this year 🙂

  3. I’m so excited for advent comps this year. I did fairly well last year, although it kind of takes over your life! Haha

  4. Carol Turner says:

    I use IE, I have mine set up as advents, then sub folders of twitter/FB, this wors for me, after I week or so I get to know which ones are worth doing regular, some only give codes out, unless you are sure yr going to use them, then I find they aren’t worth doing, they get deleted off my list.

  5. Rebecca Nisbet says:

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/compannouncements/?fref=ts is a great group on facebook where people share links to giveawyas, advents etc…

  6. Melissa Lee says:

    Thank you for these fab tips! This is my first time doing advent comps and this will help so much

  7. Stacy Sorrell says:

    spent 3 hours yesterday setting up my bookmarks….. i started comping during last years advent, up to 190+ wins so far Good Luck to all xx

  8. Fiona Johnson says:

    Thankyou once again for your fabulous advice x

  9. Stevie says:

    Bookmarking is a great idea. I’ve been using chrome for ages and never thought to add a folder to bookmarks. Opening 20 at a time though? Maybe I’ll gingerly start with 6 or 8.

  10. AngieCupcake Reviews says:

    Thanks for these great tips! I’d never thought of bookmarking them into separate folders before – i;’ll definitely be doing that! You’re so organised! Good luck to you in the advents 🙂

  11. rosierowe says:

    Thanks for the tips Di – I love that you’re so organised!

  12. Kim Carberry says:

    I’m so excited for December the 1st! hehehe

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