All about my new job!

So, I have some rather exciting news. I’ve got a new job!

Not only that, it’s pretty much my dream job. Before having Ryland I worked freelance as a Graphic Designer, mainly working in-house at design agencies. Unflexible childcare arrangements mean it’s impossible for me to work outside my home, and I only have a few clients, so I’ve been wondering about what step my career should take next. I enjoy my artworking, but I love my blogging and competitions – so how on earth can I combine the two and make an income? Hmmmm…

The Prize Finder

A couple of weeks ago I heard from Accolade Publishing that they wanted to liven up their online competition resource The Prize Finder celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, has won a Web User Gold Award, been mentioned by Jo Whiley on Radio 1 and even featured in Cosmopolitan’s recent article on how to get rich! It has thousands of competitions listed, and is my first port of call when I’m searching for prizes on my wish list. Steve Higson is the man working hard behind the scenes, but Accolade needed someone to take the helm of the social side – looking after the Facebook and Twitter pages and writing a PrizeFinder blog. This is what I’ve been doing with Super Lucky for over a year now, so naturally I jumped at the chance to be paid for it! As well as entering (and winning) competitions I love sharing them so it’s the ideal job for a Mum who’s at home all day.

At a meeting with Accolade this week we discussed improvements to The Prize Finder site and I would love to hear any feedback you have. Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding a blog and encouraging people to interact more on the site, and on the PrizeFinder Facebook page and Twitter. If you’ve won prizes as a result of the Prize Finder then do let us know – you could win a £100 cash prize! You can email your details and a photo at

Over the next few weeks there will be improvements made to the website, and the PrizeFinder blog will get off the ground – I hope I can rely on SuperLucky followers to add the blog to your Google Reader! I’ll be trialling some fun ideas to get people chatting about comps on Facebook and Twitter too, and I’ll be donning my PrizeFinder hat (this of course is likely to be an actual hat!) and helping you find competitions to win your dream prize. As this year is the PrizeFinder’s tenth anniversary there will be celebrations and competitions planned, and lots of exciting things going on.

Compers News

In addition to my work on the PrizeFinder’s social media channels, I’m going to be taking over the design of Compers News magazine. I’ve blogged before about how the editor Steve Middleton and I are good friends; we live about a mile apart in Nottingham, which surely is fast becoming the comping capital! Since first subscribing to Compers News ten years ago, I’ve always wanted the job of typesetting the publication. I’m a stickler for detail, pride myself on accuracy and have always felt that compers should be in charge of competition magazines, so I’m delighted that I’m to be trusted with the job. It’s going to involve some late nights but with a baby around I’m used to tapping away on a keyboard in the early hours…

So, how will my new job affect the SuperLucky blog? 
As I will be blogging over at the PrizeFinder, it makes sense for me to do my regular recipe, photo and creative comp round ups over there, as well as blogging about Facebook comping, tips and advice so I get the biggest possible readership.

Naturally, I’ll still be keeping you up to date here at SuperLucky with my own entries and successes (or failures!) in the creative competitions and all the adventures I have on my prize wins. The blog comp linky is proving a big success and runs itself now with a little moderation from me, so that will still be a regular monthly post at SuperLucky. I’ll continue to share my favourite quirky, creative and low entry comps on the Super Lucky Facebook page, alongside a wider range of comps on the Prize Finder page – so make sure you ‘Like’ them both!

Finally, thankyou for all your support and feedback over the last couple of years. I’ve had many messages from readers who have been inspired by my blog and gone on to win amazing things. I hope that my enthusiasm for comping will continue to spread and help more people win the prizes that they really want!

14 Responses

  1. SHEILA says:

    So pleased for you Di, what goes around comes around and you SO DESERVE THIS!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    well done, so glad your keeping the quirky comps on here, I like those ones best! 🙂

  3. niclon2653 says:

    Good luck,sounds like the perfect job for you Di.Look forward to following your progress with Prizefinder.

  4. Angela says:

    Best of Luck in your new jobs Di & thanks for all your hard work on your blog, I’ve had some lovely prizes and now follow some brilliant blogs because of you xx

  5. Onashortbreak says:

    I think you’ll be perfect for the job Di, couldn’t think of anyone better. Many congratulations.

  6. elvy106 says:

    Well done Di 🙂

  7. Lynn says:

    congratulations on the new job, or actually it sounds like several jobs. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

  8. squeakymom says:

    Congratulations! Sounds like it was made for you! It’s fabulous when it all fits together.

  9. Anonymous says:

    WHOOP WHOOP Well Done Di Thats great news 🙂 Dee xx

  10. GrapeVine says:

    Congratulations Di. I’m going to have to proof read my CN articles extra carefully now – don’t want you spotting any bloopers!

  11. Anna says:

    Great news Di – and sounds ideal for you! You are doing us home-working multi-tasking Mum’s proud…

  12. davina says:

    Sounds great, Congratulations from beeniebuds&co!

  13. pinksy says:

    Woo, awesome Di!

  14. Congratulations Di…it all sounds perfect for you and very exciting! xxx

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