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Here’s a new set of winners stories for you – these compers were successful either with snaps (photo competitions) or apps (on their mobile devices!)

Sandra created a Royal coffee cup…

“One of my prizes that we’ve made the most use of is a Lavazza Coffee machine from the judged creative #HELLOLovesLavazza competition. There were some brilliant entries and the top prize was a £3,000 day at Ascot. What was great about my prize was I hadn’t been aware that there were runners up prizes. So it was a most unexpected & certainly worth spending a bit of time giving one of our coffee cups a makeover!”

Samantha’s son helped to win a big prize!

“My son has been a little comper too – together we went on air on Magic FM and won £1000 worth of Amazon vouchers. He now has the bug and is more willing than ever before to draw, sing and dance his way to the wins! He also got involved to help us win a £1,500 Euronics voucher. You had to go into store armed with these hashtag signs and take a photo with the new Bosch Athlet cleaner! We put this to good use and got a Dyson, 32” TV, Smeg mixer, Smeg toaster, Smeg kettle, Bosch iron and a Freeview box! There were 5 vacuums to be won and 5 vouchers ranging from £1,500 to £250 – with only about 40 valid entries it was a really good chance of winning!”

And some winners who got lucky with mobile apps….

Those Pokemon get everywhere, as Siobhan will tell you.

“My favourite win last year was a Fitbit! My husband helped me win it by taking a picture of a Pokemon outside a Nisa local. I dislike the Pokemon Go app as my husband became obsessed with it – but after winning the Fitbit I was a bit more tolerant.”

Keena‘s is a story of good comping karma!

“The prize I was most excited to win was a PS4 with the Pepsi Max app. My children have been after one for a while and I decided to put out some good comping karma.

I had won tickets to Legoland that I was unable to use in time. Rather than let them go to waste I posted on Facebook to say they were free to collector but had to be used by the weekend. A friend of mine (who I also introduced to comping) was the first to comment  – when she picked them up I told her ‘Right, I feel I need to win the PS4 with Pepsi Max now as I’ve given these to you!’. We both laughed but I was deadly serious! To be honest I was glad the tickets were going to a good home and not to waste.

I spent the following week getting my partner to try the app on his phone and the kids on their iPads – along with me on my two devices! Exactly one week later on Friday evening I said to my son ‘have you done your Pepsi Max yet?’ He replied ‘No mum I’m too tired and I don’t want to take my iPad upstairs’. I told him ‘Don’t worry leave it here and I’ll do it and take it up for you’. I then did the scan and hey presto I won! I was in shock and called to tell him – then thought better of it and said it was nothing!

I then forwarded all the confirmation pictures to myself and deleted them from the messages on his iPad. BUT I forgot to delete them out of his photo albums. So one weekend when he was chilling with his dad he discovered the pictures! Both his dad and I have tried convincing him it’s not so, but we’re not sure he bought it. The joys of an inquisitive 8 year old!”

Sirley stumbled across a great low entry competition…

“I was going through a list of closing comps on Loquax and came across a super low entry Rafflecopter competition for an iPad Air 2. I was confused as to why it was so low entry! All you had to do was to download an app called uTalk and give feedback on it. uTalk is a language learning app and I had a great story to share. My husband is English but I’m Estonian and he really wants to learn Estonian for our kids’ sake – and that’s what I used in my feedback. The next morning I woke up to a WEM! I had won. I was so giddy. I asked for a gold iPad Air 2 and was prepared to wait a while before it arrived. It arrived two days later, gift wrapped. It was my best prize by far last year as my laptop had stopped working!”

I hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s series of winners stories! Thanks so much to everyone who sent in emails, and I’m sorry I’ve not been able to feature them all on the blog!

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