Can a closing date be changed?

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  1. Debbie Howe says:

    I challenged Clas Olsen recently and they replied : Hey Debbie, we extended it to include the BH weekend 🙂 Thanks, Emily

  2. elainehollis says:

    MyAppliances have a comp running on Facebook. They notified the winners hours ago yet the T&C say Competition ends Midnight on Monday the 16th of January.

  3. Marnie Llewelyn says:

    Have entered the #wizardselfie competition with @ao and @hoover_uk, it seems not many people have entered. They should have already announced a winner so I have just messaged to ask who the winner was and they’ve told me they’ve changed the closing date to september! 🙁 I’ve replied mentioning that that breaches CAP code (might not help me win pointing that out!), will keep pushing as I don’t think it’s fair as it’s a rather big prize of a new washing machine!

  4. Angela Walton says:

    Just submitted a complaint to ASA about a Daily Telegraph comp ending early. The page stated to submit entries by January 3rd 2016 yet on the same page, directly below instead of an entry form there was a sentence saying the draw has now ended and this was today (27th December 2015)

  5. Lydia Frew says:

    I have reported two local shopping centres, a bin company and Moët Hennesey to the ASA for extended dates this year. In two cases I warned them first about CAP regulations but did not even get a reply. The ASA found against all of them. For both the shopping centres I was a guaranteed winner until they extended due to lack of entries so I lost out on £200 of prizes.

  6. Sue leake says:

    Hi Di I complained to the ASA over a BooHoo Pinterest competition closing date the result was this

    “They’ve clarified that the end date for the promotion was indeed the earlier date of 30 October and they’ve explained that an administrative error meant that an incorrect date was inserted into the terms and conditions. We would therefore consider that the ad breached our Code. However, as this appeared to be a relatively clear breach, instead of initiating a formal investigation and with a view to acting quickly, we’ve obtained an assurance from the advertiser that procedures have been put in place to help ensure that similar issues do not arise in their future similar marketing communication. We have also received a written assurance from them to that effect.

    We consider that the issue is now resolved and we will be closing our file.

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