Belvita Wake Up and Win up to £10,000!

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  1. SJ says:

    Hi Di, I’m a bit puzzled by the one. Can I just buy 1 pack of Belvita biscuits and enter the same code for the remaining weeks?
    Or do you know if you need to buy another product each week and get a receipt each time as they’ll check the purchase date for that particular draw?

    • Di says:

      It’s been confirmed that you can purchase all your Belvitas at the same time, and then enter future draws with those receipts from earlier dates. But I do wonder if you only buy one pack, and enter weekly, then if you win, it’s likely they will only ask to see one receipt! However you could be risking losing a big cash prize, so I would play it safe and get multiple boxes/receipts, then enter each week. I wish it was a bit clearer, to be honest!

  2. Joanne says:

    Can I use the same 4 digits of the barcode every week? or must it be a new code? Thanks in advance Di

  3. Maureen Mallea says:

    Bought mine @ Sainsbury’s. Can I enter?

    • Di says:

      Unfortunately not – it has to be a purchase at Asda, Waitrose, Ocado, B&M or a small independent local/convenience store.

      • Fiona says:

        Hi my Sainsbury’s is my local small convenience store, would that still apply?

        • Di says:

          It’s not an independent store if it’s part of a chain. I can’t confirm exactly what’s allowed and what’s not in terms of receipts, but with big cash prizes on offer personally I wouldn’t risk it and would do my best to stick to the rules!

  4. Caroline Gooding says:

    Thanks Di – I’ve always wondered when you need receipt for purchases, if i bought 7 today for all 7 remaining draws are they normally okay to be on the same receipt? Or do you know if you need separate ones? I normally get on one receipt but just wondered if this is ok, anyone had any experience with this? or am i over thinking things ;-).

    • Di says:

      Good question – I would guess it’s fine BUT personally I go to the self service tills and get separate receipts!

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