Beginner’s Luck

Time for more winners stories from SuperLucky readers! Several of the emails I received were from compers who discovered the hobby last year. Let’s find out how the newbies got on…

Jo was determined to win a Fitbit…

“I started comping in 2016 and quickly got the bug. One of the things I wanted to win was a Fitbit. In November spotted a competition by Pioneer Paper where you had to send a photo of something inspirational. I thought this old photo from 1946 was quite unique. It’s of my grandad (centre) as a medical student in Malta and he inspired me to become a doctor. Pioneer announced a list of winners as well as (confusingly) a list of shortlisted entrants. I saw myself on the shortlist and thought I’d won – sadly l hadn’t! But I was determined to finish 2016 with a FitBit – and finally my hard work paid off when I won one in Upbeat’s Advent competition! So the biggest lesson I learnt from my first year as a comper is… never give up!”

Jason promised his family he’d win them a holiday… but his first win wasn’t quite as exciting!

“My first win was a year’s supply of toilet roll (60 rolls). My wife and kids found this hilarious after I’d been telling them I was going to win us a holiday! This was a re-tweet competition, I tweeted them a “thank you” photo – as their branding is a little grey bunny I got our rabbit Freddy to do some modelling for it!”

Marie soon got the family involved with her new hobby…

“2016 was my first year of comping and my goal was to win Christmas. My first big win was an iPad Air from Uniball on Facebook. It also got my daughter into doing competitions, so I now have a buddy for pictures and videos. It confirmed that anyone can win a high value prize!”

“Next I won an Amazon Fire tablet in Burger King’s brain freeze challenge. You had to enter a picture or video of you drinking until you had a brain freeze – but very few people were entering. I won one for myself, and three of my family members did too! This confirmed that low entry competitions with great prizes can be found, even with big companies!”

“Then in May, Acer ran a competition to win an Aspire Switch 10E 2-in-1. You had to visit a Currys PC World and have your picture taken with an Acer rep. While out with the family I talked everyone into going in and having pictures taken! The competition T & C’s were poor – and they never announced a winner. Following Di’s advice I reported them to the ASA – they finally announced a winner …me! I was so pleased and it proved to me that you should not be afraid to report promoters when necessary. It was a bonus that my name came up but I just felt that they should honour the prize after all, as people had gone to the trouble to enter!”

Dawn started comping back in August…

“I’m relatively new to comping as I only started in August. A lady I worked with got me into it and I can say I’m completely hooked, I absolutely love it. I got my first win within a week on Facebook, it was a load of cleaning supplies, and then a few more small wins on Facebook. I heard about the Bridget Jones promotion on Aero chocolate bars so I brought a couple and entered. My partner then decided to buy 20 bars! I entered every day and five days later I had an email to say I had won an iPad Air 2. I ran around the house screaming with joy! You have to be in it to win it, they say!”

Are you a new comper? How are you getting on? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Kym Fisher says:

    I am completely new to comping having started last week, I havnt received any confrmations of winning anything yet, im reading a lot of blogs to understand how to win more, Thanks Di for all your tips, i hope they work!

  2. rebecca beesley says:

    such brilliant stories! x

  3. I’ve been comping on and off for a couple of years now (and by that I mean, doing it for a month and forgetting about it for the rest of the year, haha!), but I never really won anything before so I gave up. I’ve been back at it again for a few days now and I’m definitely having more luck this time around–so far I’ve won a dash cam worth £109.99 in Maplin’s Facebook comp, and a festival kit from Brothers which was an email entry. I know this won’t last, but it’s definitely given me encouragement to keep going!

    • Annie says:


      I’m so interested in comping but I hate that so many involve twitter and facebook. I wouldn’t mind, I just don’t like spamming all my friends and followers with posts and retweets. Plus I like the idea of comping without everyone knowing about it? Any advice on that? 🙂

      • I get around that by refusing to enter competitions which require you to share Facebook posts. The chances of you winning those is small, anyway, because sharing increases the amount of entries, and they aren’t meant to ask for you to share posts, anyway. I also created another Twitter account for comping, but try and post something personal every now and again so it doesn’t seem like it’s completely comp-only. I think Di has some good tips about this on her blog!

  4. Clare Cain says:

    I have been comping since May of last year. I only enter competitions for what I would like to win. I won a set of headphones from a few months ago, a few 6 packs of crisps from Walkers and this week it was the Tassimo coffee machine from Belvita with my first entry…I’m still in shock!!

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