Barny Adventures – win UK family holidays!

Children’s cake brand Barny has just launched a new on-pack promotion offering the chance to win one of three UK family adventures worth up to £1500!

Like most on-pack promotions, the Barny boxes are printed with a unique code to enter online – but unusually, it will also be printed with a message that tells you if it’s a winning code or not! If you do buy a winning box, enter the code at to find out if you’ve won a holiday or a set of Barny figurines instantly. But don’t fret if your Barny box has a losing code – you can still enter it online for the chance to win more prizes!

What are the prizes?

  • 3 x UK family adventure for 2 adults & 2 under 16s, up to the value of £1500 (two holidays are available for the instant winners, and one will be awarded in a prize draw from losing entries)
  • 5000 x packs of 4 Barny Figurines (100 of these will be awarded in a prize draw from losing entries)

How to enter the Barny Adventures competition

  • Buy a promotional Barny pack in any supermarket (or online)
  • Open the packet – inside you’ll find out if you’re a winner!
  • Enter your code at to find out what you’ve won and claim your prize.
  • Even if you don’t have a winning pack, you can still enter your losing code online for a chance to win another family adventure, or one of 100 Barny figurine sets.

The Barny Adventures promotion ends on 30 November 2020 – it’s open to UK and ROI residents and there’s a postal route of entry for Northern Ireland residents – find this in the Terms and Conditions.

Winners will liaise with the prize fulfilment agency to arrange and book their UK adventure!

Have you found a winning pack? Let me know in the comments!

7 Responses

  1. Just read an old email saying I had until 29th jab to submit further details to Barney claim my competition winnings – 4 figurines! Phew, just about seen there email in time as it’s nearly end of jan now. So what are these figurines like then to anyone who’s already received theirs?

  2. Lyfe says:

    Just to follow this up, I had a delivery of 4 parcels today. It was from this competition thing and for anyone wondering the “figurines” are tiny, like around two inches in height. The paint work is also kinda weird, especially the eyes.

    Have to wonder what the point was offering four “Figurines” per winner. They should have used the plastic and just made it one? Maybe people would have got more figurine LOL.

    Not to sound ungrateful but I doubt anyone will feel like a “winner” recieving these.

  3. Lyfe says:

    I had four emails with four different unique codes saying I’m a winner. That said we entered a ton of these code things when the promo was happening.

  4. Brenda Rump says:

    I have had an email today-I have won some Barny figurines!

    • Jenny Duffy says:

      Me 2. Scared it was a scam. Lol. xx

    • Lyfe says:

      I guess its winner winner, yall lost the main draw but won in the runoff draw day! lol

      Be sure to post when you recieve the figurines, I’ll do the same. It’ll give people some idea they actually honour it or not.

  5. Lorraine Hemphill says:

    No not yet!

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