Cadbury Match The Minute to Win It

Get ready for the new footy promotion from Cadbury! Match The Minute to Win It offers the chance to win one of six match day experiences at a Premier League club. Plus, there are up to 600 Premier League match tickets and thousands of vouchers to be won. Each time you enter you’ll be assigned an upcoming Premier League match and a minute – if there’s a goal scored during that minute, you’re guaranteed a prize!

The promotion starts on 7 August 2023 and you can enter twice a day until the promotion ends on 27 October 2023 – but entries are restricted to a maximum of 20 over the whole promotional period. Promotional packs are already in the supermarkets but you might not have spotted them, as the World Class Wins packs are still out there too!

What are the prizes?

As usual with Cadbury football promotions, there are different ‘levels’ of prizes – the Level 1 prizes are VIP match experiences, and are awarded in a prize draw at the end of the promotional period (one winner chosen for each of the 6 clubs). To win a Level 2, 3 or 4 prize you’ll need to ‘match the minute’ of a goal in a Premier League match, and will find out what you’ve won the following week. 

Level 1: Match day experience (prize draw at end of promotion)

  • 6 x match day experience, one for each of these clubs: Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, Leeds United, Liverpool FC, Manchester United & Tottenham Hotspur (more details of the prize to follow when full T&Cs are on the website!) – you’ll notice Man City have been replaced with Leeds this season!

Level 2: Match tickets

  • up to 600 x pairs of match day tickets for the 23/24 football season

Level 3: £10 Voucher prizes

  • 1000s x £/€10 Lifestyle vouchers (UK) or gift card (ROI). 

Level 4: £5 Voucher prizes

  • 1000s x £/€5 Lifestyle vouchers (UK) or gift card (ROI). 

You can win a maximum of one Level 1 prize per person, 2 Level 2 prizes per person and 3 Level 3 & 4 prizes per person.

How to enter Match the Minute to Win It

  • Buy a promotional ‘Match the Minute to win it’ Cadbury product (T&Cs are not available yet to see exactly which products are eligible)
  • Keep your packaging and receipt safe as it may be required to validate a win – I recommend you take a photo and save it on your phone 
  • Go to
  • Enter the barcode plus the batch code from your packet (the batch code is the long code on the best before panel, see photo below)
  • Choose your club for the main prize draw: Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, Leeds United, Liverpool FC, Manchester United & Tottenham Hotspur

As well as being entered into one of the six grand prize draws for a match day experience, you will be randomly assigned a minute and upcoming football fixture. If a goal is scored during your assigned minute in that fixture, you will win a prize – the prize draws take place the Tuesday after the fixture, and you’ll receive an email to confirm what you have won. If you win tickets you’ll have to click the link quickly for the best choice of matches because it’s first come, first served!

The main Match The Minute to Win It promotion ends on 27 October 2023 and you can enter once a day, but only 20 times in total. Using the same code each day is usually acceptable for Cadbury promotions.

Late entries will go into a final prize draw, closing on 29 April 2024, with one £250 cash prize.

The promotion is open to UK and ROI residents aged 18 and over. ROI residents can enter without making a purchase. 

Check out full details and T&Cs on the main Match the Minute to Win It website at

Don’t forget to check the full Compers Shopping List for more current instant win and daily entry promotions you can try!

11 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Hi! i have match a minute but i did not received any confirmation email, i wan it once last week and that one was fine, but second time no email back. how long before i receive the email? if i do

  2. Ollie says:

    A goals was scored in my match minute but i haven’t received an email or any type of communication after 2 days?

  3. Sal says:

    I won a £5 voucher. Email stating what prize I’d won didn’t arrive on the day stated, few days after, then you have to give your details to claim & then wait for actual prize. Currently waiting for the voucher, I guess by email.
    Seems harder to win this time as it’s time dependant rather than result. Even so, it is fun & cheap to enter so worth a go.

  4. Sharon says:

    Is anyone still waiting for their prize email? After getting the correct minute I was told i’d find out what my prize is on Wednesday but I’ve still not heard anything. Nothing in junk either. Very odd.

  5. Richard says:

    Interesting that Leeds have replaced Man City in the promotion especially that Leeds are no longer in the Premiership. It would be nice if Cadbury could get all football league clubs on board.

  6. Vix says:

    Hi Di, many thanks for this and all your comping info. I think the late entries date should be 24 not 23?

  7. KelleyP says:

    Thanks for posting this Di, gutted no Man City!!

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