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Frequently Asked Questions!

After four long, frustrating months, tomorrow I’m FINALLY moving house from Nottingham to Brighton! I’ll have limited internet for a week, and without childcare until September when Ryland starts at his new nursery. So...


Top Thrifty Tips

Jane at brand new frugal blog From Spending to Saving is offering a rather fabulous prize of £400 Amazon vouchers in her new competition, which is open to bloggers and closes on 22nd May...


Using Bitly

Along with Tineye and Evernote, Bitly is one of my favourite websites for making a comper’s life that little bit easier. In a nutshell, Bitly shortens long web links. If you register at


Appy Days: winning with your smartphone

Have you got an Android or iPhone? Companies are now using Apps as a way to run their promotions – and not a lot of people know about it yet! For most people it’s...


Quality not quantity: how to comp effectively

Dear Di,I was hoping you could help me. I’m having absolutely no luck with comps. I spend 2 hours a day doing the comps, usually 2 days ahead of the finish date. I...