Batchelors Pokémon promotion – win 100 prizes every week

Look out for the super cute Pokémon branded packets of Batchelors products in your local supermarket – buy one and you’ll have the chance to win hundreds of exciting Pokémon prizes, with a top prize of a Nintendo Switch console to be won every week!

The Prizes

There are weekly prize draws from 21 December 2021 – 12 April 2022. Each weekly draw has a hundred prizes:*

  • 1 x Nintendo Switch game console (Neon Red or Neon Blue)
  • 1x Pokémon Legends: Arceus video game
  • 2x Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Nintendo Switch Game and Pokémon Shining Pearl Nintendo Switch Game bundle
  • 40x Pokémon soft toy, 8-inch, various characters available (including Pikachu #3, Bulbasaur #1, Totodile, Sobble, Torchic and Eevee #2).
  • 32x Pokémon Trading Cards, various characters, pack sizes and arts available.
  • 23x Pokémon figurines, various characters and sizes available
  • 1x Pokémon: Die-Cast Poké Ball Replica

(*prize amounts vary – for some weeks there may be no Pokéball prize, one less figurine prize, or one extra soft toy prize – but there are always a hundred winners each week. There’s a detailed table in T&Cs)

Don’t worry if you miss the main weekly draws, because all entries between 12 April and 27 September 2022 will go into a late entry prize draw. This late draw will have these ten prizes, plus any unclaimed prizes from the earlier weekly draws:

  • 2x Nintendo Switch game consoles (Neon Red / Neon Blue)
  • 1x Pokémon Legends: Arceus video game
  • 7x Pokémon soft toy

How to enter the Batchelors Pokémon prize draw

  • Buy a promotional Pokémon packet of Batchelors Super Noodles, or Pasta’n’Sauce
  • Either scan the QR code on pack or go to
  • Complete your date of birth and address details (don’t forget to opt in to the wrap-up draw too!)
  • Upload a photo of your receipt
  • You will be entered into the weekly prize draw

Tip: some entrants have had trouble getting receipts accepted. Try cropping the receipt, so it doesn’t include any background – I also had problems uploading the receipt from my iPhone but it was fine on my computer.

Each weekly draw starts and ends at 9am on a Tuesday, and a hundred winners will be chosen at random each week until 12 April 2022. Winners will be emailed within seven days of each draw – and you must respond to that email within 2 weeks to claim your prize. Prizes are limited to 5 per household during the whole promotion.

The promotion is open to all UK residents age 18 and over, and there’s a no purchase necessary entry route for Northern Ireland residents (check T&Cs for details of this).

Although you do need to upload a photo of your receipt when you enter, the terms state you should also keep hold of your receipt and packaging in case required to validate a win.

There’s a maximum of five entries per person per weekly draw – you need a new receipt each time. Find the T&Cs online at and if you have any problems, check our chat post in the Lucky Learners Facebook group, or contact

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