Belvoir Sip and Dip promotion

Have you spotted the collars on bottles of Belvoir drinks in store yet? Their latest promotion advertises “£500k worth of prizes to be won”, including inflatable hot tubs and paddling pools to have your own ‘Sip and Dip’ party at home! But don’t get too excited, it’s one of those promotions where not all prizes will be won…

What are the chances of winning?

This is an instant win promotion, but unfortunately not all prizes are guaranteed to be won. The 3,003 advertised prizes will only be won if ALL the promotional codes are entered. For this type of promotion (which I like to call a ‘misleading instant win’!) you would expect between 1% and 5% of unique codes to be input online – and so, only between 30 and 150 prizes are likely to be won

Belvoir actually ran a very similar promotion last summer, but forgot to state on the collars that the £500k of prizes were only ‘available’ to be won. After complaints, they updated their terms and conditions to make it clearer! This year they’ve stated ‘not all prizes are guaranteed to be won’ on the collar – but it’s still only in tiny text.

The prizes

There are three types of prize to be won instantly.

  • 175 x Prize pack A includes a mixed case of 6 Belvoir Cordials and pressés, inflatable hot tub, four luxury towels, and a foldable ice bucket
  • 1120 x Prize pack B includes a mixed case of 6 Belvoir Cordials and pressés, paddling pool, two luxury towels, picnic plates and glasses, family cool bag, Belvoir beach ball, and a foldable ice bucket
  • 1708 x Prize pack C includes a mixed case of 6 Belvoir Cordials and Pressés and a £50 Joules gift card

How to enter

  • Buy a bottle of Belvoir Cordials or Pressé with a promotional neck collar.
  • Find the unique code inside the collar
  • Enter your code at
  • You’ll find out instantly if you’ve won a prize – if you’re lucky, you will then have to complete your contact details online.

If you win prize pack A, you will also need to post off your neck collar (no receipt required!) along with your name and address details.

The promotion is open to residents of the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man, aged 18 or older.

There is a ‘no purchase necessary’ entry route – but it involved posting off your details with a stamped addressed envelope, which will cost you a whopping £1.22 (2 second class stamps!). And it’s only one NPN entry per household.

The promotion ends on 31st August 2019T&Cs are here.

Don’t miss the exclusive Waitrose prize draw!

To enter two comps at the same time – and for a much better chance of winning a prize, buy your bottle of Belvoir Cordial or Pressé at Waitrose, then enter the receipt number on the Waitrose Competitions page before 11th June 2019.

You’ll be entered into a prize draw with the chance to win a seaside break – or one of a hundred £50 John Lewis vouchers! You can only enter this Waitrose prize draw once per household. All the details are here.

Good luck – don’t forget to let me know if you win a prize!

15 Responses

  1. Dot Evans says:

    Bought this drink today 13.7.20…….best before date Sep 2020……competition date closes 31.8.19 ……Is this very deceiving !!!……..

    • Di says:

      That’s disappointing Dot. Those neck collars should have been chucked out by the supermarket a long time ago! Maybe email a complaint to Belvoir, they might send you some vouchers!

  2. Gee says:

    Been entering the belvoir sipanddip bottle collar comps since it begun this Summer. We seriously drink a lot of ginger cordial! Obviously we’ve not won a thing! Slightly miffed to read it’s basically a bit of a con. But it ends this weekend & Ill not have to enter it anymore and if the comp is run next Summer I won’t bother. More entertaining to watch ‘paint dry’ really

  3. Jeanne Lawrence says:

    Ginger cordial with lemon juice and honey and topped up with hot water is delicious.
    My unique code is 7KTKA2PC -I could not find where to enter it.

  4. Abifellous says:

    my family like to drink it with sparkling water it’s very refraiching

  5. Cate Luck says:

    I totally agree having tried with special numbers on three Belvoir collars and. did Write to Belvoir but no reply

  6. Barbara Webber says:

    A totally irritating site, so here are my codes KK7H72CE and 79TXTAKX

  7. Wendy Lawrence says:


  8. Terry Riley says:

    Same problem, won’t accept the code

  9. Cate Luck says:

    I have tried to put in my code of E364PK22four times ticking the read your rules policy but each time I get put back to start again.
    Most annoying!

  10. Dawn says:

    Just to say I’m addicted to your ginger cordial.

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