Bag a bargain subscription to Compers News!

In a world of Facebook, Twitter and blogs, isn’t it charming that people still get excited about a magazine dropping through the letterbox onto their doormat? I know I do!

This week Compers News have launched a special subscription offer for a £9.99 three month trial or a £17.50 six month trial – to order, just CLICK HERE! Now, of course I’m biased. After ten years of subscribing, I recently joined Compers News as the designer, and I also write a monthly column on the joys of online comping – so you can understand my enthusiasm for this splendid magazine!

Here’s a few reasons you should give it a go:

  • Compers News has a private online forum, but access is restricted to paying subscribers – meaning there are fewer of us than on free comping forums, and we can share a lot more information about elusive low-entry competitions. Steve the editor has a knack of finding on-pack SMS and instant win competitions and giving us the tip off so we can win those early prizes. Recently 100 washing machines were offered in a Sainsbury’s text competition – a Chatterbox member posted up the details at the very start of the promotion, and forum members literally cleaned up by winning the majority of the prizes.
  • the listings are extensive, accurate and include loads of comps you won’t find elsewhere – this is because Steve is the hardest working man in comping. Seriously, I don’t think he sleeps. In the morning I have an email from him at 4am just before he goes to bed, and another at 7am when he gets up!
  • there are loads of subscriber-only prizes, ranging from puzzle and slogan comps to cash and vouchers for your comping letters and photos. 
  • if your story is chosen for the monthly Star Comper page, you will win £100 – and I know that loads of my blog readers have got fabulous comping tales to tell (yes, I’ve seen the Facebook photos!) 
  • it’s researched, written and designed entirely by compers, with excellent advice from successful winners like Jane Willis (@janesgrapevine) and Pam Crampton. So you know it’s good! 

OK, so there you have it. Spend £9.99, get three issues, write a letter, email a photo, enter a few comps, and you’ve won your subscription money back – and if you haven’t, then maybe you should try a new hobby!

Subscribe to Compers News here, find out more at or Like the Compers News Facebook Page for the latest news!

4 Responses

  1. CHOCOAJ says:

    Just brought a six month subscription

    Amanda Letch 🙂 x

  2. Lindy says:

    Thanks for the post Di I will be getting a 6 month subscription. Is there not a super deal for a 12 month subscription lol. 🙂

  3. SuperluckyDi says:

    Thanks for your comment Jason! I will amend accordingly. As for the washing machines, you’re right – some of those washing machines were won by relatives or friends of Chatterboxers.

  4. Jason says:

    Loquax is a private forum as you need to register to use it – it’s not “open” like MSE as that can be read without registering. Just to set that straight :o)

    Also can you confirm that the 100 washing machines were won by 100 paid up subscribing individual members of CN – because otherwise isn’t your comment “Chatterbox forum members won all 100 washing machines” a little bit misleading if 50 of them were won by relatives of subscribers for example?

    Nice offer though :o)

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