An epic October with 23 prizes!

It’s that time again! I did mention in September I was entering a few more photo and video comps and I’m pleased to say I’ve had three wins with creative entries in October – a photo, video, and story win. Plus my unboxing this month features another 20 prizes – it’s been very busy for my postman!

October goals

As for the monthly goals listed in my BootComp planner, I managed 4/6 this month.

  • Enter 500 comps ✅
  • Win 10 prizes ✅
  • Win a creative competition  ✅
  • Win on the Fanta Halloween instant win! ❌
  • Get on the radio for a comp ❌
  • Win a prize off my wishlist  ✅

Winning theme park tickets meant I’ve now crossed off a line on my 2023 wishlist bingo card! My focus for November is winning a games console for Ry – either a PS5, or an Xbox would also be fab.

Check out the unboxing video to see all the prizes I won this month (and scroll down for the spoilers…)

Watch to the end of the video to find out how to win one of two sets of my new edition BootComp books!

October prize list

  • Manomasa tortilla chips & tote bag, plus Holy Moly dips – @Manomasa Instagram prize draw
  • £50 Amazon voucher, paint your own Shaun the Sheep & stickers/print from BenKav – @Fastnet Instagram prize draw
  • £100 Amazon voucher – @StarPropertyUK Shaun the Sheep selfie competition
  • £5 Deliveroo voucher – Costa Taste Promo instant win
  • Cadbury Chocolate bar – Cadbury & Princes Trust prize draw
  • £80 art kit for school – Jackson’s of Yorkshire instant win
  • XBox Controller – @CurrysGaming TikTok prize draw
  • She Kicks Magazine – @SheKicksDotNet Twitter prize draw
  • £150 Vapiano voucher & Campari – @VapianoUK Instagram prize draw
  • Japanese meal & sake – @ElsinoreFoods on Instagram prize draw
  • Transformers t-shirt – M&Ms and Asda text-to-win
  • Halloween party pack – Fruit Shoot text-to-win
  • Nike football and pump – Weetabix instant win
  • Flamingods LP – Mutations Festival Instagram prize draw
  • Batman mug – Batchelors Text to win
  • Mutti hamper – Mutti purchase necessary instant win
  • Odysea hamper, YiaYia cook book and YiaYia gin – @matriarcheats Instagram prize draw
  • Alton Towers family ticket – Carex Halloween Kids horror story (I told the story of when Ry was a toddler and sneezed into the cake mix when we were baking monster cupcakes!)
  • Capsicana guacamole mix – @Capsicana Instagram guacamole prize draw
  • Ninja Air Fryer – BibiGo TikTok dance video prize draw
@superluckydi Let’s #bibigogogo! @bibigo UK ♬ bibi-Yeah! – bibigo
  • £5 GAME Rewards – GAME prize draw
  • £10 Love2Shop voucherSpar & Coca-Cola instant win (ends 31.1.24)
  • Premier League training experience at Spurs training ground, with 2 nights London hotel stay and £500 spending money – Heineken & Tesco Text to Win

Was October lucky for you? Let me know in the comments!

If you enjoy reading about people’s comping success, then please join us in the Lucky Learners Facebook group where group members share their wonderful weekly and monthly wins – you can also watch a playlist of prize unboxing videos on YouTube!

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Good luck for November!

17 Responses

  1. Veronica Dixon says:

    WOW – congratulations on all your October unboxing wins Di – how exciting is all that! I did have a small win in October – a Tower slow cooker with Birds Eye/Morrisons prize draw which cl. 10/10/23 & am delighted as it will be very handy (when it arrives) for cooking winter meals. Roll on my next wins! The prize on my wish list to win before the end of this year is to win a mediterranean holiday! Your Bootcamp Book & Mini-Planner set prizes sound brilliant for any comper – so am keeping my fingers crossed to win a set of those too!

