Earn cashback and win prizes with Airtime Rewards

Airtime Rewards is an easy way to get money off your monthly phone bill. You download the free app, register your VISA or Mastercard details – and when you spend at their partner retailers (in store or online dependent on the brand) you earn a percentage of your spend as cashback. When you reach £5 cashback, you can redeem it as £5 off your phone bill (for some networks it needs to be a minimum of £10). I’ve been using Airtime Rewards since 2018 and have earned £320 off my phone bill – it’s so easy to use, once you’ve registered your cards you don’t need to do anything else except go shopping!

Download the app at www.airtimerewards.co.uk and use my referral code 39UBWG7A for your 50p cash bonus – and if you spend within a week, we both get an extra £1 too!

What retailers can you earn cashback at?

Brands you can currently earn cashback with include Boots, Greggs, Primark, Wilko, Argos, Currys, Papa John’s, Halfords, New Look, and more. New for February 2022 is Morrisons, with up to 7% cashback!

Using Airtime Rewards to save money on your phone bill

How to use Airtime Rewards

  • Download the app for your Apple or Android device
  • Register your phone number, network, account type (PAYG or Pay Monthly) and email address
  • Tap Wallet to add a new Visa or Mastercard – use your device camera to scan the card details easily 
  • Tap More and then Promo Code to add a referral code for bonus cashback (my code is 39UBWG7A – thanks for using!)
  • Start spending in store or online (dependent on the retailer) with your registered cards – it will automatically register with the app
  • Tap Rewards to see your transactions, and when you have earned enough, tap Redeem to take the money off your phone bill!

Friend referral bonus

If you encourage a friend to sign up to Airtime Rewards with your code, you will both earn 50p – plus an extra £1 for you both if your friend spends within a week. There are also occasional £1.50 bonus sign-up days, plus prize draws if you shop at certain retailers on a set day – so it’s worth allowing push notifications from the app so you don’t miss out.

To find your referral code, tap More in the app, then Share & Earn. Share your code on social media or with your friends via email or Whatsapp. There are regular bonuses and prize draws for referring friends!

Win prizes

Airtime Rewards regularly have promotions where you can enter a prize draw for shopping at a certain retailer, for referring a certain amount of friends. 

They also do lots of giveaways on Twitter – so be sure to follow @airtimerewards!

Are you an Airtime rewards user? How much money have you saved so far? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Dawn Hynes says:

    My points have not been added and i shop at boots and wilko

  2. Mhairi Clare Meek says:

    Thanks for sharing – just signed up using your referral code

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