Amazon Santa’s Locker is back!

Once again Santa has been busy hiding prizes in Amazon lockers round the UK, to be found by lucky sleuths! This time, there are 18 prizes to be found, including Amazon Echos and Kindles.

Win prizes with Amazon Santa's Locker!

Each Amazon locker has a name, and from today, 3rd December until 6th December 2019, @AmazonUK will tweet out clues to a name. Figure out the answer to the clue, and be the first person to get to the locker and enter the code to unlock it – and you win what’s inside!

What to do…

  • Starting today, 3rd December, wait for the clues to be tweeted at 
  • If you know the answer to the clue, you can search for a locker name on Amazon (you’ll need to be logged in to your account and choose ‘Amazon Locker’ from the drop down menu)
  • Make sure the locker location matches the location that Santa is supposed to be in!
  • If it’s near you – get to the locker ASAP and type in the clue code to unlock it and claim your prize! If you’re too late and the prize has been claimed, unfortunately the screen will show ‘The entered code is not valid’.

Be prepared!

  • Set mobile notifications for the AmazonUK Twitter account for the duration of the competition at  (do this by going to your phone Settings > Twitter > Allow notifications)
  • Log into your Amazon account now to check out where your local lockers are – and what their names are! Change the drop down menu to ONLY show lockers.

With only 18 prizes up for grabs, the chance of a winning locker being near you is slim, but if you have friends around the country, you could always give them a nudge if the locker is close to them!

Check out full T&Cs on the Amazon website. Good luck!

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