August Prize Unboxing

I have to be honest, I’ve not had my comping head on at all this month! Most of my successes have been with comps from my ‘daily entry’ list – a routine really does help if you’ve got limited time, just make sure you enter a selection of essential comps every day. I probably did ten dailies (instant wins, texts and purchase necessary comps) every day this month and a handful of easy Twitter/Instagram giveaways, but unfortunately didn’t have the time to enter any creative comps.

August goals

As for the monthly goals listed in my BootComp planner, I managed 3/5 this time (the wishlist prize will be in next month’s unboxing as it’s not arrived yet!)

  • Enter 500 comps ✅
  • Win 10 prizes ✅
  • Win vouchers to spend on stuff for the home ❌
  • Get on the radio for a comp ❌
  • Win a prize off my wishlist ✅

Check out the unboxing video to find out more! (and scroll down for the spoilers…) – this month I have a special GIVEAWAY and you can win three prizes – you’ll need to comment on the YouTube video letting me know which one you’d like to win, before 15 September 2023!

August prize list

  • 4 x Chilly’s bottles – Poundland & Wrigleys Extra prize draw
  • Vodafone Treats box (umbrella, rain mac, sweets, lip balm, sweets, mini speaker) – Vodafone ‘red themed’ Instagram photo competition (with photo below, taken in Seoul)

Was August lucky for you? Let me know in the comments!

If you enjoy reading about people’s comping success, then please join us in the Lucky Learners Facebook group where group members share their wonderful weekly and monthly wins – you can also watch a playlist of prize unboxing videos on YouTube!

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Good luck for September!

16 Responses

  1. Becky Llamas says:

    Hi Di. Great video! I would love to win either a water bottle or the mini speaker, both are great.

  2. Heather Swanson says:

    Love to win a beautiful bottle

  3. Lyn Shephard says:

    Hi, I would love to win either the lilac chilly bottle or the mini speaker. I went looking in the pound shop for the right flavour chewing gum and they never had them. Now my local pound shop has closed down so might have been a problem with stock. The mini speaker sounds amazing too! Well done on your wins, your videos always motivate me

  4. Andrea Dimmick says:

    £90 Morisons voucher, £10 Love to shop voucher, Horlicks shake pouch and loads of Mars vouchers that I cant use as theres nothing near me. Had 2 wins already in Sept, so hopefully more to come.

  5. Sandra Clarke says:

    Could I enter for the mini speaker please Di. My niece would love this with her birthday gifts in 3 weeks time. Thank you.

  6. Sandra Clarke says:

    I’d love to win a Chilly’s bottle please! Congratulations on all your wins. x

  7. Karen says:

    A Chilly’s bottle would be lovely.
    Few good wins in August, best was £100 cash from Whiskas

  8. Tara says:

    Wow it’s so nice to see somebody winning a few things. I’ve just this month started to enter the competitions like a “pro”. I’d love to win one of those lovely water bottles please.

  9. KelleyP says:

    Hi Di, thank you for another inspirational video. I had a lovely win in August of £500 from a Heart FM competition, where you had to be a local resident to win it, so there was only a small entry field. I’ve divided it into 3 and treated friends to something nice, given some to charity and will treat myself to something too. I would love to go into your draw to win either a chilly bottle or the speaker. Thank you.

  10. Nicola France says:

    Hi Di, I love your unboxing videos and would love to win a Chilly water bottle – thank you! x

  11. SUZANNE LAKIE says:

    A Chilly’s lilac bottle would be a fantastic. I love that discovering you and your website has got my back into comping after a 20 year break! From the ages of 15-30 I entered and won loads of wonderful and sometimes wacky stuff and have forgotten what a thrill it is to win. Thanks for all the info and guidance, it’s appreciated. Suzanne

  12. Mahir says:

    Hi would love to win the bottles and mini speaker as I have not had a win this month

  13. Jeanette says:

    Hi Di, congrats. I can’t wait for the end of the month to watch your videos. I won a few producttests with REWE such as Bio Kefir (i chose lemon) and a bottle of beer CYBERZ LIMEZ and BERRYZ (i chose lime), then I won some cosmetic and perfume samples and I bought a DVD and unfortunately I won the DVD aswell it’s Pathaan Bollywood movie. I think I give it to someone as a present. On 1st of August I received an mail that I’m the winner of the AD-magazine prize draw with the ADP Workshop (Man of Parts) and I won an designer table worth 1700 or even 2000 €. I think that this is my biggest win so far if it comes to the money part.
    I wish you the best and hope you have an successful September.

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