Cadbury Home & Away Wins 2024

Get ready to win! Look for Cadbury ‘Home & Away Wins’ promotional bars on supermarket shelves now, as the new instant win kicks off on 22 April and runs until 19 July 2024. There are four top prizes this time round – each winner will receive a £5,000 holiday voucher plus a player experience with their choice of Harry Kane, Virgil Van Dijk, Leah Williamson or Neymar Jr.

Cadbury Home & Away Wins

What are the prizes?

Grand prize draw

Four top prize winners will have a player experience (for winner and 3 guests) for up to 60 minutes (either in person or online depending on availability) with Harry Kane, Virgin Van Dijk, Leah Williamson or Neymar Jr and a £5,000 holiday Voucher. If the player experience is in person, travel and accommodation will be provided.

Instant win prizes

There are also 2,061 prizes to be won instantly if you’re the first person to enter after a random ‘winning moment’:

  • 40 x signed shirts by a Player (10 per Participating Player)
  • 20 x personalised videos from a Player to a winner (minimum 10 seconds), 5 per Participating Player
  • 500 x £/€10 LifeStyle/AllGifts.IE voucher
  • 1501 x £/€5 LifeStyle/AllGifts.IE voucher

You can win a maximum of one top prize, two shirt or video prizes and up to three voucher prizes per person.

How to enter Cadbury Home & Away Wins

  • Purchase a promotional ‘Home & Away Wins’ flashed Cadbury or Maynards Bassetts product (full list of participating products is in the Appendix here) – your purchase must be made in the promotional period, so purchases made before the launch date of 22 April are not valid!
  • Keep hold of your receipt 
  • Go to and enter the barcode and the batch code from the packaging (this part isn’t required if you’re in the ROI)
  • Choose your preferred player from Harry, Leah, Virgil & Neymar
  • Complete your details and submit the form – you’ll find out if you’ve won an instant prize, and be entered into the grand prize draw for your player choice.

How do I know if I’ve won?

Winners of video messages, shirts and vouchers will be notified instantly on screen that they’ve won, and also receive a confirmation email. It’s likely that winners will need to click on the unique link in this winning email to claim the prize, like previous Cadbury promotions.

The top prize winners will be contacted by email after the main promotion period ends on 19 July 2024.

Can I enter Cadbury Home & Away Wins every day?

You can enter this promotion once a day and 20 times in total. Terms state “one itemised receipt per entry” but from experience, if Cadbury do ask the winners to show proof of purchase, they will only ask to see a single receipt. When Cadbury want to see a receipt to correspond with every individual entry, this would be stated in T&Cs.

Promotional packs have been on the shelves for a while already, and PromoVeritas have confirmed to me that early purchases are invalid, so your receipt must be dated 22 April or later to be a valid proof of purchase.

The promotion is open to all UK and ROI residents, and if you live in the ROI there’s no need to make a purchase.

If you miss the instant win period, don’t worry! There’s a prize draw from all late entries between 20 July 2022 and 19 January 2025, with one prize of a £250 Lifestyle voucher.

Full T&Cs are at

What is a winning moment promotion?

Cadbury’s ‘Home & Away Wins’ promotion uses a ‘winning moments’ format where unclaimed prizes roll over, and all prizes are guaranteed to be won. If you’re the first person to enter after a random winning moment, you win a prize. There are over 2,000 prizes guaranteed to be given away, about one prize every hour. Your best bet to win is to enter at night when there are fewer people taking part. Want to know more about how winning moments work? Check out my post What is a winning moment promotion.

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2 Responses

  1. LORETTA EMERY says:

    Hello Regarding the Home and Away Wins I am quite curious. Do you think the flashed packs have different barcodes. Its just if the receipt only shows the purchase and you don’t have to show your actual wrapping how can they tell if you bought the promo ones or just an ordinary Cadbury bar. ? Many thanks.

    • Di says:

      The barcodes will be the same on a flashed pack and a regular pack – they can’t tell from a receipt which packet you bought. BUT they might well be tracking the batch codes, as they will know which batch are packaged with the promotion on.

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