  2. Andrea Dimmick says:

    The beginning of the month I won £30 with Cadbury wrap up draw and Urban Eats Tech prize valued at £1338.00 which included £500 HotelGifts voucher and a rather nice Samsonite suitcase, I’m selling the tech stuff and will use the money to get a new Tablet or Phone. Nothing since then, so fingers crossed for some great November wins.
    I loved seeing your epic October wins

  3. Rebecca MacBain says:

    Great moves Di

  4. Wiebke Howey says:

    Motivated after watching your unboxing I entered the Mutti competition this morning and won a hamper! Thank you very much!

    • Di says:

      Brilliant news!!

      • KelleyP says:

        What a fantastic unboxing video Di, congratulations on all your wins and being very inspirational. I’ve been very lucky this month and have won 30 prizes, the stand out ones being a £50 Iceland voucher from the Capri-sun competition, Headphones from the Fanta Halloween comp, 24 cans of Asahi Lager from one of the Asahi lager comps and a pair of Premier League tickets in the Budweiser competition, I’m hoping for Man City but I realise it may be a random allocation. There were only 15 available in total, so I feel very fortunate. I would love to win a trip away in the next couple of months, I’ve got Vienna, New York, Scotland and Canada on my Bingo Prize Wishlist. Failing that, I’d love to win a Fortnum and Mason Hamper.

  5. Jeanette says:

    Congrats Di, I always watch your videos . They are inspiring to keep comping. My October started with the usual wins perfume and perfume samples and then it kicked off with a package of Gerolsteiner 8 Pack Tea-Editon, a Magura enamel mug, 2 Lanyards with Aida Cruises Helene Fischer Tour 2023 and 2 tickets which I won with the Korbacher Bote to visit the author reading by Karen Duve at the Bac Theatre Bad Arolsen. She wrote a book about the austrian Empress Sisi (Elisabeth) and her travels to England for fox hunting with Bay Middleton and about her dislike for Queen Victoria. Have a fab November.
    PS: I bought 2 ticktes for my father and me and on 09.12.2023 I will visit Paul Potts and friends in concert in Germany. I cant wait for it.

  6. J says:

    Hey Di, when doing your goals of 500comps per month do you include (for example) making 32 calls a day to make me a winner or is that considered 1 a day ? …

    • Di says:

      Good question – I would put that down as entering one comp, as there’s only one chance to win – just as if I tagged 5 friends in comments on a single Insta comp, I’d still count as only entering one competition! But doing 2 entries per day on Fanta, I would consider as 2 different entries as there’s 2 chances to win!

  7. Liam says:

    Some great wins there Di can I just ask do you enter multiple times for the Tesco comps? I’m a big Spurs fan and was desperate to win that training experience but only entered once as it was a purchase necessary draw if I’m remembering correct. How do you get so Lucky 😉 ?

    • Di says:

      Tesco TTWs are usually one entry per person, and I only enter once (in the case of the Heineken one my husband entered once and I didn’t enter as wouldn’t have wanted to go and play footy!). As you have to add your name and postcode to the text, you wouldn’t get away with using multiple numbers!
      For the daily entry where you need to buy a product I’ll usually enter about 8 – 12 times, but only if it’s a product I’ll use (eg. Doritos or Johnsons cotton buds!)
      I don’t think that Spurs Heineken draw would have got an awful lot of entries to be honest, so luck was on Rob’s side this time!

      • Liam says:

        Thanks will look out for a few more of these style competitions hope he has a great day out!

  8. Sarah R says:

    Congrats on a fab month Di..I always look forward to your unboxing vids! I have had a very quiet month…won £10 voucher on Cadbury match the minute & a £10 Amazon voucher with Omaze. I entered a lot of purchase necessary,text to wins & some tik toks…so a bit disappointed. But hopefully the next month is more successful.

    • Di says:

      Fingers crossed for November Sarah! I entered Match the Minute regularly and won nothing, I was desperate to win footy tickets!!

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