Buy special Pac-Man Oreos & win a trip to Japan!

Pac-Man has got to be one of the best arcade games ever, so it’s great to see that Oreo have just introduced Pac-Man themed cookies! Even better, when you buy them you have an opportunity to win a trip to Japan or lots of Pac-Man arcade games and keyrings.

To enter, you’ll need to pick up one of the Pac-Man cookie packets in store, scan the QR code on pack, and either play the game or enter your barcode for a chance at the instant win. Choose either of these options for an entry into the Japan prize draw!

Read on for all the details of this new UK and ROI promotion, which runs from 15 January to 28 April 2024…

What are the prizes?

The top prize in the Oreo Pac-Man prize draw is an amazing week in Tokyo, Japan for two adults! The prize includes flights, 6 nights accommodation in a 3 or 4 star hotel and is worth up to £6,500.

The 205 instant win prizes are:

  • 5 x Pac-Man arcade machines worth €500 (supplied as a flat pack!)
  • 100 mini Pac-Man arcade machines worth €30
  • 100 Pac-Man keyring arcade games worth €19

How to enter the Oreo Pac-Man instant win

  • Buy a Pac-Man pack of Oreos and keep your receipt
  • Scan the QR code on pack or go directly to
  • Choose the option to Enter a barcode to win amazing prizes, enter your details and the barcode from your packet
  • You’ll find out instantly if you’ve won a prize – and you will also be entered into the Japan prize draw
  • Instant winners can complete their details online immediately, or within 7 days of receiving their confirmation email.

ROI residents can enter the instant win and prize draw without making a purchase.

How to enter the Oreo Pac-Man prize draw

You can also play the Pac-Man game for a chance to get an entry into the Japan prize draw, if you can manage to score 300 points. Use your device camera to scan your special Pac-Man cookie to launch the game, and register a 3 letter username for the leaderboard. It’s classic Pac-Man – guide him through a maze eating the dots, and avoiding the ghosts. Eat a large power pellet and the ghosts will turn dark blue and you can eat the ghosts for bonus points. Eating fruits also gives you points. Once you’ve scored 300 points you’ll be entered into the Japan draw, but you can continue playing and trying different mazes to get onto the leaderboard (although you won’t be rewarded with any prizes for high scores!)

How many times can you enter?

The limit is one instant win entry per household per day. The website will actually let you submit further entries, but these won’t count, so don’t waste your time!

You will only get a single entry into the Tokyo prize draw, regardless of how many times you enter the instant win or play the game. There’s nothing in T&Cs to say you need to make a new purchase per entry, so I would keep your receipt safe, and use the same barcode for all your entries.

I’m trying to confirm with Oreo if you can win a maximum of one instant win prize per person or if it’s per household – T&Cs state “Max 1 Instant Win Prize/person/household” which is rather ambiguous!

Win £500 in the late entry draw

If you miss the main promotion, don’t worry! All entries between 29 April and 30 November 2024 will go into a late entry draw with one £500 prize (or Euro equivalent).

Check out full T&Cs at

Don’t forget to check the full Compers Shopping List for more current instant win and daily entry promotions you can try! You can also find advice on entering this type of competition in my post Top tips for winning on pack promotions.

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