CAP guidance on prize draws in social media

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  1. stacey caine says:

    There is still an awful lot of Facebook competitions where they are asking that you must like and (SHARE) to enter, should all these kind of competitions be reported? Some of the pages doing them have been running competitions constantly for years, but still seem to request people to share their page and post in order to enter.

  2. Kim W says:

    There are a few companies and little businesses that run a “winner must claim prize within 24 hours or 48 hours or the prize will be re-awarded”. Is an email just enough, as I didn’t see mine for months through junk email etc. and never thought to check “runner up” rather than “winner” as a search word!? (One to add to your posts, Di, if you haven’t already, as others may wish to use that and have forgotten it too!) Personally, I think it is far too soon to claim a prize, the person may have entered the night before and gone on holiday for 3 weeks! How fair is that? Is there anything that can be done, as there’s one company in particular that does this and sticks to it? Thanks.

    • That’s a great tip about searching for ‘runner up’ – thanks!
      As for giving a limited time the CAP Code recommends 28 days so it could be worth an ASA complaint, certainly so in the case of a winner who saw the announcement immediately after the claim deadline has passed. The CAP Code states that promoters should avoid ‘unnecessary disappointment’ – only giving 24 or 48 hours to claim a prize is likely to lead to disappointment in many cases!

  3. Diane Wood says:

    I recently complained to the ASA about a company as they said their last 3 winners (at least) of their monthly iPad competition wanted to remain anonymous, they’d claimed that they were fully conversant with all the CAP codes and it would be more advantageous if they could announce their winners. When the ASA told them they were obliged to name their winners, they decided instead to withdraw the monthly competition – halfway through a month!
    When I again complained to the ASA, the company claimed that they hadn’t posted the competition and therefore hadn’t got any entries and even though I’d sent them links to a posts and tweet, the ASA took their word for it!
    So, of course, I then sent another, detailed, email with links to all the posts, tweets etc including the minimum number of entrants to the compete this company claimed they weren’t running any more!

  4. ClaireT says:


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