Cadbury Creme Egg Hunt: win up to £10,000!

Are you ready to join the hunt for the half and half Creme Egg?

Once more Cadbury are awarding cash prizes to the lucky folk who track down the very special Creme Eggs that can be found in shops around the UK. Like last year, for 2023 the hunt is on for eggs that are half milk chocolate, half white chocolate and the top prizes are £10,000 cash!

Winning creme eggs will be placed in major supermarkets and convenience stores in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland between Boxing Day and 9 April 2023. If you find one there will be a ticket inside to tell you how to claim your cash prize, and you’ll have until 9 June 2023 to claim!

Of course, millions of us buy Creme Eggs every year so the chance of you finding an egg is tiny, but this promotion adds a bit of Willy Wonka inspired fun to your shopping trip, and imagine how exciting it would be to peel that wrapper off to reveal a winning egg! Although white creme eggs will be on sale for the first time this Easter (yay!), as far as I can tell from T&Cs, prize tickets will only be found tucked inside the regular milk chocolate egg packaging.

Where to find the winning eggs

The individual winning eggs are placed directly onto store displays and shelves – discreetly of course! – by the team at PromoVeritas – this could be any time between 26 December 2022 and 9 April 2023.

Here’s where you’ll find the 280 winning eggs – and what cash prizes can be won in each of the different stores. You will only find winning eggs in stores that have the promotional ‘How do you not eat yours?’ display!

  • INDEPENDENT RETAILERS & CONVENIENCE STORES – 23 winning eggs (1 x £10,000, 22 x £50)
  • ONE STOP – 4 winning eggs (1 x £5,000, 1 x £500, 2 x £50)
  • BOOKER/ BRP – 6 winning eggs (1 x £5,000, 2 x £500 and 3 x £50)
  • BOOTHS – 2 x £1,000 winning eggs
  • ICELAND – 2 x £1,000 winning eggs
  • POUNDLAND – 2 x £1,000 winning eggs
  • SAINSBURY’S – 30 winning eggs (1 x £10,000, 2 x £500 and 27 x £50)
  • ASDA – 110 winning eggs (10 x £500 and 100 x £100)
  • TESCO – 30 winning eggs (1 x £10,000, 2 x £500 and 27 x £50)
  • CO-OP – 30 winning eggs (1 x £10,000, 2 x £500 and 27 x £50)
  • WAITROSE – 10 winning eggs (1 x £5,000, 1 x £500 and 8 x £50)
  • MORRISONS – 27 winning eggs (1 x £5,000, 4 x £1,000, 5 x £500 and 17 x £50)
  • WHSMITH – 1 x £10,000 winning egg
  • B&M – 2 x £1,000 winning eggs
  • CADBURY GIFTS DIRECT (website) – 1 x £5,000 winning egg

How to claim a cash prize

If you find a half & half winning egg there will be an obvious winning ticket inside the packaging with a phone number to call – so don’t believe the stories about people eating the eggs without realising they’ve won a prize!

The photo below is of a 2022 winning ticket – hopefully I’ll have a new photo of a 2023 ticket to share soon!

When you call, you will be asked a series of verification questions including the unique code on the ticket, the retailer it was purchased from, plus the date and location of purchase. You may also be asked to email a photo of your uneaten winning egg to claim your prize!

You must be 18 to claim your prize – if an under 18 finds a winning egg, a parent or guardian will need to claim on their behalf. There’s a postal entry route for residents of Northern Ireland, and details are in the terms and conditions.

Find full details about the promotion at luck in the egg hunt!

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12 Responses

  1. Stephanie Witt says:

    What if I have an egg that the wrapper has a bunny on it I’ve never seen this until now

  2. Sarah R says:

    I haven’t seen any eggs on promotional display…it just says “they’re back”. Do you know if they are available yet Di?

  3. Sylvia Robbinss says:

    Happy New Year, Di
    i boycotted Cadbury when they sacked all the English workers and cleared off to Poland. The American recipe is disgusting, and made me ill.
    I changed to buying the Love Cocoa stuff which is made by the real Cadbury family and is gorgeous.
    What I’m wondering is would the Independent realise that the rep has planted a winning egg, take it out, and give it to a family member to claim? Or would it be like a Secret Shopper who catches under age kids being served alcohol?
    I think I’ll buy the coffee for visitors and fingers crossed. xx

  4. Kate Dummett says:

    Hi Di,
    Do you know how they space out the eggs? I’m guessing the send them out over the entire promotional period? Can we find out the method in which they place them? Do single eggs get chosen or is it just ones in packs/boxes?
    Thank you for your help!

    • Di says:

      As far as I’m aware tickets are only inserted into individual creme eggs, because they are placed by hand into shop display boxes (so it wouldn’t be possible for them to discreetly insert a winner into a multipack!). This is to make sure the eggs are likely to get purchased – if tickets were inserted in the factories the winning eggs could get damaged, or end up right at the bottom of a display box and not purchased in time to claim. I really don’t know how they distribute them in terms of timings, for example I don’t know if the high value eggs would go out early in the year – or are they placed in the run up to Easter? And I think PromoVeritas probably keep that a closely guarded secret!

      • Kate Dummett says:

        Hi Di,
        Thank you, that’s really helpful. I used to buy the boxes thinking they were inserted at the factory!
        This will increase my chances and mean we are eating a lot more crème eggs!

  5. Stewart Kelly says:

    Money making scam just to make you buy there products you never hear about anyone winning

  6. How do I find a Cadbury cream egg white and chocolate

  7. Michael Gunning says:

    Bought two just in case. Well there goes my good start to January…

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