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These days a comper doesn’t even need a computer – lots of us get on with our hobby using just a smartphone! And there are thousands of apps designed to make our life easier…

The best mobile apps for compers

But which apps are the most useful for a comper? Continuing my list of the best apps for compers (see part 1 here), here are fifteen more of my favourite mobile apps – for organisation, creativity, moneysaving and more!


Get organised

1. Roboform

Roboform is a Password Management and form filling tool that can be used across multiple devices to quickly log in to websites and fill forms. The free version is great for form-filling but only saves ten logins, so you might want to pay to upgrade – find out more in my post Roboform for Compers.

Download Roboform for iOS, Android or Windows Phone

Like the sound of this? Also try: Fillr (for Safari only) Dashlane.


Give access to your inbox and it will organise all your subscriptions and put them into one daily ‘rollup’ you can quickly scroll through on the app – as well as unsubscribe you from lists you don’t want to be on. A big timesaver for compers! The app supports these email providers: Outlook (including Hotmail, MSN, Windows Live), Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, and iCloud – read my post Unsubscribe from mailing lists with for more advice.

Download for iOS – or use the desktop site at

3. Evernote

Notes apps are brilliant for compers – a far better way to list competitions, prizes and notes than a traditional notebook. I keep lists in closing date order for all the competitions I want to enter, and can click to go directly to the details online. Use the free version of Evernote to sync notes and lists across two devices – you might want to pay to upgrade to Premium for more features and storage, and to access all your notes on all your devices.

Download Evernote for iOS, Android or Windows Phone – or sign up using my referral link at to get a month’s free Premium membership.

4. Google Drive

I use Google Drive to store photos, documents, Compers News digital editions, prize spreadsheets, my tax return calculations and much more – meaning I can edit and work on-the-go.

Download Drive  for iOS or Android – or use the desktop site at

5. Later

Want to enter a competition on Instagram, but do it at the last minute? Use the Later app to get everything ready and it will remind you when it’s time to post.

Download Later for iOS or Android.

Like the sound of this? Try the Repost app to easily share Instagram posts.

6. Futuretext

Using Futuretext you can set up a text message in advance, then get a reminder to send it (repeat setting optional). When you tap on your notification, Futuretext opens up your message so all you need to do is tap Send. If a text/SMS competition has a daily entry option, it’s ideal.

Download Futuretext on iOS

Save money – and make money!

7. CheckoutSmart

The CheckoutSmart app offers cashback on your supermarket shopping and also free products. They also runs occasional promotions and give you a chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher every time you upload a receipt. Read more at Get Cashback with CheckoutSmart.

Download Checkoutsmart  for iOS or Android – also desktop site at

Like the sound of this? Also try: Shopitize and Shopmium (download the Shopmium app & use my referral code KYHMFYMF to get a free Green & Blacks chocolate bar!)

8. Vouchercloud

Vouchercloud shows you offers for shops and restaurants near you, and can save you quite a bit of cash. They also run regular giveaways at

Download Vouchercloud  for iOS or Android.
(Also try: VoucherCodes)

9. My Supermarket

Using My Supermarket you can compare prices for supermarket products – ideal if you need to buy qualifiers for a purchase competition, and want to get them at the cheapest price. Set email alerts for a product to find out when the price drops – or scan a barcode to find out where to buy it cheapest.

Download My Supermarket for iOS or Android – also desktop site at

10. Zeek

Zeek is a convenient way to buy and sell unwanted gift cards and vouchers (one of the things a comper often has lying around getting dusty!).

Download Zeek for iOS or Android – also available as a desktop site at – use my referral code 2N1DYU  to get £5 credit towards your first purchase.

11. eBay

With the eBay mobile app it’s incredibly quick and easy to upload photos and sell your unwanted prizes. I also use eBay to buy some great fancy dress and props for my photo competition entries!

Download eBay for iOS, Android or Windows Phone

(Also try: Gumtree)


Be creative

12. Phonto

Phonto is a simple app that you can use to add text to photos – perfect if you want to make a competition entry stand out, or add a funny caption.

Download Phonto for iOS or Android

13. iMovie

Video entry competitions are becoming more popular, and although iMovie isn’t a free app, £3.99 will buy you the best basic editing app for your iPhone or iPad!

Download iMovie for iOS

For Android, try Power Director and for Windows Phone, Movie Edit Touch (both free, with in-app purchases)

Bits & bobs

14. Shazam

Shazam will identify music or adverts within seconds. Handy for music quizzes and on-air radio comps, there’s also the occasional comp where you have to ‘Shazam’ an advert or song to enter a prize draw.

Download Shazam for iOSAndroid and Windows Phone.

15. Bounts

Bounts rewards you for doing exercise – even if it’s just walking! Gain points as you exercise, and bonus points for social shares. You can also gain points by entering their regular competitions, challenges and by spinning the ‘reward wheel’. Trade your Bounts points for gift vouchers.

Download Bounts for iOS or Android – use my referral code coke564 and we both get 100 bonus Bounts points. 

Enjoyed this post? Check out Part 1 of my guide to the best apps for compers – all the essentials, plus apps that feature competitions.

Do you have any more apps that you recommend? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Amy McLellan says:

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for recommending Evernote! It is so helpful at helping me remember to enter competitions. For too long, I’ve pressed ‘Save Link’ on Facebook or taken a screenshot but then not opened it back up again before it closed. Now I can just export it to Evernote and put a reminder. Just had a lovely prize arrive from Adnam’s Ghost Ship beer from a creative competition which I might have forgotten about if I was just using my old methods including my ‘real’ notebook.

    I’ve also had some good freebies with Shopmium after signing up from their competition you posted about so thank you for that one too!

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