August wins… an Absolute radio biggie!

Here’s my usual monthly round up of competition prizes – it’s been another great month, with 8 lovely prizes won across radio, app, Facebook, Twitter and web comps! Watch the YouTube video for all the details or scroll below for the spoiler list…

August prize list

  • Cricket set – KP Everyone In instant win 
  • £2,000 cash & Maynards Bassetts sweets – Absolute Radio breakfast show phone in competition
  • Brighton Pride tickets – Costa app prize draw
  • Certificate in whisky tasting course – Bunnahabhain whisky
  • Can ginger beer – Old Jamaica Golden Hour instant win (ends 21.9)
  • 20 football bibs & cones – Hisense Twitter photo competition
  • £500 Amazon vouchersPrime Day sweepstakes (closed)
  • £40 Bar + Block voucher – Facebook prize draw

If you enjoy reading about people’s comping success, then please join us in the Lucky Learners Facebook group where group members share their wonderful weekly and monthly wins – you can also watch a playlist of prize unboxing videos on YouTube!

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Wishing you a successful September!

6 Responses

  1. Jeanette says:

    Hi Di,
    first of all I hope you’re healthy again or on the road of recovery. Your wins are fabulous. My wins are quite a lot this time such as a meal prep set with eat smarter, a producttest with fried potatoes from REWE, this is not a real win but I paticipated in a survey and for that I received a box from Skyvell Spray and Gel for a better smell at home. I although won Superfood for dogs called The One but due to problems I had to fill in a code, which unfortunately didn’t work. With a newspaper I won a puzzle of the city Korbach (Hesse, Germany) 88 pieces worth 19,60, I won a few coffee pad cosmetic and perfume samples, I won again with REWE skyr, I received as a sample some goat milk porridge and a sample of a german travel magazine for free (consolation prize). I have to say that I love this blogpage of yours a lot, because I never ever read any comment from the other commentators which making fun of one another or worse. Thank you for that to everybody. I have some not so nice times on other price puzzle pages in Germany where I or even other people sometimes treated badly. For example you can give a plus or a minus for the comment even for helping with a question, or some of these people starting getting personal, which is disgusting. Again thank you that something like this never happens here. Take care Good Luck for September!

    • Di says:

      Well done on your wins Jeanette! Thanks for the nice comments about SuperLucky. You could also join us in Lucky Learners if you have a Facebook account – the members are all supportive and friendly and although the comps listed are for the UK there are other worldwide members who join in the chat!

  2. Richard says:

    After about 2 years entering competitions without winning anything, I recently won my first prize (the bat and ball set from the EveryoneIn competition). Hopefully it was the opening of the floodgates.

    • Di says:

      That’s a looong wait for your first win Richard! Have you tried any of the purchase comps on the shopping list?

      • Richard says:

        Yes. I’ve entered quite a lot of them in that time. On that subject, the link on the list for the KitKat Chunky £5,000 instant win says “Page not found”. Has it closed early or is the link just not working?

        • Di says:

          It could be that all 5 prizes have been found/claimed! I’ll remove from the list, that one has been running for almost a year and I’ve not seen promo bars for some time now.

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