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Contestant calls for UK gameshows

Have you considered going on a TV gameshow or quiz show? It’s a fun way to compete to win a cash prize, and there are always plenty of opportunities to apply. It’s not all about...

List of UK Competiton Websites 80

List of UK competition websites

As a new comper, how can you tell which websites to trust with your details? This post – which is updated regularly – lists all the major UK competition sites – good and bad.  If...


Halloween Comps 2019

Grab your facepaints, and get ready to scoop out those pumpkins – Halloween is just a few days away! As usual I’ve had a hunt on Google, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for some creative...


SuperLucky Secrets – 2019 edition out now!

First published back in 2015, my book of comping tips SuperLucky Secrets is still really popular with compers all over the world, with 61 five-star reviews on Amazon! I’m currently writing a new book...


How to use Twitter lists

Lists are a great way to organise the accounts you follow (and don’t follow!) on Twitter. Use them to curate content on a certain topic – for example, children’s books, or to organise people...