ASA rulings on unfair Instagram prize draws

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  1. Samantha Knight says:

    Hi, i’ve been sent an email today from a company asking for votes for an Award in order to enter a Giveaway. Are they allowed to do that?

    • Di says:

      Incentivising entries is a tricky one – not exactly ethical, but not really a breach of the CAP Code either!

  2. Chris Hunt says:

    Great work Di. I have always been suspicious of IG comps and all the shares to ‘private’ accounts. Are they real accounts or what?

    I have just seen this one today – from @Eltoria, a public figure who has 96k followers. She is running a comp to win a glossy box advent calendar. – – She is asking for a follow, tags – the more the merrier!- and share this post to your story. She then says tag me so that I can see –
    She has, so far 4,258 comments. Can I really believe there will be a spread sheet with all the entries, including story shares, completed and a fair selection process will be implemented. It’s all big con.

  3. Pam Richardson says:

    Your article about the ASA rulings were very interesting.
    Well done to you for getting the problems sorted out.

  4. Kazzy Minton says:

    I really dont like many instagram comps particularly the “go wild” with tagging ask – save, share, comment hearts on other posts etc all that drives me crazy. It really puts me off entering which may be why I have little success on Instagram I suppose. It was really interesting to read this post as I had noticed PLT only have been asking for a retweet lately. I certainly wont be sharing on commenting on on previous posts any more so thank you for being our Comping Superhero and helping us understand what is right/fair/good and what blinking well isnt.

  5. Hazel Lemar says:

    Hi Di, I read this item with interest because I sometimes scroll through and enter lots of Instagram competitions one after the other and have noticed that more and more ask you to save the post and share to your story as part of the requirements for entry. Are you saying that if you don’t do these two things it won’t make any difference because they are not going to be able to track it anyway?

    • Di says:

      Saves can’t be tracked at all – but check my blog post about why saving posts can be useful!
      As for story shares, most promoters will choosing from comments and ignoring those bonus entries. Some bloggers do track shares and bonus entries but it takes ages because you have to manually add names to a spreadsheet. I sometimes do a story share but do it right at the end of the competition entry period, so if the promoter does choose a story share as a winner from their inbox, my entry will be near the top!

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