Are you entering Retweet comps correctly?

Feeling frustrated because you’re not winning any Retweet competitions on Twitter? It could be due to a number of reasons, but the most common is simply that you’re not entering them correctly!

Retweet or Retweet with comment?

When you tap the retweet button under a tweet, you’re given two options. If it’s a RT competition, you should tap Retweet. Don’t choose Quote Tweet unless the promoter has specifically asked you to.

Why? Because when you add a comment, it’s no longer a retweet. It’s now your tweet, with the original tweet quoted below it. Check by tapping to see the original tweet – the retweet button underneath isn’t green. Your quoted tweet will appear on their Notifications, but most brands only check their Mentions, rather than all their notifications!

For my own Twitter giveaway (below), I asked entrants to RT, and answer using a hashtag, At least 10% of people entered incorrectly, by quoting the tweet (instead of retweeting) or missing off the hashtag, so they won’t be eligible to win. To choose my winner I’ll use Tweetdraw to pick a random retweeter, then I will check they used the hashtag, answered the question and are following me.

When a promoter runs a retweet competition, they will be choosing from the people on the list of retweets. They’ll hopefully be using a free tool like Tweetdraw to choose a random winner, or perhaps a special app that they’ve paid for. These apps choose at random from Retweets – they don’t include Quote Tweets. If the promoter doesn’t know these apps and tools exist, they might just click on ‘Retweets’ under the tweet and choose by scrolling through the list.

If you want to win a Retweet competition, ensure your name appears on the list of retweets! When you’ve successfully retweeted, the arrows underneath a tweet will turn green. If you’ve been asked to leave a comment, leave a reply, or tag a friend, tap retweet and then afterwards, tap the speech bubble icon to reply too.

Enter Retweet Competitions correctly

Retweet with a hashtag

What should you do when a promoter asks you to retweet with a hashtag though? Well, that’s not actually possible – because if you add a hashtag to a retweet, it’s now a quoted tweet and won’t show on the main retweets list! So when promoters ask you to do this, we have no idea whether they will choose their random winner by hashtag, or from the retweets.

Most compers will enter by tapping retweet, and then sending a reply with the competition hashtag and any required text/answer.

Or cover both options by doing a Quote Tweet and adding the hashtag (tag the promoter too, to ensure you pop up in their mentions!), then going back and doing a regular retweet too. You need to do them in this order – once you’ve retweeted a post, you can’t then send a quoted tweet!

Enter Retweet Competitions correctly

Sending replies

Having said all this, some Twitter brands don’t choose a winner fairly from retweets at all. They simply choose a reply that they like from their Mentions tab. My advice is to retweet the competition, and always send a friendly reply, even if it’s not requested. I usually tag a friend in my reply, to get Brownie points for spreading the word about the competition!

In 2020 Twitter changed, and when you tap to see retweets you can see a list of regular Retweets and a separate list of Quote Tweets – so although it’s now possible for a promoter to see a list of retweets that added a comment or hashtag, it’s not possible for them to choose at random from those tweets using a tool like Tweetdraw.

Unfortunately, how winners are chosen by most brands on Twitter is still a mystery – so my advice is to ensure you’re noticed by interacting with brands as much as you can, and tweeting original content as well as retweeting comps!

If you want more tips on Twitter comping, check out my ten tips to win more prizes on Twitter, my YouTube Twitter comping guide or leave a comment below to ask a question!

You night also find my blog post The top ten mistakes compers make helpful!

10 Responses

  1. David says:

    This is why I prefer using rafflepress rather than some app

  2. Rajan says:

    Hi…your post is really very very helpful. So first of all I m very thankful to you for your post.
    My question is that…Suppose we have entered a retweet competition. How can we check weather we have entered in the competition. Means is my retweet is Successfully entered in competition or not. Plzz reply me must. as I m very much frustrated …as from so much time I m doing retweets for giveaways…but still I m nt sure weather I m entering in a simple retweet giveaways properly or not. If u have time plzz give me a direct reply on my e-mail

    • Di says:

      If you go to the competition tweet and the retweet arrows underneath it are green, you’ve retweeted and should be in the random draw! But do check your account is set to public rather than private, that you have a profile photo and a display name that’s not full of numbers (missing profile photos and numbers look like fake bot accounts and often promoters won’t choose these accounts as winners!)

  3. Clare W says:

    So helpful! I always assumed if you retweeted with comment you looked a bit more engaged and more appealing! Now I know!

  4. Margaret riordan says:

    It’s still a mystery. Your first example says “ For my own Twitter giveaway (below), I asked entrants to RT, and answer using a hashtag,…etc”. , I know I press the heart to like and how to check if I’m following Then How do I do the rest? When I press the “retweet” symbol I then get a choice of “retweet” or “retweet with comment”. Which one do I select? If I click on retweet it goes green but if I click on retweet with comment to add a hashtag the retweet doesn’t go green. Ive tried to watch the video but I still cant work it out. I’m using my iPad.

  5. Sylvia Robbins says:

    I thought I might join twitter this year – now I’m feeling better – and this article is very useful.
    My trouble is that so many prizes are Amazon vouchers and I don’t use them. They are the downfall of many small companies and the High Street.
    I also don’t use google; knowingly, and their wretched ads popping up all over stuff I want to read is a big nuisance.
    I do enter the FB draws where I can comment a little tie breaker but never ‘like and share’ or a ‘sob story’. I think FB bans those who write ‘like and share’ x

  6. Jen E (@mseEDC) says:

    That’s great advice Di, thank you. I have a quick question: Unless it’s specifically requested, I don’t tend to reply to comps. Is there any evidence to show people win more if they add a reply?

    • Di says:

      There isn’t – but you’re less likely to get ‘shadowbanned’ (hidden from search results) if you interact with accounts rather than just RTing. Twitter doesn’t like spam and will try to filter it out, so an entire feed of Retweets means you might not be seen!

  7. Caroline Hunter says:

    Thank you for the advice about retweeting! I’ve always wondered if I should do a retweet with a quote or not. I noticed the retweet didn’t go green so now I know why. I realise I won’t have been entered for lots of competitions then but at least I know for the future. I was in the mind set that if I retweeted with a quote and then sent a reply, I would be entering twice and disqualified!

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