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List of UK Competition Websites 59

List of UK competition websites

As a new comper, how can you tell which websites to trust with your details? This post – which is updated regularly – lists all the major UK competition sites – good and bad.  If...

Why aren't I winning? 50

Why aren’t I winning?

“I’ve entered thousands of competitions, and I’ve not won a thing!” “Everybody is winning except me!” Sound familiar? If you read my blog or interviews in the media, it might seem like winning prizes is...


10 tips to win more prizes on Twitter

I win more prizes on Twitter than by any other method – averaging a prize a week, in fact. But it’s not as easy as you think – some retweet giveaways get thousands of entries!  So how can...

Instagram tips 9

10 tips to win more prizes on Instagram

Instagram is a mobile app that isn’t widely used by most compers – which means the prize draws and competitions don’t usually get many entries! I’ve won lots of prizes using Instagram, including flights to New...